Kaepernick donates $50,000 to Meals on Wheels

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Free-agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick has responded to Monday night’s verbal attack from the President not with words but with action.

Via the New York Daily News, Kaepernick has donated $50,000 to Meals on Wheels America.

Meals on Wheels has been characterized in media reports (which may not be accurate) as a potential target of the spending cuts made in President Donald Trump’s proposed budget. Regardless of whether the budget will adversely affect Meals on Wheels, the perception that it will has taken root — and Kaepernick’s decision to support the program with a five-figure donation can be regarded as a direct response to Trump’s comments regarding the report that he’ll direct a “nasty tweet” at whichever team signs Kaepernick.

Kaepernick, who became a free agent 12 days ago, has remained publicly silent regarding his employment status. He nevertheless continues to be ignored during the free agency process, with no visits and no apparent interest in his services.

132 responses to “Kaepernick donates $50,000 to Meals on Wheels

  1. Florio, are you his agent now? He expressed his first amendment rights and many fans expressed their first amendment rights making it clear that they will not support a team with this guy on it.

  2. Putting ALL (and there are a lot of ‘alls’) aside, appreciate Colin what you do re. putting your money where your mouth (or knees) are. Don’t jump in haters, don’t need that. Just recognize what I believe is his intent re. causes he believes in. Best wishes for your future.

  3. Stands for what believes? Lol. He didn’t vote my man. Kap is trying to get a job. Bit off more than he could chew. Happens to the best of us. Just his turn now.

  4. And that’s exactly how it’s supposed to work, by free will not force.

  5. There are players out their who have broken the law. Some have been caught driving over the alcohol limit. Others have actually injured people in bar fights. Some have acted appallingly to women. Yet somehow all these players are still in the NFL and fans support them.

    What I’m trying to say is get over yourself America!

    You are making a huge mountain out of a mole hill. Kaepernick doesn’t deserve this treatment. If he were to sign for a team then good for him. If he were to sign for my team and was able to bring something to the table, then I would accept him.

  6. One has to wonder if Trump’s latest Twitter Tantrum had anything to do with Robert Kraft joining him on Air Force One the day before.

    I’d rather have Kaepernick playing on my team than the score of current NFL players who think all personal problems are solved with their fists or at gunpoint. I also believe he shouldn’t have to sacrifice his career over exercising his First Amendment rights, but I see that view is quite unpopular.

    Maybe those of us with an IQ above room temperature and love our country enough to admit it’s not perfect need to find something else to do from August to February each year.

  7. borbinski says:
    Mar 21, 2017 8:11 PM

    i may disagree with Kap and but he does stnd for what he believes.
    He doesn’t know what he stands for, or believes. He doesn’t even frigging vote. So what do you base your comment on? He has no clue, ( it is obvious) b/c he goes along with the lies, like hands up don’t shoot. It never happened. Etc. Etc.

  8. Well good for him. Not. The media wants to make a big deal about him not being signed. People forgot he’s a RG3 type of QB except he has less injuries. Defenses figured out how to stop the zone read type of QB’S 3 or 4 years ago. And he has that “ME” mentality like RG3. So media let’s not make this Kaepernick not being signed thing into something it shouldn’t.

  9. An attention getting act that is really also intended to show his disagreement with the budget proposal.

    Hope he doesn’t get signed by anyone

  10. Maybe he can start for a FLAG FOOTBALL TEAM ,,, see what I did there FLAG FOOTBALL !

  11. That’s half of what Kap got for 1 game of a couple hours of standing on the sideline last season because he wasn’t in shape. Or one of the 6 he missed the previous season while he was off looking for someone to operate on him so he could collect his 2016 salary.

  12. Everyone who said way to go Colin for kneeling down,way to go trump!! this bum now changes his view once his butt was unemployeed. kaperdink will never toss a pass in the nfl.

  13. Kapernick didn’t stand for the national anthem.

    Trump lied throughout his campaign and has lied to all who voted for him, has buddied up to the Kremlin and continues to lie as a diversion and spends every weekend golfing on our dime.

    Trump cut social programs for the elderly and Kap gives them 50k.

    Tell me again which one deserves to be criticized?

  14. Kaepernick leads. Others will follow. This guy is a leader of men. We’ve seen others copy him. Now watch how many players and others donate to charity. This guy reminds me more and more of that guy named Jesus. Always sticking up for the children. But we all saw how Jesus ended up. Not everyone likes those who make us feel inferior.

  15. Wow. How many people on here have donated over
    $1 million to ANY cause? Trying to figure out what “putting your money where your mouth is” means if not that. I think its telling that, while Kaepernick has spent this last week donating his money and time trying to help the hungry here and abroad, our President is wasting his breath and taxpayers precious time vilifying him for something he has said he no longer plans to do.

  16. Meals on wheels? He should have donated to the Disabled American Veterans, who he disrespected by not standing for the anthem.

  17. And meanwhile Trump said he would not take a salary yet has shown no proof he hasn’t and still hides his taxes from the past year when the past presidents have had no problems giving theirs. But it’s MAGA.

  18. Meals on wheels gets 3% of its budget from all government sources. Meals on wheels spends more than 20% of its budget on administrative expenses. Meals on wheels has a cash horde equal to approximately 2 years expenses. Meals on wheels does not need the money from the government. We have a 20 trillion dollar debt people. If every person is going to wail and cry every time their pet project gets trimmed, there is no chance to avoid bankruptcy.

  19. So Kaepernick donates $50,000 to try to make himself look better by promoting a false narrative against Trump. Sounds like the same clown who decided to promote the twisted narrative that has left him unemployed.

  20. I was a huge Kaep fan before his kneeling. I’m against his stance, but I will say this: Kaep has already donated $100,000 to a neighborhood he claimed was being oppressed. He’s also donated to other charities. I’m not really a fan of his anymore, but he is doing what he said he would do.

  21. There is no mystery here. No sensible owner would want a guy as the face of the franchise, which a QB really is, to be bringing his politics onto the football field. It would be a bad business decision even taking on an actual proven QB much less an iffy guy like him.

  22. Krap is a tool and a phony, but this is a good thing.

    He can start redeeming himself as a human being, hover he’s still a terrible QB.

  23. This isn’t anything new for Colin.

    It seems good will toward others is lost on a lot of “God fearing” types these days.

    Good for Kap. Keep fighting the good fight.

  24. Squid would only have to sell one pair of Air Jordan III from his thousands of unused top end sports shoes to pay the charitable donation in full. He could have done this a few years ago and not wait until his advisors pushed him to make well publicized donations to buff his public image.

  25. Trump is
    Paranoid like Nixon.
    Out of touch with his administration like Reagan.
    A horn dog like Clinton
    A dumb ass like Bush.
    Creates debt like Obama.

    Trump is truly the evolution of the imperial president.

  26. waynefontesismyfather says:
    Mar 21, 2017 8:15 PM

    The image rehab continues. If he is in a giving mood I could use about $10K for some new shingles for my house. Thanks bud!


    Kaepernick > Stafford

    Lions are the Browns of the NFC

  27. Between this donation and the $1m he donated to worthy causes last year (regardless of motive), this man has more done to actually benefit society in the last 12 months than most of you will do in your entire lives.

    But, hey, he chose to protest in a way you found offensive, so let’s crush him for all of eternity.

  28. Angry Trump tweet coming in 3..2…1 . Who does Kaepernick think he is helping the poor and less fortunate? Didn’t he get the memo from Republicans that he’s only supposed to care about the 1%? Kaepernick is a bigger man than Trump will ever be and he’d probably make a better president but Kermit the Frog would make a better president than Trump.

  29. It’s admorable that he donated to this good cause, however he really should be so frivolous with his money. There is no guarantee he will see another contract, and before you know it he will be on 30 for 30 as just another broke ex-millionaire athlete.

  30. While I applaud the donation, let’s not get carried away with this. This has just a much to do with him trying to rebild his persona for getting a job as it does his goodwill. He all the sudden made clear he will stand this year for the anthem, and now this VERY public charity work is him trying to find a job. You can do these donations without fanfare but he needs the news sort to help him secure a job this season.

  31. Not a fan of him football wise, but I do admire him standing up for his convictions. I believe the whole kneeling thing, while a constitutional right, was a bit misguided and by all appearances, his stance was a “hey look what I’m doing” moment. He’s taking the slings and arrows that come along with his choice, so good for him.

    As an aside, he was contributing money to charities way before Sunkist Stalin/Chump called him out. It just so happens that in this news cycle, Meals on Wheels and Sunkist Stalin’s (Chump) names are getting a lot of coverage. Thus, merely coincidental that Kap was contributing $$$ to a charity that Sunkist Stalin has on the chopping block.

  32. bengalsfan2079 says:
    Mar 21, 2017 8:33 PM
    And meanwhile Trump said he would not take a salary yet has shown no proof he hasn’t and still hides his taxes from the past year when the past presidents have had no problems giving theirs. But it’s MAGA.

    What does this have to do with Kap trying to put the toothpaste back in the tube by donating to meals on wheels?

  33. I think the reasoning by Trump and Republicans is that no matter how well you feed the old and the sick, sooner or later they’re going to die.
    On the other hand, a shiny atomic bomb may be forever.
    And it helps protect their fortunes.

  34. After doing the Squidward Squat for the final four months of the Obama Administration in the name of “civil rights”, how on earth can he abandon his “cause” now that Trump is running the country?

    It beggars belief.

  35. Just wondering if people writing about Meals on Wheels stop complaining and just put their excess money toward it, it would be funded for 20 years.

  36. It’s hard not to be cynical about anything this guy does right now.

    He *may* be genuinely trying to do the right thing, but I’m not buying it yet. This comes across as another attempt at getting a job, nothing more.

    He may have burned too many bridges already. For now at least, he looks like a turd to me.

  37. Kaepernick is ten times more of an American than most of you will ever be. He had principles and stood (rather took a knee). For them. Most of you just hide behind a keyboard.

    The fact that most of you still think his kneeling was a shot at the military says it all.

  38. Can you say PR move? He’s trying to save face now and trying to get fans to think of him in another light but we will never forget. As I’ve said over and over, if he could cut defenses up he would have a jersey by now

  39. Colin is like the Angelina Jolie of the NFL. Tries too hard to be a good boy humanitarian while completely lacking in talent. Over the years Angelina has tried so hard to wash away that bad girl image she used to have by doing lots of charity work while totally covering up the fact that she is a no-talent hack of an actress/director.

  40. Kaepernick believes this donation is a smart move, and will help him land a job. What this fool doesn’t realize is that he just sealed his own fate. He has proven to every owner that he will continue to mix it up, bringing the very type of attention that the owners don’t want. “Toxic” doesn’t begin to describe how the owners view him. BRILLIANT!!!

  41. The $50,000.00 question is; WHY is he now going to stand for the National Anthem? Has he said why? Last year he believed in something right? Does he no longer believe in that something?

    I think that this unraveling of Kap was the final straw. I too believed he could have developed into a good pocket passer with his strong arm and with his good wheels, he always a threat to run but … now I think he did himself in.

  42. You can tell why Trump was elected with these kind of comments.
    Kap is spending his time and money making a change while you bums are tough guy keyboard warriors. I really hope he gets signed and balls out and shuts all you haters up

  43. Why does it matter what Colin donated???? Plenty of players donate every year.

    Here’s and idea for PFT. Start a good boy list that keeps track of players giving to charities, like the arrested list.

    Balance the bad with the good.

    Btw, RGIII (who I am not a fan of) donated a full house renovation to a veteran during the current season of Fixer Upper. Didn’t see that mentioned here.

  44. Not a Kap fan, but the money he donated to a worthy cause is probably a hell of a lot more than any of us have donated to charity.

  45. Good for Colin. Donating to a worthy cause should be lauded.

    That said, if it was done solely to respond to Trump then Kaepernick has failed to understand the issue once again.

    If you watched the briefing on the budget you would know that the characterization mentioned in the article is not quite accurate. Meals on Wheels was brought up by a reporter as an example. The briefer explained that some programs might not be funded by the federal government because money should be spent on programs that get results and not waste taxpayer dollars. He went on to say that, some programs, possibly Meals on Wheels, are better served by private donations or handled via state funding avenues.

    In essence, donating the money to Meals on Wheels is exactly the point the briefer (and POTUS) was trying to make. Thanks for helping out Colin, even if it were accidental. 😉

  46. Another useful idiot of the left

    Off to the Canadian football league Kap, maybe their anthem will make you proud.

  47. I find the majority of these comments just disappointing to read. Clearly few people listen to another’s message or try to interpret his form of self-expression for what it is. He’s a peaceful protestor using his platform to send a message about a social problem, and a lot of his fellow players back him. Even Richard Sherman did, and that must have taken some doing! He’s got a lot more intestinal fortitude than the commenters here have.

  48. One thing I like about the comment section is that it’s usually filled with ignorance. Those of us that get our news from more than PFT know that he’s done essentially a laundry list of positive things and doesn’t need to “rebuild his persona.”. He has a camp for at risk youth teaching them to know their rights, he’s donated his money to inner city charities since BEFORE he’s kneeling, he took on a cause and started a national conversation, he does charity work for Camp Taylor, etc.

    Nothing like being judged by a peanut gallery.

  49. Kaepernick’s teammates voted him the winner of the Len Eshmont award. They give the award each year to the player who best exemplifies inspirational and courageous play. We saw many other NFL players and other famous people follow the lead of this courageous young man last year. I wouldn’t be surprised if Meals on Wheels takes in record donations this year, thanks to Kaepernick. He was obviously a hero in his own locker room, and he’s a hero to a lot of Americans.

  50. A quick Google search has Colin’s 2016 salary at $11.9 million. Assuming he takes home half of that he just donated 0.8% of his salary to charity. That’s the first smart thing Colin has ever done in his life. Some people in this country get fed, and Colin gets amazing P.R. from his guy here at NBC Sports. Win-win. Smarter still is the President – He should goad more people into putting their money where their mouth is, and not extracting this $ from struggling tax payers. Win-win-win

    As far a signing Kaepernick… He stinks. Kaepernick could walk on water, and still miss a wide open Torrey Smith who is jumping up and down, and waving his arms.

    Good luck in Canada, sir!

  51. I admire Kaepernick’s principled stand in protesting the systemic racism that exists in this country.

    For those of you who do not agree with that, will you at least admit that he had the right to express his protest and that his protest ought not influence a potential employer’s decision to sign him?

    Btw, I’m a white guy.

  52. Is there a full time paparazzo following Kap around to see if he is visiting any teams? LOL How does anyone know that he has not talked to any team about contract terms? PFT quoted John Lynch that a team was negotiating with Kap but the deal fell through, so the claim that there is no interest in his services appears to be as accurate as Trump’s claim that Obama wiretapped him. LOL

  53. Just because it was his right to do what he did does NOT mean doing it was a good idea. Employment in the NFL is not a right. That being said, if teams thought they could win with him he’d be signed already!!!

  54. I bet that’s $50,000 more than donald trump has donated to charity in the last ten years.

  55. Whatever Kap does is dictated by his Muslim girlfriend. Meals on Wheels is another liberal government program that should be state or privately funded. The federal government should not be involved in these local entitlement programs when the deficit is 20 trillion $.

  56. ELM (Elderly Lives Matter). You’ll be seeing a lot of folks kneeling during the anthem if Trump is successful at ending Meals on Wheels.


  57. phreakin says:
    Mar 21, 2017 9:00 PM
    While I applaud the donation, let’s not get carried away with this … he needs the news sort to help him secure a job this season.

    Count me as one of the people who didn’t agree with him kneeling and sitting during the anthem. But at the same time the guy has legitimately been donating money to his causes for a while. He didn’t just start doing this now. Its unfair to criticize him for this. If you’re saying he is only doing this cuz he’s a free agent you didn’t do your homework and you’re just twisting the narrative to fit your agenda.

  58. Oh..Oh…I didn’t hear. He will now stand for our national anthem? What brought this about? When did this happen? After he realized that no one will sign him? I’m sure deep down he knows he sucks and is trying to salvage what is left of his career.

  59. Tomorrow a video of Kap rescuing a cat from a tree and helping an old lady to cross a street will appear.

    Seriously any donation to a worthy cause is laudable but this is clearly a well orchestrated PR move.

  60. Yeah, there’s a fundamental disconnect between how interesting sports ‘journalists’ find Kaeperneck and how interested fans are. Feels like reading Bryan Curtis patting himself on the back for being ‘woke’ (while sports ‘journalism’ is hemorraging readers ‘inexplicably’). Not many non-media were interested in Tebow, post-Denver, and not many are all that interested in whether the probably 35th best quarterback latches on somewhere now. It’s not like the guy is a cancer (well, Crabtree might not agree, but Kaep seems like a well-meaning, yet ignorant and naive, dude- I mean, the guy is a free agent because he declined a player option, so he’s clearly out-of-touch with how the football world sees his value), but if you’re gonna be a locker room distraction, you better be Lawrence Taylor/Terrell Owens, or you’re gonna be out of work. Kaep was absolutely in touch with how fascinating sports ‘journalists’ find him- he’s ensured that he’s going to remain a ‘celebrity’ long after his playing career will matter (like Lamar Odom), and he took his ‘brave’ stance right as he was losing a training camp competition with Blaine Gabbert, so the writing was already in pencil on the wall regarding his football future, but he clearly cost himself a lot of money in San Francisco, and he already cost himself the opportunity to rejuvenate his career a la Alex Smith (ironically) in a good situation- somewhere like Denver, or with the Jets (who wouldn’t have been the tire-fire they became without a gaping void at quarterback), or (even more ironically) with the Chiefs (had he not drawn attention to himself last preseason, he was probably headed towards being released, becoming a free agent, and not having an assload of baggage- 12 months ago, he would probably been at least as desirable a free agent as Romo is now- instead he has another season on record as the primary starter for a 2-14 team, and nobody’s going to be comfortable with him as their projected starter). So it goes.

  61. “singletitle says:
    Mar 21, 2017 8:21 PM

    Maybe those of us with an IQ above room temperature and love our country enough to admit it’s not perfect need to find something else to do from August to February each year.”

    Try volunteering for Meals on Wheels. A smart guy like you should have been able to figure that one out.

  62. vottorific says:

    How much did you donate Donnie boy.

    He’s bought houses for injured soldiers, but nobody knows because he never announced it.

  63. This is too little too late. But he is showing to be a better american than donald. I mean if you compare kneeling for the anthem to putting Putin and Russia over 15 of America’s intelligence agencies and telling them they are wrong and putin is right…………then kneeling is not nearly as bad. And trump cuts from meal on wheels and kaep donates to it. So Kaep made a point he is much better than donald………..but that doesnt mean he is worth it for a team to pick up.

  64. Sorry Kap, there is no going back IMO. You are ONLY doing this in order to get a team to sign you.
    Here’s an idea, go to Canada to play in the CFL. They don’t care about their borders or their flag so you can protest all you want up there.

    Don’t give me this “he deserves a second chance” crap. If you do I will challenge you by saying did YOU say the same thing when Riley Cooper screwed up? No you didn’t so your opinion matters not.

  65. “So Kaepernick donates $50,000 to try to make himself look better by promoting a false narrative against Trump.”

    False narrative? Trump is increasing welfare to the ultra wealthy while cutting programs to every other person in the country.

    The collection of thieves, pirates, polluters and corporate scum he’s gathered will leave this country an empty husk. If you really think he cares the slightest about you or will do anything to improve your lot in life you’re going to get an ugly surprise once you wake up.

  66. Yeah he kneels for what he believes in, as long as it doesn’t affect his ability to sign with a
    team. Make sure the world knows about your donation!

  67. This donation is nothing new – since September 2016 Kaepernick has donated $300,000 to several community organizations while also putting accountability measures in place for how the money is used.

    The media jumped on this donation because it’s sexy, but they have ignored every other donation a part of Kaps $1 million pledge.

    While I don’t agree with not voting, being a multimillionaire and giving hundreds and thousands of dollars to organizations to support critical issues, like youth development, is fulfilling a critical need that the government won’t.

  68. No sensible owner would want a guy as the face of the franchise, which a QB really is, to be bringing his politics onto the football field.”

    Well, if he had thrown for 5000 yds, and scored 20 TD’s, he’d have a job. If he wasn’t politically divisive, he’d get a look. But, being divisive, and not playing well, means he’ll be waiting for a job. Probably until a team losses a QB.

  69. I think it says something that while Doug Baldwin does this kind of stuff on a regular basis without saying anything, this guy feels the need to let the media know every time he does some charitable work. Also, the fact that he didn’t start doing it until *after* the kneel-down controversy started says something as well.

  70. You can often hear the announcer say “to honor America, please rise for our national anthem.” By refusing to stand up, Kap has been accused of disrespecting America. There are other ways to disrespect America. People will have to decide for themselves whether our president has disrespected America more than Kap has ever done in the following exchange wth Fox News.

    O’Reilly: “But he’s a killer, though. Putin’s a killer.”

    Trump: “Lot of killers, We’ve got a lot of killers. Boy, you think our country’s so innocent? You think our country’s so innocent?”

  71. Good for him. He’s doing the right thing. Trump is going to stick it to the elderly, the blue-collar workers, and right-leaning women…….the very people that put him in office.

    Good job Trumpers. Way to think it out.

  72. This is how you rehab an image.

    Well done Kap.

    You’re still not a good QB, unfortunately.

  73. Very nice gesture on his part. I would think , though, with his precarious unemployment situation, he’d want to save some pennies for his upcoming rainy day.

  74. Awesome job Mr. K. Unlike the Cheetos in chief, you responded in a mature, adult manner. Without insulting tweets too.

    Having a guy who calls himself the President spending time tweeting about a football player while our country is falling apart (per his own words) is just sad.

  75. nfl fan says:
    Mar 21, 2017 8:08 PM
    Too little, too late. Next man up!


    You and many others on here totally missed the point of this. This is hilarious. Might want to keep up on current events a little.

  76. Meals for Wheels is funded by numerous means, none of the money comes directly from the federal government. Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) is a federal agency which leads the list of corrupt, government waste. They dole billions to businesses who promise to provide community services. The cronyism in this agency has been identified by both democrats and republicans as the height of government waste for decades. However, like any smart agency, they sprinkle in some money to worthwhile causes like meals on wheels. Thus, if anyone attempts to reel them in, they can scream that those politicians are ‘pushing grandma over a cliff in her wheel chair.’ Many fall for the false narrative and the media is hell bent on destroying Trump. Hate Trump all you want, but at least get informed. Backing Meals for Wheels- good. Backing this corrupt agency- bad. There is a distinction. Educate yourselves…

  77. Last year if you pro rate his signing bonus, he made a salary of 17,000,000 ( this counts zero endorsements ).

    50,000 translates to .0029 of his salary for 1 year….or for someone that made 100,000 it would be like donating $290.

    Big Freaking Deal

    Freedom of choice goes both ways, and its terrific to see the NFL owners showing their choice.

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