NFL is developing a player training video for celebrations

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I’m not a fan of the move to give officials discretion to determine when a celebration should be penalized for being excessive. Discretion can be exercised in inconsistent ways, resulting in 15 yards of field position being surrendered in some situations and not in others despite similar conduct.

The NFL will be attempting to minimize that outcome by ensuring that the players understand what is and isn’t allowed. As noted by NFL executive V.P. of football operations Troy Vincent on Twitter, the league is developing an educational training video, with the goal of giving the players “clear examples of appropriate and inappropriate celebrations.”

That’s fine, as long as the line between what is and isn’t acceptable is clear — and as long as the game officials will know the difference and properly respect it.

Given that penalties for excessive celebrations arise from conduct happening after the play, and in light of the potential importance of a 15-yard penalty to the outcome of a game, this would be an ideal situation for the NFL to provide active, real-time video assistance in calling for a flag to be thrown or instructing the referee to pick it up. It’s not replay review per se, because it would amount to the consideration of something occurring after a play has ended.

Given that the officials are destined to make mistakes when it comes to interpreting and applying a supposedly clear standard, it’s important for the NFL to ensure that calls having nothing to do with anything that happens between the snap and the whistle are at all times accurate, especially when 15 percent of the length of the field can shift based on whether a flag is thrown.

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  1. How about this…

    Do whatever celebration you want. If it delays the game, get a flag for delay of game.

    If it’s offensive, let the team and/or public opinion deal with it.

    Or just treat it like streakers running onto the field: Turn the cameras somewhere else.

  2. How about videos on how to tackle to reduce crippling injuries and brain damage.

    Heck, how about use that money to introduce the safer helmets that already exist on the Market that the NFL won’t use.

  3. This is so stupid. Let them celebrate but if they don’t want players doing long elaborate celebrations they should just make the play clock a couple seconds shorter from TD to XP. That pushes the already extended XP another 5 yards back

  4. These guys get paid tons of money to play 60 minutes of football. They need every ounce of their energy to be put toward winning. Some players waste so much time and energy dancing around like fools, only run out of gas when the game is on the line. The NFL is raking in record amounts of revenue because they get it. Play football for 60 minutes with the guys, then go dancing after the game with the girls. I watch NFL football because these guys are the best football players in the world. If I want to watch the best dancers in the world, I wouldn’t be watching NFL football.

  5. This has made me re-evaluate my life. I now feel stupid being an NFL fan. I need rehab, unfortunately no one will sign me when I’m out

  6. (in best Monty Python voice)
    “Three shall be the number of the pumping…’

    Let’s hope Glazer gets his hands on this one for us too.

  7. So the NFL is going to reverse themselves and say they can have celebrations but the NFL needs to have control over these. Why does this feel like they have suddenly reconsidered them as a possible money making opportunity.

  8. I mean, how dare these sports entertainers try to be entertaining! The nerve of these human beings to show emotions! Football isn’t meant to be exciting, it’s meant to be… err…

    Seriously, people… outside of pulling out weapons, making obscene or sexually suggestive gestures or defecating in the end zone, I’m all for a good, original touchdown celebration. That’s TOUCHDOWN celebration, not a sack, catch or tackle celebration. The object of the game is to score points. Once points are scored, the player who scored should earn the right to express himself a little as far as I’m concerned. If the other team doesn’t like it, don’t let them score. If the fan doesn’t like it, don’t watch the celebration.

  9. I’ll say it again people that want to take all of the celebration out of football also hate puppies…

    that being said giving the refs discrestion could be a slippery slope. They need to make it as simple as possible for the refs and as clear as possible to the players.

    I don’t think it should have been a legal celebration, but I can honestly say my life was made better by watching Elliot pop out of that salvation army kettle.

  10. Just adopt the NCAA celebration rules. They’re clear and the players already know them

  11. Just replace the players with robots already. It’s getting ridiculous in the No Fun League.

  12. Well done NFL…Spend money on a thing that you didn’t want (celebrations), to spending EXTRA Money on the thing you want to allow but not really allow?? How about spending money on Security, it seems Mickey and Goofy are using Paul Blart Mall security for Superbowls

  13. If it’s deemed excessive, recall the last play to the original spot. The players will definitely get in line of the rule.

  14. Here’s an example of what not to do;

    Doug Baldwin pretending the ball is his own feces and dropping the deuce in the end-zone after the ref set such a nice pick for him in the biggest game of the year


  15. They need to make the officials watch it, too. The inconsistency in calls lies with them, not the players.

  16. I think they are worried about the time potentially taken away from the broadcaster for commercial time, because, well, they don’t have enough anyway and cut to commercial after nearly every touchdown. I would rather watch a celebration than the same commercial ten times during a game.

  17. Anything that delays the game, huh? So, the Lambeau leap counts then, right? That’s the longest and most elaborate celebration in the game. Regardless, I’m sure the players will take this training video very seriously…hahahahaha!!!

  18. “Excessive” should only mean excessively long. Other than that, let them do what they want. If it’s inappropriate for television, it’s the network’s responsibility to avoid showing it.

    I’m one of those who personally doesn’t enjoy the dancing and other celebrations but many people, including the players, do. I’m not one of those people who believe my personal preference should become the rule of law for others. Let them dance. Penalize for a delay if it causes a delay.

  19. How about a video about how not to beat your wife, girlfriend, baby momma, shoot yourself in the crotch, drive drunk, beat up a fan, fail a drug test, murder someone, commit a felony……but no, let’s talk about over celebrating after a TD….

  20. Just put Goodell’s face on the jumbotron and keep it up there until the celebrating is done. That will shorten the celebrations to about 5 seconds or less, I assure you.

  21. Nfl didnt want to pay to have one produced so I hear they just made copies of Napoleon Dynamite’s dance moves vhs.

  22. Years down the road Roger Goodell will be viewed as the guy who began the fall of the NFL. They will study him in business and marketing classes in awe of how he intentionally damaged the sport . “They actually wanted people to be LESS excited by the game?” “He let HOW MANY teams move to LA?” “London? For American football?”

  23. Based on how rules are enforced and how badly officiating has been, a player will probably do exactly what the video teaches and still get a flag.

    By the way, how much money did the NFL waste on making this “training video”? Probably 2 million dollars…then write it off on their taxes.

  24. Always liked the Rams falling down in the end zone together…………..How about just going to the sideline and doing it there? Spike the ball and go to your sideline.

  25. Always been a fan of the Walter Payton school of TD celebrations.
    Hand the ball to the ref.

    Man was pure class.

  26. Stop showing the celebrations on TV! I for one, don’t give a crap how creative their celebration is. Show me the mugs of the opposing coaches when their D gets scored on or the fans celebrating.

  27. PLEASE let it look like a late 80’s workplace video, complete with the “profile turn TO the camera” when the narrator is introduced.

  28. Start the play clock within 5 seconds for the extra point after the official ruling of a score. If the player is celebrating after a non-scoring play, the officials need to also get the ball ready to play ASAP and if the player’s celebration doesn’t allow that because he has the ball, the ref throws a flag for delay of game penalty. Simple… but it’s given that Roger’s NFL will screw it up and over complicate the issue per usual.

  29. How about this…..

    How about the entire planet GROWS up ?????

    If a grown man wants to have a 10 Minute tea party after scoring a TD, let him….


    How about NOT being offended if he does ??????

    The guys job is to run over a white line with a ball…..

    And we are worried about excessive celebrations ? ?????

    Good lord this is a planet full of pansies now.

  30. There is widespread corruption and human rights abuse all throughout the world…

    But you should care about NFL players celebrating after a touchdown.

    If you give 1 iota of a care regarding how NFL players celebrate, then your priorities are incredibly messed up.

    Spare me the FAKE and CONTRIVED moral outrage.

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