Raiders have Joe Mixon in for visit

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The Raiders are reportedly interested in adding Marshawn Lynch to their backfield, although that would require either a trade with the Seahawks or Seattle releasing Lynch in order for him to play in his hometown.

While that situation plays out, the Raiders are exploring other options to fill the void left by the departure of Latavius Murray as a free agent. Adam Caplan of ESPN reports that one of those explorations involved a meeting with Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon.

Mixon’s talent is well known, but so is the video showing him punching a woman in the face during his time at the University of Oklahoma. That incident kept Mixon from being invited to the Scouting Combine, leaving teams without the ability to interview him in Indianapolis.

Several clubs in addition to the Raiders have set up their own meetings to make up for that and others will likely join them as they weigh the risks and rewards of adding the back to their roster.

25 responses to “Raiders have Joe Mixon in for visit

  1. He will be drafted the only questions are by whom and what round?

    I think teams are more worried about the “backlashers” and sponsorship than they are worried if he will do that again.We don’t care about no stinking backlashers.

    I was worried that it would be a non starter with Mark because we all know how he feels about domestic violence.

    Not domestic but very violent was his assault.

    With that said I don’t think he makes it out of the 2nd rnd.

    If he does then a 3rd rnd is a steal IMHO.

    Reggie likes to double down.

  2. For those not invited to the Combine, what’s to stop them from just showing up to the city Indianapolis and parking themselves in a nearby hotel for interviews? The NFL may think the whole city is “theirs” but it’s not.

  3. kenberthiaume says:
    Mar 21, 2017 11:10 AM
    great value pick. He said he’s sorry, what more do you want? A pound of flesh?
    Some people actually have morals, this turd shouldn’t even be considered, IMO.

  4. Mixon would make the Raiders O deadly. But we saw how that worked out for the Falcons. Raiders have to address their D before having any true SB aspirations. They may also wish to consider a HC with greater football IQ than Captain Jack.

  5. If the Raiders draft this kid, Mark loses all credibility. Now I’m not comparing the two incidents because the only thing they have in common is the male on female violence, but how can you essentially be a sponsor in the yearly golf outing for the Biletnikoff Foundation and then employ someone who the foundation would rally against?

    Yeah, this is the NFL and talent typically wins out. But Oakland Raiders, don’t be hypocrites on this one. There are other guys who can carry the rock and not hit their women.

  6. Because teams never invite draft prospects in for a visit and announce it for the purpose of throwing other teams off.

  7. Mixon can join the Trump Administration if he doesn’t get an NFL contract, Misoginy is a requirement there, and anyway since when does the NFL care about this issues Ezekiel Elliott is another misogynist and they love him in the state of Texas I wonder if Derek Carr would approve of Mixon, since he is a Religious Person.

  8. I see your Carr, and raise you Alden Smith.

    I see your Mack, and raise you Jamarcus Russel.

    I see your whoever you want to mention, an raise you 1 in the last 14 season with a winning record. Browns fans feel sorry for you guys.

  9. tdshouldbeinthehall says:
    Mar 21, 2017 10:58 AM

    What, all I hear out of this fan base is that the raiders will have nothing to do with players involved in domestic abuse. What you got to say know Raider Nation?


    What do you mean domestic violence? He hit her at a restaurant, no where near home.

  10. With few exceptions, if the guy can help you win, he’s in. Simple as that. It’s a very cut throat league with minimal margins between the best and worst.

    LoOk at Hill from KC. Punched his pregnant GF in the stomach. Horrible. He’s in and single handedly (pardon the pun) beat SB 50 Champs Denver twice to keep them out of the playoffs. If you can play, you get paid.

  11. A lot of teams have brought this guy in, including the Bengals.

    He is an obvious talent that everyone expects to be on the board long past what he would have been if he wasn’t an idiot.

    So, to be smart teams are meeting with him to be informed..

    So lets hold back and wait to throw your hate to the team that signs him.

  12. Joe mixon visits with raiders again. They talked to him at the combine and now he visited us. I want him bad. To me he’s gonna b as good as fournette, cook and mccaffery. I hope we draft him some way some how. A couple months ago I would of said no way, but after doing homework on the incident with the girl, watching this kids tape, reading what other g.m’s have said about him I hope we do draft him. Last year we were interested in tyreek hill and made a mistake not drafting him soon enough and letting the chefs draft him instead. I’m hearing the bronhoes are interested in mixon, I rather have mixon in silver and black helping us win the division instead of being a thorn in our side for years to come. JUST WIN BABY!

  13. Look for the Raiders to move down a couple in the second and take this guy. Very smart move, Really!

    Rayduh Nayshun will then spend all off season telling us how this dude is better than Bo Jack and MAllen combined, all the while falling on their knees praising their GM for such a jenious move even though all the media mock had Mixon to be a second rounder.

    Wait for it. 3,2.1…………. GOOOOOOOO REGGGGGIIIIEEE!

  14. Pretty lame if you read the comments .. for Bengals “he would fit perfectly with burfict and Jones”
    Raiders “signing him would be such a raider thing to do ” heck if he visits the Ravens Vikings, Giants some Lamewod would say. Yup they love domestic violence. Patriots they would bring up AHernandez. These jokes are getting old.

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