Raiders move to Las Vegas not a certainty, yet

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Next week in Arizona, the NFL’s owners may vote on whether the Raiders can move from a state to the west to a state to the north. West.

Via Mark Maske of the Washington Post, an unnamed official with one team expressed an equivocal belief that the relocation petition from California to Nevada will succeed.

“I think it will be approved,” the unnamed source told Maske. “But I’m not certain yet.”

A total of 24 votes will be needed to approve the move. While no owners have spoken out against the proposal, the question becomes whether owners believe that the stadium in project in Las Vegas will be not just viable but successful. (Having a site selected and a stadium lease in place would help, too.)

Gambling hasn’t become a potential impediment, with the league apparently glossing over the challenges presented by having a group of young men living in and among an extensive network of professional gambling establishments and professional gamblers who will be tempted to try to secure inside information from players who may develop a gambling habit — and the inevitable debts that go along with it.

Still, a deal won’t be done until it’s done, and concerns arising from the prevalence of gambling could take on a life of their own once the owners are hashing out the issues in a meeting room. Hovering over the process is the possibility that Raiders owner Mark Davis will move the team with or without approval of his partners, daring the league into a repeat of the antitrust litigation arising from the relocation of the team from Oakland to Los Angeles more than three decades ago.

32 responses to “Raiders move to Las Vegas not a certainty, yet

  1. Or, Mark Davis and Oakland officials can pull their collective craniums out of their collective anuses, and hammer out a deal that truly works for everyone.

  2. this seems like a good move. i hate it for true raider fans but how many of you are really left. your stadium is a dump. in the interweb age gambling can be done anywhere so i don’t really see how that’s an issue.

    hopefully this will mean the raiders will suck again for a decade so the chiefs don’t have to compete with them.

  3. Maybe the Raiders will move to Toronto. Oh, tickets sales are required? Sorry, better work on plan B. Toronto sees the CFL as minor league. The NFL sees Toronto as minor league when it comes to football support. The sweet, sweet irony!!!

  4. too bad billionaire owners can’t afford to build their own stadiums. wouldn’t surprise me if trump uses the cuts from feeding the hungry kids to helping these owners build new stadiums

  5. As a fan of a team other than the Raiders, I have no concerns about whether or not their players are interested in gambling. The only thing they could do is take a dive. It’s not like they are going to bet on themselves and play extra hard.

  6. Well, a short term Raider’s fan here. So, I can “pack” up and move on if the team leaves The Bay area for LV. It will be a move to stable Green Bay despite the greatness of Carr, Mack etc.

    Been a fun couple of years!

  7. I don’t know why you still think that Mark Davis would move without the authority to do it. NO.

    His partner (BoA) would never allow it. They’re tied too close to other owners and the league.

    The City of Las Vegas wants the ‘goodies’ that go with the franchise, meaning the chance to get the SB, Draft, Awards show, etc. and that won’t happen if the Raiders go rougue on the league.

    As for Daddy’s team, this isn’t the 1970’s and the $$$ is far, far too great to do this without the league behind him and he knows it.

    In other words, either it’s done ‘legal’ or it ain’t gonna happen. I’ll guess they play 2 more years in Oakland as they have a 2 year lease and then one more in stadium X and then move into their shinny new toy in 2020.

  8. East coast fan since 1975 and I simply do not care where they play.. They’re the Raiders, whatever city is in front of the name doesn’t matter.

  9. Viva Las Vegas. There is no place like it and yes some of these young men will definitely find trouble. But remember “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. Let the fun begin

  10. Oakland wouldn’t support them,doubtful Vegas will particular with Sheldon blocking everything. Honestly, the Raiders can’t keep sewage off their own field or turn an averge nfl profit. Hardly an attractive tennant elsewhere.

  11. NOT a fan of Franchise Free Agency. The Raiders belong in Oakland, the Chargers belong in San Diego. The NFL is disrespecting millions of fans and their decades of team loyalty. Is nothing sacred anymore? This doesn’t make the league better. In fact, it cheapens the product, everything, everyone is disposable for a buck.

  12. Mark Davis’ father Al sued the NFL on antitrust grounds, and the judge (who refused to move the trial out of LA and a bunch of housewives in Pasadena ended up deciding whether the Raiders can move to LA) said that the rule requiring 3/4 of the owners to approve is too restrictive. The NFL lost and had to pay Al Davis a huge sum. More than 30 years later, they still have the same rule requiring approval of 3/4 of the owners. Weird.

  13. It’s a certainty.

    Oakland is a dead city.

    Las Vegas isn’t.

    But just think, Las Vegas also has a lot of crime and a general lack of discipline as well so the Raiders won’t really have to change their modus operandi.

  14. Yes, it is a certainty. Everyone knows it. But I know you have to keep the articles coming.

  15. Really sucks for Oakland that they stuck by that team through all the bad years, but now that they are good, they are jumping ship

  16. I like Mark Davis, but I don’t think he has the stones his daddy had. I think if they vote him down he’ll tuck his tail and look elsewhere.

  17. The general reporting on this entire matter has been awful.

    The NFL debt limit is 250M. The Raiders don’t clear 50M annually.

    So how is Mark Davis going to be approved to move, while undertaking the following debt:

    A) 650M – BofA (not including interest)
    B) 350M – relocation fee
    C) 200M – G4 Loan
    D) ???M – Cost over-runs
    E) ???M – off-site ancillary infrastructure (separate from onsite)

    This doesn’t pencil out. Mark Davis is not Stan Kroneke or Jed York in terms of assets on the books.

    I’ll be very interested to see how this plays out.

  18. Truth is its only the 55k that attrend the games and have poured their sole into being a passionate fan. I will watch the new PSL vegas fan, see if they show up and how they show up. who is going to sit next to comp guy. in late leave early, or sit next to third day of bachelor party guys and no families. hard to build PSL multigenerational fans in a non family town

  19. Will players gamble on their time off? Of course. But as many have noted, players can do so now, either near their home cities or in Vegas. Indeed, I’ve personally seen current NFL players at craps tables in Vegas on 2 occasions.

    The true problem – hypothetically – would be players or team personnel trading insider info for financial gain. Spoiler alert: if that’s a REAL problem, then it already is or would be happening… And apparently it’s not. High-dollar sports wagering is not new.

  20. irimz says:
    Mar 22, 2017 11:53 AM
    The general reporting on this entire matter has been awful.

    The NFL debt limit is 250M. The Raiders don’t clear 50M annually.

    I’ll be very interested to see how this plays out.

    What might also be of interest is something that was generally reported in December, the NFL was more than willing to raise the debt limit just to allow the Chargers to pay their relocation fee. As with many other things the debt limit only seems to matter when the league wants it to

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