Titans G.M.: “We’re not looking for choir boys,” but want “mature adults”


As NFL teams debate whether drafting a player such as Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon is worth it, the reality is many teams will weigh the risk of a player with character flaws if the price is right.

And some teams will put more of a thumb on the scale than others.

Titans General Manager Jon Robinson said out loud what some won’t, that teams will investigate players and try to decide if he fits their team, but will ultimately find talented players.

“I think it’s the complete profile of a player,” Robinson said, via Jason Wolf of the Tennesseean. “It’s the value that he’s going to bring on the field, it’s the value that he’s going to bring in the locker room. Is he going to be a good teammate? Is he a coachable player? Is he a detailed player? Is he going to fit well in the community?

We’re not looking for a bunch of choir boys, but we’re looking for guys that can play football and act like mature adults.”

Robinson wasn’t speaking directly about Mixon’s case, but he’s become this year’s petri dish for the character experiment, after he punched a woman in the face in a 2014 incident which was captured on video for everyone to see again and again.

That may disqualify him from some places, but Robinson’s approach is the one many take, relying on their own research to gauge whether a player is worth the risk (which changes as the draft goes on). Titans coach Mike Mularkey said teams still have to consider players with drug offenses or even domestic violence charges, once they do that diligence.

“I think we give the guy a chance first, if either we can interview him here or bring him in for [a visit to the team facility] or when we go to their schools, to understand, ‘Has he learned from the incident? Is that something in the past that’s gone by?’” Mularkey said. “You can’t immediately knock somebody out of the loop just for a mistake they made, and there are a lot of them that have made mistakes. And they’re mistakes. One-time mistakes.”

And consciously or subconsciously, the fact the Chiefs were rewarded for taking a chance on Tyreek Hill last year in the fifth round will likely only embolden teams this year when it’s time to make a call on Mixon or others with red flags on their charts.

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  1. He’s been doing such a good job the last couple years. He’ll be getting Mariota some weapons on the outside next month and the Titans n Raiders are gonna be the upper-echelon AFC teams for the next 10-15 years

  2. If players got talent, they’ll play somewhere. The bottom line is winning. It doesn’t matter how many corny PSA’s the NFL trots out about domestic violence. Anyone who says otherwise is foolish or naïve.

  3. The success of a rookie with character issues depends a lot upon the strength and leadership in the locker room, as well as fairly active involvement from management.

  4. The Titans can be a great team. Looking forward to what will happen this year, if the defense actually plays all 4 quarters of every game.

    Watched a couple of the open practice sessions and they didn’t seem to be putting a whole lot of effort into their conditioning drills. If they do that when being watched, they’re doing that when they aren’t. And not putting effort into conditioning makes it hard to play for a full game.

    Practice harder than you play.

  5. Tyreek should be in jail, not running around on a football field for all to see.

    “One time mistakes” happen, and I’m a firm believer in second chances, we all make mistakes. but sometimes a ‘one time mistake’ is something no one should ever be involved in. Physically choking a pregnant women falls into the latter.

    He’s a piece of human garbage

  6. patsfanintn– having watched hard knocks and been to a few open practices myself– both with the Redskins and the Panthers, they always look like they’re taking it easy during conditioning drills. I’m not sure why that is, but clearly it’s not unusual. If we practiced like that in high school, we would have been doing full-pads laps, but I wouldn’t judge the Titans for lethargic conditioning sessions.

  7. “We’re not looking for choir boys,” but want “mature adults”
    Sounds like FAKE NEWS to me! Sure sounds good, but actions speak louder than words!!! The NFL’s action is silent to this!! It’s winning and making money, whether with criminals or not!! Drain The NFL SWAMP!

  8. .
    This is a big draft for the Titans. They have #5 and #18 in the first round. If Robinson can parlay these picks into some help at WR and in the secondary, they could easily find themselves in the playoffs.

  9. If someone is good enough to sing in a choir, they’re likely not that good at football anyway.

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