Dolphins linebacker Koa Misi restructures deal

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The Dolphins have been deliberate in upgrading their linebackers, but the future apparently will continue to include an expensive veteran, now that he’s not as expensive.

According to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, Dolphins linebacker Koa Misi has restructured his deal to stay with the team.

He was scheduled to make $4.1 million and carry a $4.8 million cap hit. Terms of the restructure aren’t known, but it’s safe to assume both those numbers are smaller now. He’s in the final year of his contract, so unless they added years, this is a pay cut.

The 30-year-old Misi has dealt with injuries in the past (he played just three games last year because of a neck injury), but can still be a productive part of a good defense.

The Dolphins signed Steelers linebacker Lawrence Timmons, and extended Kiko Alonso’s contract. They had free agent Zach Brown in for a visit, which likely added a little leverage to their talks with Misi.

19 responses to “Dolphins linebacker Koa Misi restructures deal

  1. He’s a good player when he’s healthy. With Misi, Hewitt and Hull that should be some quality depth. I hope they can draft Reddick in the first or get a Pass rusher or Lamp in the 1st and Jarrad Davis in the 2nd.

  2. Kiko Alonso made more plays in one season than Misi did in over 5 years, why would Miami keep him?
    He’s always injured, where is the logic here?

  3. I was hoping they sign Brown and while the Cap would look ugly for a few months they Cut Misi in May and then have plenty of money to pay Brown the $6M he wants. However, keeping Misi for less allows the Dolphins to really go BPA in the Draft and not have to go LB (although they should!).

  4. This guy can play he just can’t stay healthy being the #1. Coming off the bench to spell the starters and this could be huge. Have to see how he looks in camp coming off the neck injury.

  5. So they bring in Zach Brown to leverage Misi? But I get it–Gase and them want to build the team via the draft (which is what perennial contenders do…unless they have huge cap space like Pats do this year I guess). Misi good against run but can’t cover TEs–which Timmons and Alonso can. And if not for that fact, I would have seen no reason to redo Misi–healthy or not. And I suspect ol’ Zach was using both Raiders and Dolphins to get the Bills to resign him, like Ike Taylor did to Miami in 2009 or something…

  6. artliedtocleveland says:
    Mar 22, 2017 12:57 PM
    Wow I didn’t even realize this bum was still in the league.
    Funny, everyone thought the same about the browns.

  7. Why do they keep drafting or signing players that sound like failed middle releveers in the Mexican League?

    Kiko Aonso, Koa Misi, etc?

    Do they think the names will connect with the Hispanic community in Miami to try to get people to go to games?

    How on earth is Tannebaum still employed?

  8. RandyinRoxbury says:
    Mar 22, 2017 1:18 PM
    Kiko Alonso made more plays in one season than Misi did in over 5 years, why would Miami keep him?
    He’s always injured, where is the logic here?


    For a guy named Randy in Roxbury, you’re awfully knowledgable about the Dolphins…

  9. I wished this was just leverage for Brown to come back and sign….its probably not. Misi has been a disappointment…I however see some logic. If the Dolphins knows they’re not going to get Brown than giving Misi a paycut and keeping him might be smart. They must have some good news on his injury because if not they probably would have already got rid of him. Dolphins have made it clear they want to get rid of injured players.

  10. If they are hanging on to him, it could be they are waiting on him being cleared medically to play and if not cleared then cut with injury settlement.If he is cleared I say cut him either way. Cant stay on the field. Same with Jenkins and they were glad he left for the Raiders. Phins up!

  11. His pay has been reduced to 2.8 mil. from 4.8 mil. He has 1.5 guaranteed. So if they cut him now that he has signed they will have to pay 1.5 mil in dead money which is not way too bad….if he is not cleared medically. Looks like the Dolphins did him a favor…they could have just cut him and only had 575,000 in dead money and then resign him for cheaper later if they wanted. Misi now knows regardless of what happens he will be 1.5 million richer

  12. unless he agreed to play for $1, this is a dumb move.

    he is always hurt.. and even when he isnt he doesnt do much of anything. no sacks, no picks, no fumbles, nada from this guy.

    why not cut bait and save $4 mil to get someone else?!!

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