Competition Committee not concerned about more ties from 10 minute overtime

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The NFL’s Competition Committee hopes to shorten overtime in the preseason and regular season from 15 minutes to 10 minutes. Coupled with the two-possession rule that applies if the first team to get the ball kicks a field goal, this rule change necessarily will result in more ties.

The Competition Committee disagrees.

“We don’t think it will lead to more ties,” Competition Committee chairman Rich McKay said during a Thursday afternoon media conference call. “Could it? It could. We’re more concerned about player safety.”

If that’s the case, then the two-possession rule should be ditched for all non-playoff games. With it still in place, there definitely will be occasions when: (1) the team receiving the opening kickoff will drive into position for a field goal, consuming half of the 10 minutes or more; (2) the other team will muster a field goal within the remaining time; and (3) there won’t be enough time left after that to break the tie.

So just make it sudden death. Or adopt the college overtime rules. Or come up with something else.

Here’s an idea, possibly inspired by the creative questions asked by Barstool Big Cat and PFT Commenter during the call. One team’s offense and the other team’s defense would go to one end of the field. At the other end of the field would be the other offense and defense.

And then they’d go back and forth attempting two-point conversions, like a hockey or soccer shootout. There could be 20 seconds or so between plays, giving it a frenetic pace that would make it even more exciting. Both teams would get three tries each. If neither team prevails, then it would go back and forth until someone ends up with two more points than the other team.

If anyone has a better idea, offer it up below. If the league wants a shorter (and better) overtime period, now’s the time to start embracing suggestions and thinking outside the echo chamber.

52 responses to “Competition Committee not concerned about more ties from 10 minute overtime

  1. Give both teams one offensive possession with no time limit, then after both have had their possession the game will either still be tied, if they both do the same thing, score TDs, FGs, or nothing. Or one team will score or score more for the win.

  2. The two-possession rule is one of the dumbest things the League has ever done.

    If you can’t play defense, you deserve to lose. Period.

  3. Just adopt college overtime rules already. They’re as close to perfect (and nothing is perfect) as you’re going to get.

  4. Why have OT?

    If you can’t win a game in 60 minutes, you deserve the stain of a tie. The only OT games should be the playoffs and the Super Bowl – the first team to score a TD wins.

  5. As contrived as it might seem, the college OT works out and has some strategy/drama to it. As much as I liked the super bowl this year I’m not crazy about giving the toss that much influence.

  6. You don’t need all of these rules that require special explanations. I also don’t care if you want OT to be 10 minutes or 15 minutes. Just play it like a normal quarter of football, and the end result is what it is.

  7. If they don’t care about ties, just scrap OT altogether in the regular season for player safety.

  8. Just add a 10 minute overtime period and whoever is winning when time expires, wins. If the score is still tied, do it again. Ties suck.

  9. OK….so I’m thinking if I’m a O. Coordinator….if you get the ball 1st, take your time driving down the field…take 7 or 8 minuties….lots of running and staying IN bounds…get a FG…kickoff and give the other team just 2 min to try and score. Sounds like whoever gets the ball 1st in OT has the advantage.

  10. For the number of times it happens a season it seems that there are greater player safety concerns they might consider addressing. Like playing Thursday night football on 3 days rest for instance

  11. Competion Commitee?? What?? Fan boys, I thought Roger owned the NFL and made every single decision regarding operations. What is this? Are there more NFL committee s? Oh the hooror. Fan boys, should we hate the Committees????

  12. I’m surprised those idiots didn’t say that there will be less ties. Of course there will be more. The only question is how many. This is simple logic.

  13. Just go to college OT rules, but don’t go 2-3-4 overtimes, just have it untimed and let it play out until a team fails to score a TD

  14. I liked the old sudden death rules. It was much more exciting.

    The big complaint against it was the game would be more or less decided by a coin flip — although the statistics for this weren’t staggering — and yet a hundred out of a hundred coaches would take their chances with the coin flip and go for a tie rather than go for a touchdown instead of a field goal or a 2 point conversion instead of a 1 one point conversion, etc.

    Coaches will ALWAYS play for a tie. Don’t play for the tie and end the game sooner. It is that simple. If you play for the tie don’t complain about the unfairness of a coin flip.

  15. If we’re so concerned about player safety and shortening games, why don’t they just not play the games in the first place? If that solution isn’t palatable, then quit trying to dink and dunk around with rules that aren’t going to make any difference.

  16. This plan is flawed – it actually encourages the first possession offensive team to drag everything out as much as possible.

    With a 15 minute clock its essentially impossible to eat up so much time that the other team actually runs out of time to score.
    With a 10 minute clock its quite possible to grind it down so that the second time only has 2 or 3 minutes to score.

    The end result is going to be longer over times on average.

  17. Much like a catch in the NFL, no one really knows what the term “player safety” even really means anymore.

  18. I love it. I think it’s a great rule. If a team can’t win a game in 60 minutes, it’s a tie. The NFL will give them 10 extra minutes to prove they’re the better team. If they still can’t get it done, it’s a tie. Whatever the NFL says or does, there are always going to be the New England fans who will try to criticize. Their QB got caught cheating, and they’re still blaming the league. Obviously the league knows what they’re doing or they wouldn’t be the most watched thing on TV and be raking in record amounts of revenue every year. Oh those grapes must be sour in New England. Try California grapes. They’ll make you happy.

  19. This is what happens when committee members feel the need to justify their existence by fixing things that aren’t broken. Stupid idea that needs to be dropped.

  20. This league that suppressed evidence about concussions, and is still playing the legal game to state non fault is claiming concern for players ?

    This league doesn’t care about fans, or the players. These billionaire owners only care about their egos and making money.

    NFL doesn’t care about more ties and how the fans would hate that.

    How complicated is this ? If after a certain time, go the college rule with ball at 20 and you have to try to score a TD. It works well, and is exciting.

    No one is talking about how college football ratings were the same last year, while NFL ratings were well down.

    When will the geniuses start talking about that one ?

  21. The only games that end in ties are conservatively played punt-fests. Give each team one punt in OT and it accomplishes two things.

    1) No more ties. Once teams start turning the ball over on downs it will end quickly.
    2) Harder choice to take the ball in OT. The risk of being the first team that is unable to punt helps to offset the bonus of getting the ball first.

  22. Get rid of OT until playoffs when it means something. Maybe then teams won’t play for OT. Play to win.

  23. Well the committee has never been concerned about driving fans away in droves by making ridiculous changes to the game they loved. This shouldn’t worry them at all.

  24. Dueling two point conversions sounds fun to watch if it ain’t my team. Maybe have it after an ot period because Americans are embarrassed by ties for some reason.

  25. The way things are going…..

    Football circa 2025:

    Fans show up to game, tailgate.
    Fans enter stadiums, buy $50 soda and $100 beer.
    Players show up, do warmups, fans watch.
    Head ref flips coin, home team picks heads/ tails
    Coin toss winner wins game, players, fans go home
    Player safety maintained.

  26. My problem with the old overtime rules of “first score wins” is it changes the game. Before overtime, you could easily win a game with bad defense because you had opportunities to counter a score with one of your own. But now in overtime you don’t? If bad defense is supposed to be penalized, why is it not during regulation? Suddenly making offense less important than defense doesn’t make any sense.

  27. What is wrong with having ties in the regular season?

    No OT in the regular season.

    OT in the playoffs is one 15 minute period, regular rules, whoever is leading after the 15 minutes wins. if still tied, another 15 minute period, etc.

  28. I think they should eliminate holders and make kicker take snap direct, place ball on rubber tee, and get kick off by himself. Would help eliminate the gimmick 3 pointer all together, and make teams carry 2 kickers with more of a football body, or just force teams to go for it much more.

  29. Play sudden death – but come up with a way to “earn” the ball first in OT. either give it to the home team, or give it to the team to last posses the ball in regulation

  30. I like the idea of no ovetime in regular season only in Playoffs/superbowl.

    home team gets first poseession except the super bowl where a coing flip determines possession you play regular football without tv timeouts just like in playoff hockey. Just keep the game moving. And the winner will be determined at the end of the overtime quarter which will be 12 mins instead of 15… If the game is still tied you do the samething again until a winner is declared.

  31. If the goal is to shorten games then just do away with OT altogether. Very few regular season games go into OT as it is and even less would if there were no OT.

  32. They should go back to the way things were before 1974 and eliminate overtime from regular season games altogether. There’s nothing wrong with ties and overtime should be reserved only for the playoffs.

    However I doubt that overtime will be taken out because it would cut into TV revenue from additional advertising time.

  33. The team that wins the toss gets to choose if they want to receive or kick (same as always)

    If team chooses to receive they are not allowed to kick a FG and must score a TD. If the score TD they Win (same as now)If they fail to score TD other team gets ball and can kick a FG to win.

    If team chooses to kick then they force the other team to score a TD and if not then the team who chose to Kick can kick a FG to win

    If neither team scores then first to score anything wins

    This would put more strategy into overtime and eliminate multiple possessions.

  34. If it’s a tie in regular season, then so be it – it won’t happen a lot and ties are the best tie-breakers in division and conference standings. Better to have a 12-3-1 team lose seeding to a 12-4 team than have a 2nd or 3rd tie-break or get into arguable “strength of schedule” etc. Obviously need a winner in postseason, but until then there might actually be less harm in a tie than forcing a win in terms of eventual seeding for playoffs.

  35. The only solution to prevent player injuries in tie games is to let the cheerleaders of both teams fight it out in a mud pit. Think of the ratings!

  36. Two options for regular season games, IMO:

    1) Play another FULL 15 (or 10) min period, and the final score stands.

    2) Use a modified college system, starting outside FG range.

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