Sean Payton reportedly speaking with Johnny Manziel

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If Johnny Manziel returns to the NFL, it could be as the backup to Drew Brees.

That’s the word from Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, who reports that Saints coach Sean Payton has taken an interest in Manziel and talked to him about a return to football.

In New Orleans, Manziel would have no chance of earning a starting job, but he could earn a spot as a backup to Brees, where he’d learn from a veteran quarterback and perhaps get himself ready to be a starter some day.

Still, talking to Manziel and actually signing him are two very different things. If the Saints were convinced that Manziel was ready to put his personal problems behind him and contribute to a team, they could have signed him already, and they haven’t done so.

After he flamed out in Cleveland, it remains to be seen whether the Saints — or anyone else — will give Manziel a second chance.

98 responses to “Sean Payton reportedly speaking with Johnny Manziel

  1. New Orleans will not be a good city to be in for this young mans demons. Hopefully the jerk pulls his life together but man…that’s going to be a tough city to do it in.

  2. New Orleans won’t be a good environment for him. He needs to play ball in a small, non-party town and he needs new friends.

  3. Second chances in the NFL are hard to come by. Every year, there is something called the NFL draft in which talented young men come in and take away existing nfl players jobs.

    If the Saints sign him, I will lose tons of respect for them. Manziel was born with a talent and had the opportunity most people dream off and he messed up.

  4. “If the Saints were convinced that Manziel was ready to put his personal problems behind him and contribute to a team…”

    Stop man, you’re killing me, no more…you’re gonna make me pee

  5. Oh yeah, New Orleans is the PERFECT city for Mansfield to resurrect his career in – said no one ever…

  6. Sean Might be more similiar to Johnny than one might think. Sean recently has been divorced and has been enjoying the club/bar scene as well as other things. He could relate to Johnny in that regard and reign him in at least perhaps

  7. Dammit all, just when I was beginning to think I wouldn’t have to hear about this clown anymore.

    And I had to hear about Manziel.

  8. I’d rather have Kaep than Manziel.

    Kaep can consistently throw for >150 yards/game at least. 🙂

  9. I would not have anything to do with Manziel.

    He’s “Trouble” with a capital “T.”

  10. I think this is a good option for him. I think the team can watch over him and give him structure that he needs. I hope for the best for him.

  11. Makes sense – Manziel would be the perfect cannon-arm for firing tees into the crowd during pregame.

  12. Browns fan here(unfortunately). Saw all of Johnny’s games as a Brown. His quickness that was so deadly on the college level just isn’t the same in the NFL. Never saw him get around the corner one time in the pro’s. never mind the fact that he has major issues.

  13. Even JR Smith, who is known to party with legal and none legal substances, was grateful to go to Cleveland where the lack of nightlife forced him to recover and/or behave. Johnny didn’t even tap the brakes in Cleveland.

  14. Someone should give him a shot somewhere. A team that will actually work to develop him with good coaches, and not some sad excuse for an organization that kills careers such as Cleveland. He was set up for failure by being drafted by the Browns.

  15. cletuspstillwaterjr says:
    Mar 23, 2017 11:24 AM
    NOLA was the city that led to the demise of Johnny Thunders. I don’t think Johnny Football would fair much better.

    Dude, other than you and I, I doubt there is another poster on this site that knows who Johnny Thunders was…..having said that thunders lived in Europe as well as the US and although he died in N.O. (supposedly from advanced leukemia) his death was never fully investigated…..

  16. 7-9 for three seasons straight, defense never really improves, and now talking to Johnny Football. Can we start talking about the tarnish growing on Sean Payton’s reputation?

  17. Let’s see, Vick got a 2nd chance, Pacman got a 2nd and 3rd chance and the list goes on, but so many people don’t want Manziel to get the chance. He’s only 24 and, hopefully, he finally saw the light.

  18. Putting Manziel within walking distance of Bourbon Street would be like giving a three year old a loaded revolver to play with.

  19. Manziel getting a second chance but not Kaepernick, who started a Super Bowl. Manziel is white and Kaepernick is black. What could possibly account for the difference in treatment?

  20. briang123 says:
    Mar 23, 2017 12:07 PM
    Manziel getting a second chance but not Kaepernick, who started a Super Bowl. Manziel is white and Kaepernick is black. What could possibly account for the difference in treatment?


    Kaepernick has shown his ceiling and frankly is not a good player.

    Manziel is still an unknown because has only played for the Browns were everyone sucks.

    It’s not always about race.

  21. Wonder if it was all just a ploy by Johnny? Tank yourself so the Browns will dump you. Then straighten up and fly right for a real team.

    Humm….maybe but then maybe not.

  22. Sean Payton reportedly speaking with Johnny Manziel…….

    To wash your car?
    Knock some sense into your housekeeper?
    Mow your lawn?
    Inquiring about rehab for a family member?

    Surely not to wear a Saints uniform…..Don’t disgrace your team, fans and city like that.

    JM (who’s name we do not speak) has already left his mark on Cleveland and they deserved it!

  23. Manziel getting a second chance but not Kaepernick, who started a Super Bowl. Manziel is white and Kaepernick is black. What could possibly account for the difference in treatment?
    Now why go there?… You been listening to those “voices” again?

  24. Well, minus he does kind of look like Drew Brees. He just has a different type of skin affliction.

    Disclaimer: I haven’t thought this through yet, but I know there’s a joke in this somewhere.

  25. Demons aside, I question whether Manziel has the talents to be a capable backup but he certainly would bring a ton of distractions to any team that takes a chance on him.

  26. I’d love for this to happen.

    The NFL needs another train wreck besides the packers

  27. Don’t do this, Payton. Manziel is an accident waiting to happen (again and again and again). Do yourself a favor and walk away from that toxic young man.

  28. I thought Mickey Loomis was the dumbest one in the Saints organization, but if Payton advocates for this clown to come to New Orleans, Loomis will have some serious competition. A dude with drinking problems in New Orleans? I can’t imagine what could possibly go wrong. Might I remind you we have drive through daiquiri stands?!?! I’m from New Orleans and a Saints from from day one of the franchise. They’ve done some really stupid stuff (Ricky Williams) but this would be the icing on the cake.

  29. It would great for Manziel to be with an offensive coach and not with a dysfunctional organization.

  30. Johnny Football in the Big Easy. That is made for reality TV if anything is. Get him in and get Hard Knocks on the line. Must see television.

  31. Saw Johnny Thunders in Seattle during the early 80’s. Saw Johnny Football in Seattle during the 2015 season. The road goes on forever but the party never ends……

  32. If some team has high enough confidence in the stability of its lockerroom tha Manziel burning out in a few weeks wouldn’t do real damage, I could see bringing him in on a close-to-minimum/little-to-no-guarantee contract.

    In college, Manziel seemed to have above-average NFL accuracy and field vision (unlike, say, Tim Tebow) with average NFL arm strength. Add athleticism and, if Manziel ever manages to pull it together, he could be something special.

    Given what an obnoxious dunk (and perhaps worse) Manziel has been so far, the odds are against him. Still, by most accounts, Bradshaw was fairly similar the first couple of years in Pittsburgh as was Jim Kelly while playing for Houston in the USFL.

    If Manziel has a 10% chance of being one of those overgrown drunk frat kids who manage to pull themselves together in their mid-twenties, it might be a worthwhile gamble for the right franchise. Given a good-enough lockerroom, the downside is mostly just some media embarrassment.

  33. Can you imagine turning Manziel loose in New Orleans? Yeah, that is going to end well.

  34. New Orleans is the perfect town for Manziel, every night will be a party for him and as a backup, what better way to pass the time of day then visiting Bourbon Street.

  35. pantherfan4055 says:
    Mar 23, 2017 12:16 PM
    @brianG manziel has more talent them bum ass kap

    c’mon man. I get you hate Kaep, but don’t get your brain twisted up in the game.

    Kaep did some stuff to Green Bay in both their Playoff meetings that will haunt Cheese heads for decades.

    Manziel looked like a kid playing with adults the few times he got in. And to boot, he got hurt the one time he tried to run and turn the corner (which by the way he was too slow to make).

    Kaep can at least play at this level and has in the past displayed good ability.

    JM has looked terrible at the NFL level – just terrible.

  36. Johnny cant do what he did in college at the NFL level. The reasons are physical. He was never a real speed threat but since college he has slowed down considerably. That fact will kill his dodgy scramble game altogether. I do believe Sean could do a better job with him vs the Cle staff but that doesn’t equate to a winning QB. I think its a mistake if any team picks him up. He is a liability because he was never taught right from wrong. And we know he chooses to do wrong over right. He has always done as he pleased and if he got in trouble for it then others covered for him or bailed him out. That’s who and what he is at the core, A bad apple. Great college SEC QB that lost his step and wont get it back. His glory is long over.

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