Broncos “not pursuing” Tony Romo

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With the annual meetings beginning this weekend and the Cowboys presumably hoping someone/anyone will make them a trade offer for quarterback Tony Romo, the Broncos are doing what they can to make sure the Cowboys know that there won’t be a spontaneous offer for Romo in Arizona.

Jeff Darlington of ESPN reports that the Broncos are “not pursuing” Romo, but that they haven’t closed the door on him.

The Broncos have consistently made it clear that they won’t trade for Romo, presumably because the momentum for weeks has been pointing toward the Cowboys cutting him. One day after telling Romo he’d be released, the Cowboys changed course, opting to wait for a possible trade.

The Cowboys likely have opted to wait for the league meetings in the hopes of getting an offer. If they don’t, they’ll have to decide whether to release him before the launch of the offseason program next month. At that point, they risk Romo suffering a fluke injury while on a treadmill or in the weight room that would put them on the hook for his full $14 million salary in 2017.

The Broncos were willing to trade for quarterback Colin Kaepernick last year. The talks broke down on the question of whether Kaepernick would reduce his $12 million base salary for 2016.

The Cowboys apparently believe that Romo has some value in trade, even if it’s a 2018 draft pick based on how many games he plays and how well his new team performs in 2017.

Given the possibility that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones doesn’t want Romo to play for the Texans, the best outcome for everyone could be a decision by Romo to walk away from the game and to become a broadcaster with FOX or CBS — perhaps with the door open on a Roger Clemens-style return during the season, if a contender loses its quarterback to injury.

30 responses to “Broncos “not pursuing” Tony Romo

  1. I wish they’d just cut him, I’m not a Cowboys fan but I love watching him play, he’s still a top ten QB

  2. Time to call Jerry’s bluff. If I’m a GM I offer a 7th and say that this is the best he’s going to get from anyone. Deep down he probably knows it.

  3. Trading for Romo means giving up a player or a draft pick and picking up his scheduled pay. Waiting for him to be released means giving up nothing and the possibility of negotiating for lower pay. The Cowboys has no leverage. They have no choice but to release him.

  4. A team that trades for Romo may get burned if he gets hit by a pass rusher and he is out for the season because of a back injury. Not only do they lose a draft pick but they have to pay him for the whole season.

  5. Romo could come in to a number of teams and quickly take them to the next level. Jerry is many things, but he isn’t a business idiot. Romo is worth hanging on to, even if that means as a “backup” this season. Pony up, Donkeys, or continue to shut up.

  6. rondayne says:
    Mar 24, 2017 7:04 PM
    Jerry Jones is a piece of garbage

    For paying Romo over 100 mil to win 2 playoff games in a decade?

  7. If Tony decides to continue his career, I will be difficult to feel sorry for him if he becomes disabled. He knows the risks as drunks should when they get behind the wheel.

    Go to CBS or FOX Tony, It is where you should be.

  8. #camrin55 do you really think it would be smart to trade a pick or player for a 1 year rental? Not to mention Romo’s injury issue, no team is dumb enough to trade for that contract because it’s not a long term fix. Jerry knew of Romo’s injury history yet he still gave him an extension without a clause and not is stuck having to take that huge cap hit no matter what. In other words you’re in depth for a damaged home you’re not gonna live in, how is that a smart business move?

  9. Romo is done. He and Jerry need to move on. The Cowboys will get nothing for him. And Romo will get nothing out of that 60 year old body but RUST.

  10. Yes. If I’m Houston, a team with a very good Defense, but a continually dissapointing QB, that would easily be worth a 2nd or 3rd round pick to lock down a talent like Romo. Make the contract laden with incentives. It’s not like they have to beat stiff competition in their division to get to the dance, and then anything can happen.

  11. tylawspick6 says:
    Mar 24, 2017 7:16 PM
    horseteeth is going to sink that franchise

    they have no quality depth behind their aging starters
    and their oline blows


    You must be a patriot fan who just wants to troll the broncos. You are right about the online being garbage but as far as depth you are so wrong. Roby could be a number one corner for a majority of the league but he is behind talib and Harris jr. Shaq Barrett could be a number one pass rusher for many teams. The safeties they drafted last year have shown they can play when called upon. The running backs are all talented but have the worst online that won’t them reach their full potential. There is depth you patriot fans better hope the broncos don’t figure out their o line issues because once they do the broncos will be a force to reckon with.

  12. Classless move by Jerruh to disrespect his long time franchise QB by holding out for a meaningless 5th round pick.

  13. I guess somebody could do an Osweiler-esk style trade with Dallas sending off Romo, his huge salary, and a 2nd rounder for a late round pick if Uncle Jerry is so eager to get his salary off the books. Anything other than that is a pipe dream.

  14. rondayne says:- Jerry Jones is a piece of garbage..

    Ron Dayne, you can can only dream about having the type of sucess Jerry Jones (the piece of garbage of which you refer to) has had…..either in the oil business or owning an NFL franchise…
    You don’t have to like him, and many dont…But he’s accomplished more than most people ever will in their lifetime…

  15. Who ever picks up Romo has to pick up someone like Kap or Fitz Pat because that will be your starter by the end of preseason due to injury.

  16. Romo would make both and the Texans contenders… it may be a year or two rental… but if you Win a Lombardi or two… then most definitely worth it… as fans of the two mentioned possible landing spots.. I pray for romo

  17. Denver does not need Romo. He is not Manning, he will not improve the team and anyone who says otherwise is trying to sell something. If he gets released maybe we sign him for the vet presence, but other than that he is not a priority. Why is that so hard for some of you to grasp?

  18. The Broncos want Romo so badly that Elway has a horse face taste for him. They just don’t want to pay anything for Romo.

  19. Well, you are wasting years of a good defense then. Paxton or Trevor are not going to win you anything. Even your own receivers know what’s up. Romo is that missing piece right now. And trust me, I would love for him to stay with the ‘Boys. You people have listened too much to the beyond exaggerated and hateful comments in the past on certain sport’s networks.

  20. it seems like either Houston or Denver should offer some sort of conditional 2018 pick based on Romo’s playing time.

    A 7th rounder if Romo can put on his new uniform without injuring himself, bupkis if he can’t.

  21. As a long time Broncos fan, this is good news. I don’t care what any of you haters think, Trevor Siemian and eventually Paxton Lynch are both going to be very good players. Trevor had several strong games last season behind a terrible O Line and a non-existent running game, all while playing with a grade five shoulder separation. But he had several games (at Cincy, at NO, KC, OAK in the finale) where he played very well, and this was from a guy making his first 14 starts of his career. His numbers were almost identical to Tom Brady’s in his first full season as a starter, and better than guys like Derek Carr and Kirk Cousins. The Broncos finished 9-7 and were 8 pts away from 11-5. Elway has worked on rebuilding the O Line and refurbishing the defense, so go ahead and hate, the Broncos have more Super Bowl appearances than losing seasons in the last 40 years, which is more than YOUR team can say.

  22. It’s not about trading a 7th round pick for Romo. It’s about taking on HIS contract.

    If it wasn’t about the contract 20 teams would be vying to get him.

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