CBS is pursuing Tony Romo, too

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FOX isn’t the only network that hopes to hire Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. CBS reportedly wants to sign him up, too.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that CBS is “making a strong push” to add Romo.

At FOX, Romo reportedly would be the replacement for John Lynch, the 49ers G.M. who had been the No. 2 analyst at FOX. At CBS, it’s unclear where Romo would land on the pecking order.

In 2016, the No. 1 team at CBS was Jim Nantz and Phil Simms, following by Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts, Greg Gumbel and Trent Green, Kevin Harlan and Rich Gannon, Spero Dedes and Solomon Wilcots, Andrew Catalon and Steve Tasker/Steve Beuerlein, Tom McCarthy and Adam Archuleta, and Carter Blackburn and Chris Simms. Romo could supplant an analyst, or potentially slide into a spot and bump everyone else down a peg.

So how high would Romo land on the pecking order as a first-year analyst? Based on the routine social-media reaction, many will hope that he rockets to the top of the stack, bumping Phil Simms from the primary crew. (And, of course, once Romo has the job, he’ll be the guy from CBS that people constantly complain about on Twitter.)

The answer also depends on whether Romo is willing to conclusively slam the door on football. In theory, he could take a TV job and keep an eye on potential football opportunities for a mid-to-late-season jump back to the game. CBS likely wouldn’t install him as the No. 1 analyst unless he’s fully committed to the TV gig.

39 responses to “CBS is pursuing Tony Romo, too

  1. Fox is horrible. They don’t even broadcast in full HD and have Joe Buck as their top play by play announcer.

  2. This is Jerry’s dream scenario.
    Two teams fighting over Romo, and he can’t come back to haunt him by looking better than Dak on the field.
    If only he could get a pick or cap space back by “trading” him to one of these teams.

    “Because this is what’s best for both of us Tony, I promise you buddy , ol’ pal, ol’ friend” – JJ

  3. I think him and Kevin burkheart would usurpe buck and Aikman.

    Beings a pats fan I would love for him to replace simms but Jim Nantz would still be there. Lost all respect for both of them in 2015 when they took turns jerking off over Peyton manning thinking that he still had it in the playoffs but simms is dumber then a bag of hammers and Nantz did because his agent is also Mannings. I prayed every game last year that I got eagle and fours

  4. That list is completely invalid once you put any above Spero and Wilcox.

    When they are doing the game I’m watching I turn the volume off. They don’t more than a few plays without make a mistake on what team they are talking about or not understanding a rule and misleading people watching. It’s painful to listen to.

  5. Fox already has a former Cowboy QB homer who shows complete bias when he is the analyst for their games. No need to add another one.

  6. Take it, Tony. Call it a career. You’re not going to win the big one. Not with the Cowboys. Not with any team. Not in the cards. Sorry, man.

    The sunset awaits. It’s a pretty one. A lucrative one. Full of commercials for insurance companies.

  7. So does Jerry think CBS is gonna give him a draft pick? Why hasn’t he been released yet?

    There is one realistic option fit him: Houston.
    There is one team Romo wants to play for: Houston.

    Elway isn’t giving up picks, Romo wouldn’t survive behind that hackjob o-line in a division chock full of fierce pass rushers. Elway just invested a 1st rd pick in Lynch last year and Siemian has proven to be an effective placeholder. Elway is FAR more content with them than Houston is with Tom Savage.

    Houston is right in his backyard, has the climate controlled dome environment, has the Championship caliber defense, and a very winnable division with some of the softer defenses in the NFL. It’s the only logical landing spot.

    Romo controls his fate whether it’s through trade or FA, so i don’t know what Jerry thinks he’s waiting for. Remember all the “we respect Tony, we’re gonna do right by hi,, blah blah blah” talk? Well apparently he doesn’t. Because as soon as he realized an in-state rival might steal a headline from his own ever loved Cowboy hype machine, all of a sudden “doing right by Tony” doesn’t mean a thing to him.

    There is one team showing real interest, and one team Romo has interest in. No team can step in and just buy him via trade, because Romo can reject it. There is no bidding war to be had, so i don’t know how Jerry thinks he can leverage this into assets. It’s a WASTE OF TIME and he just looks like a petty desperate fool.

    Just release the guy already. There is no “highest bidder” in this scenario, there is only Tony’s choice, which is obviously Houston.

  8. Anyone would be better than Phil Simms. A cutout of Jon Gruden’s head on a stick would even be better.

  9. Man, there are some bad teams on that list. I’m sure the FOX list would be equally horrific. Why can’t either network put together enough quality broadcast teams to go around?

  10. scrowman says:
    Mar 24, 2017 4:45 PM
    Why would CBS bump Simms for a rookie with absolutely no broadcasting experience? Makes no sense.

    I would literally rather listen to Jim Nantz do both play by play and analysis by himself than listen to another second of Phil Simms.

  11. Why would the guy want to sit and announce for a game he can still play. This job will be there 2 years from now, but 2 years from now he can’t say….I want to QB a team to a Super Bowl. Just telling him they will throw 8-10 million at him to work 2-3 days a week isn’t enough for a guy who only has 2-3 years left of competition at 12-16 million. He would be miserable.

  12. Romo would be a great recast in the new “Gomer Pyle, Scchzam” series that it is in the works. He could play a double role as Gomer and Guber.

  13. Romo is a natural for TV. I always enjoyed the “Know Your Romo” segment on the Dan Patrick. After a Cowboys loss, they played a clip of a Romo post-game presser where he professed to be ” frustrated and disappointed” by the loss, and you had to guess if the clip was from 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, etc.

    Seriously, he seems like a good guy and I hope he doesn’t risk another serious injury.

  14. Say what you want about Aikman, he’s never been a Cowboys homer on the air. If anything he’s more critical of the Cowboys. Even as a “hater” I’ve always respected Aikman for that.

  15. There is a non-zero probability that Jones is floating money out there to keep Romo off of the field and the spotlight off of him. Maybe he would better spend it on a handler for Zeke.

  16. silverandblack052099 says:

    I guess they won’t mind paying the inevitable workman’s comp claim. Romo gets hurt by just rolling out of bed in the morning

    The dude never stayed off the field long enough to heal until Dak came along. I’ve broken my collarbone and I knew Romo was coming back too fast.

  17. greg3117 says:

    Unlike Simms, I’m sure Romo will have no problem saying Redskins.
    Yes……..I said the “R” word.

    Anyone who chooses radical left wing social activism over professionalism should be banned from any type of job in the sports media world.

  18. scrowman says:
    Mar 24, 2017 4:45 PM
    Why would CBS bump Simms for a rookie with absolutely no broadcasting experience? Makes no sense.

    Because it’s Simms. And the person with no experience at least has a pulse and can speak a coherent sentence…

  19. jjpmn says:
    Mar 24, 2017 5:25 PM
    Man, there are some bad teams on that list. I’m sure the FOX list would be equally horrific. Why can’t either network put together enough quality broadcast teams to go around?

    Because being a color analyst is a lot harder than it looks. The fact that Phil Simms is STILL a member of CBS’s number 1 (!) broadcast team attests to this. (Seriously, Simms shouldn’t be on the air at all.)

  20. I’m pretty sure he’d rather make $14 mil and keep playing golf, like he’s scheduled to do in an upcoming Invitational–unless of course, Horseteeth gets his head out of his rear end, and whomever runs the clown show down in Houston get their minds right and offer a pretty penny for Tony, he ain’t going nowhere.

  21. There is a strong history of ex-Cowboys QBs working in television. Dandy Don Meredith got it all started, and now Troy Aikman is awesome. Romo would be great too. So maybe it’s time to say to Romo, “Turn out the lights, the party’s over”.

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