Eagles owner speaks out against polarized political system

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At a time when most NFL figures steer clear of anything remotely political, one owner has spoken out against the current political system in general.

In a column posted at Time.com, Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie urges an end to the intense polarization that currently infects all things political, with people clinging to positions and refusing to consider the possibility that their views should be softened, revised, or flat-out abandoned.

“What I have learned from football can be applied to society at large,” Lurie writes. “Just as we intensely game-plan against an opponent in sports, we need to game plan for the reality and consequences of polarization. Extreme polarization is the opponent — not each other. A football team is made up of players from a wide variety of backgrounds, experiences and political viewpoints. What unites them is grit, determination, and the desire to win. They join in a common goal and do what is necessary to transcend their differences for the greater good of their team.”

The American political system currently features those qualities, but only within the confines of the red state/blue state battle that constantly plays out on each and every issue. Lurie advocates unity for one specific cause: Solving the problem of autism.

“Imagine how we would benefit from understanding aspects of the autistic brain that can include rare mathematical, creative and other cognitive abilities that may well enhance our own brain power and human potential,” Lurie writes.

Whatever challenges we face as a society, it would be useful if people with different viewpoints would find a way to compromise and cooperate. The fact that an observation as innocuous and common sensical as that would be met with cries of “stick to sports!” demonstrates just how deeply divided we have become.

46 responses to “Eagles owner speaks out against polarized political system

  1. It would be great if we all worked together. Great minds exsist on both sides. There I said it. Why do we have sides? Why not just a group of different ideas. Picking and choosing them to create a better us. I’m of conservetive mind. But my mentor is liberal. Go figure.

    Go Birds

  2. Sorry but misguided effort on lurie’s part. Football should not only be politics free, it should be politics blind. We come here to escape reality, not wallow in it!!

  3. He’s right! I just can’t grasp how so many Americans can wish Donald Trump to fail with the end result being America failing as well. I hope that he has success so the country can prosper…..

  4. As an Eagles fan I am programmed to automatically criticize my owner. However, he is spot on here. Well said. Both political parties are corrupt to the core. This is one reason Trump got elected, whether we like him or not. I think there are a lot of people from various walks of life who have just had enough of the political system. They just want to be Americans and to start solving problems again. The events today in Congress don’t give us a lot of hope, but perhaps hitting rock-bottom will do it.

  5. Sure, a billionaire owner asking for cooperation now that billionaires have control of both houses and the presidency. Here come the tax cuts for the uber wealthy while the middle class will have to make up the difference. The rich get richer and the poor have children. Just watch what trump pulls.

  6. It’s called campaign finance reform. Once elected, our politicians only represent the few who bribed them. They have no choice. Five Supreme Court justices think this is wonderful, and they have more power than millions of us combined.

  7. Compromise when your side is in, act like spoiled brats and hold your breath and stomp your feet ruining all chance for progress if your side isn’t in? Ok got it, sounds like a great plan.

  8. If Trump wasn’t so intolerable and actually sane maybe things would be better. Bush and Obama are 2 real presidents Trump is not. Idk how his supporters can defend him he said he doesn’t even read things. Great example to set for our country.

  9. The reason this won’t be met with criticism is because he’s not addressing only one side. The majority of Americans agree with what he said. His sentiments apply to the right and left as well. Most athletes when speaking give their own opinion which is often partisan or only account for their minor view of the world, which we all possess.

  10. Hate the Eagles but the man has a point. Over issues like this we should all be open minded and willing to come together to truly understand. Mental health is NOT a red/blue issue. It is an American issue and we should do whatever we can to learn and help (for lack of a better word) , no matter what it takes.

  11. Too true… America needs to STOP with party line voting. People need to research the candidate and vote based on whats best for the country. We need to get rid of the straight party vote ballots and also removed party affiliation from tickets as well. That will force people to think at least for a moment. Were at a time where its crucial that the voters come together for the greater good.

  12. But, as the current debacle over health care reform clearly shows, the Right sees losing or doing nothing as preferable to compromise. Things like Facts and Consequences don’t matter. All that matters is ideological purity.

  13. Funny Jeff Lurie didn’t have anything to say when republicans spent 4 years obstructing Obama. No but now that the Cheeto is his guy he thinks we should throw aside our beliefs and look at “logic”. Stick to being an out of touch billionaire buddy.

  14. Right on. To Lurie for speaking his mind, and also for linking this story. Cooler heads rarely get any good copy.

    Like it or not hate and anger have no place in politics or compromise, let alone in negotiation.

  15. In a few years… Lurie will threaten to move to team to Richmond, VA and hold the city hostage in an attempt to get a newer, bigger publicly funded stadium.

  16. The great mediator Jeffrey Lurie who once reasoned to the public that if he couldn’t prove the Patriots cheated in the Super Bowl then therefore the must have cheated… even if it’s not based on anything.

    No thanks.

  17. Thank you, you hit the nail on the head. We demonize the other side with names like “bleeding heart liberal” and ” Republidumbs”. Which only give the crooks in Washington ( both sides) the power. We need to come together and hold these politicians accountable with how they spend our money.

  18. Amen! I was thinking the exact thing last night. It is sad how polarized we are as a country. Unfortunately it does not just stop with our politicians. People have no room for another’s view or differences. The right and the left are equally guilty of this. Can everyone stop acting with a mindset of scarcity and fear? When will we realize that there are solutions out here to be had for everything that affecting us as a country and as a people? Remember not Republican, Not Democrat, American!

    Time for everyone to wake up! Do your part! While doing so we will need to make room for others opinions and experiences.

  19. Amen! Amen! Amen!

    It is about time someone stood up for a reasonable approach to working through problems in our society. You are not my enemy just because you are of a different race or have differing views.

  20. He’s right. Although it’s a bit ironic that pft wants to soapbox this point when it constantly critiques others in the name of second guessing and looking to increase page views.

  21. The idea is great. This Guy is not. What owner saw fit to sign a QB who had dogs fighting and being killed? Oh thats right, it was You. Who also said DC had no business looking into the NFL over its fighting and not settling with former players over hiding the dangers of concussions. Thats right, You did.

  22. This is a footbll TD. What does this have to do with football. It’s as relevant to football as if Lurie said he has an affinity for petunia gardening.

    If I want political discussion, I’ll go to a politics site. sTICK TO FOOTBALL!!

  23. It is the ” tolerant ” people who are the most intolerant. Google Nancy Pelosi’s reaction to the economy improving. Instead of, that’s great ! We need people to do better and have hope, the consumer confidence level is high er then it has been since the 70s this is great.
    She almost has a stroke !
    Worry about the people and not about the party. The rising tide carries all ships.

  24. I’m all about compromise. Except when it comes to hating the cowboys. I think that’s hate we ALL can agree on!

  25. The fundamental problem is that the business elites own and run this country via a rigged political system in their favor. When the needs of everyday Americans are wholly ignored, there’s going to be polarization, if not revolution.

  26. Truer words have never been spoken. Sadly, I fear that most people who express agreement will in passing will turn around and do the opposite without even realizing it. We’ve completely forgotten how to disagree respectfully, and that’s what’s killing us more than anything.

  27. dcapettini says:
    Mar 25, 2017 7:13 AM
    But, as the current debacle over health care reform clearly shows, the Right sees losing or doing nothing as preferable to compromise. Things like Facts and Consequences don’t matter. All that matters is ideological purity.

    Completely disagree, and here is why. Obamacare helped only people with pre-existing conditions. Not that I don’t agree that the system was broken when insurers can just avoid those that pose a higher risk of needing to use insurance. But on the whole, with the exception of a small percentage of people, Obamacare is a disaster and it only passed because the liberals weren’t interested in passing a good law, they just wanted to pass anything Obama wanted to pass.

    The recent failure to pass an overhaul says something to me. The republicans that have the power to do whatever they want (like the liberals had when they passed the ACA), decided that they aren’t going to pass something just to pass it (the way the liberals all voted for the ACA, not cuz it was good, but because they are liberals). Republicans just showed they are only going to pass something that improves on Obamacare. The current proposal didn’t do that. If what you are saying were true, the republicans would have channeled their inner liberal and decided to “pass the bill so that we can all find out what’s in it”… I applaud the republicans that have the power to do whatever they want, but decided they wanted to pass the right bill, not just any bill. The liberals could learn something from that. If any of them had the sack to say, “maybe this ACA bill isn’t ready, its need more work”, we would all be better off. The recent failure shows that liberals vote for liberal bills, and republicans vote, or don’t vote for the bills based on whether they think it’s a good bill. If Obama had proposed a bill that said everyone needs to have their thumbs removed, the liberals would have excluded themselves from it and then voted to pass it.

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