NFL has no specific proposal for automatic ejections/suspensions, yet

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The long list of proposed rule changes does not include a proposal regarding ejections or immediate suspensions based on certain types of hits. Apparently, that’s because the league has yet to formulate an actual proposal.

“On the suspensions, for certain types of hits we will cover it with the NFLPA, we’ll cover it with the membership this next week,” Competition Committee chairperson Rich McKay said during a Thursday conference call. “We just want to show some plays that we think have no place in our game and therefore should result in suspension and/or ejection if it’s seen on the field and can be called. As opposed to I think sometimes people get caught up in the idea that a player should be warned and then there should be progressive enforcement. In this case these are plays we just don’t want in our game and our feeling is if suspension is an option and you show those plays to players, we’ve seen them really conform to rule changes and we think this will help us even more conform to not having these types of plays in our game. So, that’s the purpose of that.”

There’s apparently no proposal yet because a fundamental change to the procedures for suspending players would require agreement with the union. Also, because game officials already are reluctant to eject players for fear of impacting competitive balance, any new rule would require clarity, specificity, and a procedure (possibly supervised in real time by the league office) that would ensure consistency.

In other words, don’t expect anything to happen next week. In the absence of a written proposal and an agreement with the union, this one is going to take more time — especially if the NFLPA insists on a significant concession to expand the league’s ability to suspend players.

5 responses to “NFL has no specific proposal for automatic ejections/suspensions, yet

  1. Proposal for automatic ejections/suspensions!
    Hair covering name and number
    Uniform violations
    Political views on field
    Not standing for the National Anthem!

  2. It shouldn’t be all that complicated as long as any ejection is subject to review. Deliberate attempt to injure in the NFL is like SC Justice Potter Stewart’s definition of obscenity, we may not be able to define it but we know it when we see it. But then for 90 years everyone knew a catch when they saw one too, so there’s that to consider…

  3. I don’t have an issue with this as long as any suspension can be appealed before it is imposed by an independent arbiter (i.e. not Goodell or anyone that reports to him).

  4. It’s pretty simple. Watch what Clay Matthews did to Russell Wilson on the interception in the 2014 NFCCG. Deliberate targeting of the head. That’s an ejection.

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