Oakland touts last-ditch effort as better than Vegas offer

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Yep, Oakland is making one last play to keep the Raiders. Whether it’s political cover or a viable Hail Mary pass remains to be seen.

For now, here’s what we know: Via ESPN.com, Oakland and its partners have submitted a “revised” plan to finance a $1.3 billion stadium at the site where the team’s current facility sits.

“At the end of the day this is the decision of the Raiders and the NFL,” Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf told ESPN. “What I am confident about is, if the Raiders want to stay in Oakland we have a viable plan to build them a stadium with no upfront money from them, in financial terms that I believe are more favorable to them than the terms in Las Vegas — what we know of them.

“And then, of course, we have something that Vegas can never offer, and that’s legacy and loyalty. This team was born in Oakland. This team enjoys some of the most passionate and dedicated fans of any NFL franchise. Those things belong uniquely to Oakland.”

Those things have been a non-issue when it comes to the team’s desire to get a new stadium, which over the past year or so has centered on Las Vegas. The question now becomes whether those qualities will prompt the Raiders to slam the brakes on the momentum building toward Las Vegas and explore an offer that could, in theory, get worse once it accomplishes its objective to pulling the emergency cord in the train car.

According to the last-second offer, the Raiders and the NFL would kick in the same $500 million that they’d contribute in Las Vegas. Fortress Investment Group would loan $650 million to the project, similar to the loan Bank of America would be making to the project in Las Vegas. Also, Oakland would contribute $200 million in infrastructure improvements, with Fortress paying $150 million of that amount up front and making it back later.

“I recognize that this could be our final chance, but we have worked so hard these last two years,” Schaaf said. “We’ve put together a viable deal that satisfies many requirements that we believe is the best deal for the Raiders and the NFL. We hope that they give it full consideration on Monday.”

Getting full consideration may be the primary objective of the latest offer. That way, Schaaf and other Oakland politicians can argue after the Raiders leave that they did everything they could to keep the team, but that it was the league and the Raiders that opted to leave.

57 responses to “Oakland touts last-ditch effort as better than Vegas offer

  1. need to know more of the specifics , and the real reason why Fortress would be willing to loan 650 million….at the end of the day what is in in for them?

  2. There’s 100M from the NFL to stay in OAK and a transfer fee of up to $500M to move anywhere. And Davis publicly stated he preferred OAK to anywhere, waaaay back. Hardly making the fanbase and support in OAK a “Non-issue”. Hard to have this discussion without those things, and the fact that the NFL has said in 10 different ways, they want the Raiders in OAK

    But you’re the reporter.

  3. Do you really need 1.3 Billion dollars for a stadium in Oakland? Seems like you could build one for a little less.

    But Mayor Schaaf is sadly mistaken about one thing, the passionate and dedicated Raiders fan base in not “unique” to Oakland, its worldwide.

    I do wish they’d stay though.

  4. With the Trump cuts it is outright insanity and nothing short of corrupt to give the NFL this kind of money.

    Insanity. Let them build their own billion dollar palaces

  5. It’s a done deal.
    Libby, run out there and close the barn door. All the horses done run off….

  6. It wasn’t a financial disaster. Adelson bailed when it became clear he wasn’t going to get a controlling interest in the team. That was his end game.

  7. The Vikings finally have a new stadium and the Super Bowl is coming to town!
    The Vikings could be the first team to host and play in the Super Bowl!
    Good luck Raiders!

  8. People keep going on about fan loyalty.
    That’s the least important factor in the equation. It ready doesn’t matter that much in the big picture.
    They don’t care which fans are spending money or where they’re located.
    The money that teams get directly from fans is a small piece of the overall pie.

  9. Libby honestly thinks the Raiders want to take the enormous risk to invest and build a 55k seat stadium that is *directly next* to the Coliseum? And then spend until 2030 in tearing down and replacing it – assuming the A’s actually leave??

    Wow. This *has* to be political cover. It’s too ridiculous to be anything else… This is one of those “I know they’ll say no” offers and they’ll say Monday that “we tried”.. but this is not even close to be good enough. On any level. 32-0 YES vote here we come…

  10. The company we know as the Raiders doesn’t exist because Joe Fan in Oakland spent his kid’s college money on season tickets.
    Someone, somewhere is going to spend that money. They don’t care if that guy has a Raider tattoo on his hind quarters.
    Someone will give them that money. Die-hard money is no greener than any other.

  11. So Oakland is kicking in $200 mill in “infrastructure improvements,” but apparently nothing for the stadium. How is zero dollars better than $750 mill. Someone is grasping at straws.

  12. The city of Oakland has had more than 30 years to build a new stadium. What makes this different than any other broken promise?

  13. the transfer fee is about 325mil
    from a marketing standpoint, vegas , although smaller in size offers a worldwide appeal. oakland is not a tourist destination. never heard anyone say…lets go to oakland for spring break, thanksgiving, xmas, or new years. even with a smaller population, tourists coming in and out of the city make up for that 10 fold. davis knows this. he also knows he would gain more new fans than losing ones that have been with the team. in time the ones he lost will get over it. this isnt a relocation to another region like st louis or cleveland back in the day. that makes it more palatable for the NFL.

  14. If Libby’s involved, it’s a guaranteed clusterfarkle and complete non-starter. She’s even more incompetent than the typical far-left California politician with less financial sense than Vince Young.

  15. This seems like a “To Little To Late” They will always be the Oakland Raiders no matter where they play. I will support the team no matter where they call home.
    Good luck Mark and thank you Reggie.

  16. Captain Marky Davis of the USS Raiders Titanic: “Hey man, what’s happening?”

    First Lt.: “Sir we just struck an berg. Estimated float time is 10 hours.”

    Captain Marky Mark: “Dude, that is soo cool. Is the surf up?”

  17. @ri raider

    You have low self esteem and your personal self-esteem is the Raiders and little more. If my team left their home.town for which they have sold out all home games since 1968, there would be whole sale mutiny. If the Raiders move, their legendary fan base (cough, cough), doesnt care. Thanks for the share. Go Reggie, good Nayshun!

  18. Libby Schaaf is the reason Oakland is losing it’s Raiders, you don’t get a franchise anywhere without investing in it!

    Mark Davis tried for years to stay in Oakland. but Oakland dropped the ball on keeping the Raiders. So Raider Nation it’s on to Las Vegas baby,
    Go Raiders!

  19. Just move to Vegas and be done with it. It stinks for the Oakland locals, but like someone said above Raiders fans are nation wide so it doesn’t really affect the fan base as it does for those two money grubbing idiot owners down south. Be thankful that you are not a Rams or Chargers fan. If the Raiders move they will have a place to call home in a city that they can call 100% theirs without having to compete for fans from a team that isn’t that far away.

  20. asking the raiders to chip in even a dime is just being greedy. if these “fans” want the silver and black priviledge of having a nfl team, they should fork over the money personally.

  21. I dont think the city of Oakland really has a plan. I think they saw the reports that the Raiders most likely have the votes for the Vegas move at the league owners meeting, so they drew up a last minute similar deal to the Vegas deal to get Mark to balk on Vegas and come back to the table in Oakland.

    I personally think the Raiders belong in Oakland, but I wouldnt trust Libby Schaff and the city of Oakland at this point to operate in good faith once the Vegas deal is out of the picture. I think they would like the Raiders to remain in Oakland and continue leasing the coliseum, but I dont really think all of the sudden they are ready to assist in financing a new stadium. It just reeks of a last ditch stalling attempt, or a last ditch attempt to save face that “we tried”.

  22. Obvious fin fan with every drip, however I am a football fan first, to take the history of the raiders away would be close to the most assnine thing the NFL would do. Again die hard football nut…integrity of the NFL is weakened every year. Sad. We old school fans, are the ones who

  23. Football was on basic channels and Plunkett and Zado quite a few others made interesting games with my fins…we born in 72′ was about 4and ever since…football…

  24. Whether they move or stay, they will never lose their fans. There are thousands of loyal Raiders fans who have never been to a game. They watch on TV. They can still watch on TV.

  25. Oakland can’t afford enough police and you want to drop 200 million on a stadium? Forget that. LA proved that towns should never kick in public money for stadiums ever again.

  26. I’d love to to watch a game on a Sunday afternoon in 100 degree plus weather, after being up all night, the night before. drinking, partying, and gambling. Especially since I have no job to attend to on Monday. SAID NO ONE. This Vegas thing has disaster written all over it. “But it’s going to be a dome” then you better crank that AC up.

  27. Don’t lose sight of the fact that this is ALL about money, mostly because every team / business is trying to make as much profit as possible and still be relevant. Mr Davis would be stupid to not look at the offer and run the numbers. He stands to save at least $450 mil in transfer fees, maybe more. And the expense of moving, outfitting new team facilities, relocating staff, etc.

    He’s going to look at it.

  28. It’s as simple as this. A NFL team is a city landmark. It give a city a
    Certain prestige and sport legacy. The value that an NFL franchise adds to a city can not be quantified.

    Nobody would care about Green Bay if it were not
    For the Packers.

    Nobody will care about Dallas if it weren’t for the Cowboys.

    Nobody would care about cities like Pittsburgh
    or Cleveland if it weren’t for their sports teams.

    Now if a mayor like our Mayor Libby Schaff refuses to give the Raiders public tax dollars because they’re a private enterprise; then don’t get mad, upset and ask the NFL to prevent the Raiders from moving because Mark Davis is acting as if his team is a private enterprise and relocating it for profitability. This is what private corporations do.

    Vegas relocation is stupid though. Short term gain, long term pain. Once the novelty of having a NFL team wears off it’s gonna be hard times of Vegas and the Raiders.

  29. “if the Raiders want to stay in Oakland we have a viable plan to build them a stadium with no upfront money from them”

    The key words here are no upfront money. Does that mean there’s a whole lot down the road? Give up part ownership of the team?

  30. Mark Davis has leverage, thanks to R.Williams. Love you R.W. The OAKLAND RAIDERS will be in the SuperBowl within 2 anos. Don Shady will retire and D.Carr will be the second coming, I don’t (do not) believe in Shady.

  31. The city of Oakland is a back water, truck stop, bar hole town. There is no money there. It is the armpit of CA! You can’t blame the Raiders from moving from this sewage infested rat trap!

  32. I know its apples to oranges on this, but the Chargers fan base (already small), got a lot smaller (almost non-existent) when they bailed on SD. Hell, they have yet to sell out a 30K stadium, let alone a full size one. Raider Nation will endure wherever they end up, but it will take a bite out of the fanbase, which will take a bite out of the end profit.

  33. There’s only 3 teams that can honestly call their fanbase a “Nation”, the Steelers, Cowboys and Raiders.

    The rest of you are merely regional.

    Raider Nation 4Life.

  34. Vegas/Nevada government takes action and approved a $750 hotel tax increase. Bank financing gets put in place. Stadium site plans are designed and site locations are offered. All within the last 18 months. Oakland has had YEARS to work on this and now the finally roll out a stadium plan 72 hours before the vote by owners to approve the move?!!!

  35. Just tell me when I can purchase my Las Vegas Raiders season tickets. Gonna be the hottest ticket in town.

  36. hockeyflow30 says:
    Mar 24, 2017 8:58 PM

    What a joke. Taxpayer funds should never, never, never be used on stadiums.


    You oppose it even if the initial funding leads to increased tax revenues over time? For example, visitors to the area who pump money into the economy, event day tax revenue, increased local employment opportunities etc. From your logic, I’m assuming you’re also against local governments giving companies tax breaks to relocate there (thus increasing employment, traffic at local businesses, more residents to buy houses, etc.).

    How about just opposing taxpayer funded stadiums that don’t have a clear plan and path to a net positive revenue flow?

  37. 750 Million in free money in Vegas, 0 in Oakland. Tell Oakland they keep spouting what a rich booming area they have. Why can’t they field a proper police or fire department, why garbage schools, they have no business with a NFL Team, take care of your people first.

  38. Raiders could have easily stayed in Northern California, if the 49er’s had ‘shared’ their new stadium with them, like the Giants & Jets, and soon to be Rams & Chargers.
    With a stadium costing a billion + today, 2 teams sharing one saves a lot of money.
    Raiders should be sharing the stadium with SF.

  39. I find it hilarious that Raider fans will be making road trips to Vegas to see their team when they didn’t care enough to support them in Oakland (Got tarps much?).

    Raiders will have a nice honeymoon period in Vegas, the novelty will wear off, and it will be the same old Raiders, struggling to make a buck. Vegas is a destination town for gambling, not sports. Ask UNLV. That is why the NBA and MLB have wisely steered clear from Sin City. Give Mark Davis a ton of credit for putting the Vegas deal together. Hi dad tried and couldn’t get it done.

  40. The NFL may vote to delay the vote on the move for a year, as they did with the new LA teams. Too bad they cant vote on a forced sale of the Raiders, as the NBA did with Sterling. Honestly, with Levi’s stadium just down the road teaming up with SF is the best option. The A’s will stay because they know there’s no competition for a mid 30k seater stadium in the general East bay. Architectural technology has made great leaps since 40 years ago, hell since 20 years with that awful dual-use baseball/soccer stadium in Osaka. A much better dual use stadium could be configured with low 40k for nfl and mid 30k baseball seater as the A’s want. That’s

  41. The Fat Lady is singing and Mark Davis can be found partying on his boat in Discovery Bay, Ca…It is a done deal and he is not coming back to the table.
    You do know that the Owner approval vote will be delayed until the latest Oakland offer can be fully assessed?

  42. The NHL is going to try and sell ice wars in a different desert. That should be the NFL’S “acid test” before they jump into that market.

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