Philip Rivers: Any rookie QB will have to sit for a while

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The Chargers have talked about the possibility of adding a quarterback in the draft and they’re doing their due diligence on this year’s prospects.

They had workouts with Texas Tech’s Patrick Mahomes and Tennessee’s Joshua Dobbs and are set to work out Notre Dame’s DeShone Kizer on Friday. If they do draft a quarterback, they’ll be playing behind Philip Rivers and Rivers said during an interview with Nick Hardwick and Judson Richards on KLSD that he’d be willing to act as a mentor. He also said that the learning process would be an extended one for any new arrival.

“You expect at some point they’re going to get a younger guy in the room to try to start to develop him and groom him,” Rivers said. “It doesn’t by any means really affect me. I think it’s healthy for me to know this thing doesn’t last forever. I have to get to playing better and keep this thing going as long as you can. I think as long as I do that, then whoever it is they bring in here, they’re going to sit for a while.”

Rivers is signed through 2019, so any rookie addition would be sitting for at least three years if he plays out his current pact with the team that didn’t let Drew Brees’ presence stop them from adding a quarterback in the first round of the 2004 draft.

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  1. Rivers is 35. Brees is 38. Brady will be 40 before the season starts. Peyton played at 39(poorly).

    The end comes at different ages for QBs but I would say Rivers has at least 2 years left.

  2. Underrated player. Always has been.

    Makes extremely mediocre receivers look good every season. Once Keenan Allen got hurt, their WR corps was composed of guys who I’m pretty sure were a part of the grounds crew at San Diego State.

  3. Drew Brees wasn’t Drew Brees until he rehabbed his torn labrum. He was at best a Chad Pennington type QB – high football IQ, weak arm. It’s no coincidence that LT had his best year when the Chargers finally got a QB that could throw a ball more than thirty yards.
    I hate the LA Chargers, but I love Rivers.

  4. Yea they drafted Rivers because Drew Brees stunk his first two years. Let that be a lesson to all those who write off young quarterbacks after some bad games. Wonder now if Brees would have gotten the chances he did in today’s NFL.

  5. Chargers aren’t drafting a QB. This is a smoke screen to add trade value to their 1st round pick.

  6. Rivers is right about rookies learning from the sidelines. I doubt sitting for the better part of three years has hurt Jimmy Garoppolo’s career earning and sitting didn’t hurt Rodgers or Brady either.

  7. At least he won’t be like the bitter old man Brett Favre who wouldn’t even acknowledge and actively refused to mentor any rookie QB.

  8. Everyone forgets just how awful Drew Brees was in his first two seasons as the Chargers QB. In 2002, he was somewhat decent as the team started 6-1. He was awful the second half of the season and the team finished 8-8. That parlayed into his absolutely horrible 2003 season where he was benched in the middle of it for a 40 year old Doug Flutie. Team finished 4-12. If you ever saw Drew Brees in 2003 vs what he looks like with the Saints, you’d never know it was the same guy. The Chargers would never have drafted Philip Rivers if Brees was even competent early on.

    The ONLY reason Brees started in 2004 was Rivers had a contract holdout. He was nearly benched again after a slow start but he got his act together and caught fire starting in Week 4 of the 04 season and led the Bolts to a division title.

  9. This will be the QB for the new Stadium. I see where the Chargers are going with this. The new guy will be able to take snaps from under center therefore opening the offense. Plus a new kid will follow the offensive game plan to a tee and not give the game away to unnecessary variation. Once they are in the new Stadium they will be competing for market share and it is important they have a system in place for winning.

  10. Rivers is better than Brees. Brees is a product of Sean Payton, just look at his numbers before Sean Payton and during Sean Payton’s suspension.

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