All quiet on the Marshawn front

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Eight days ago, it seemed inevitable that running back Marshawn Lynch would emerge from retirement and land with the Raiders. At one point, there was a belief that things could come to a head before the conclusion of the weekend.

Since then, nothing has happened — but for a radio interview from his agent that left the door wide open for either possibility.

It’s unclear whether Marshawn decided to press pause on the situation, or whether complications have arisen regarding the manner in which Lynch and the Seahawks will disengage. Since he remains on the team’s reserve/retired list, the Seahawks can say to Lynch “play for us or play for no one.” They also can seek trade compensation from the Raiders, or the Seahawks can just release him.

While Seahawks management may be resisting the idea of Lynch waltzing to Oakland, Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman, apparently speaking on behalf of the locker room, has no objection to it.

“Well, [Marshawn’s] been talking about Oakland. He’s from the town, so that’s like going home for him,” Sherman said on ESPN. “It’d be like a basketball player growing up in L.A. and saying, ‘I’m going to play for the Lakers one day.’ It’s probably something he’s always wanted to do since he was a kid, so we’ve got no problem with that.”

The Raiders surely have no problem with that, for multiple reasons. Beyond needing a running back who can move the chains and/or the needle on the seismograph, they’ll need someone who can resonate locally through what could be one or two years of lame-duck status in Lynch’s hometown.

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  1. I think Marshawn just wanted some attention. I doubt he’s making any real money on his clothing line and I’m sure his agent told him he would owe the Hawks 2.5 million if he even wanted to come back. Marshawn wouldn’t make enough this year after that payback. Not enough in his mind anyway.

    This thing has no legs.

  2. I would tell them they can have Marshawn Lynch if……and only if, they trade us back Bruce Irvin.

  3. Lynch has done well. His house photos are on line. Spectacular! Maybe football needs him more than he needs football. Would be great to see him come back if he still has something left. Outstanding player but Father Time is still undefeated.

  4. Quiet is not a good sign on any potential NFL transaction. In fact, even fired coaches get positive management/owner endorsements before the ax. The silence by the Seahawks on this issue tells me they won’t be releasing him without due compensation. That will kill anything from happening.

  5. He wouldn’t play for Belichick, he would play for Raiders or nobody…and he is not from Las Vegas DA, he would play probally a 2 yr deal in Oakland…and He is about the last person that craves attention, He hates the media, and wants nothing to do with them, he just wants media, press to leave him alone…Seahawks would have won that Super Bowl, Coach Peter with him gum, or whatever hes chewing on, was afraid Lynch would get MVP when he scored on the next play,so they throwed it to Butler instead, media would have been all over Lynch with MVP , and Pete wanted to keep him out of the spotlight best he could…and Bruce Irvin wouldn’t come back to Seattle if he was traded, He loves Norton and happier than ever in Oakland.

  6. I saw Pete Carroll at the Warriors game last night in Oakland- connect the dots if you would like- quite possible they could have met.

  7. Nothing will happen until late in pre-season. The Seahawks can (and should) leave him on the “retired” list until they are forced to release him. Normal roster cuts down to 53 do not apply.

    And the Raiders (along with any other interested teams) know that, and want to avoid the complication of having to trade something for the rights to Lynch.

    As for Lynch himself, his best move is to wait for Seattle to release him. That eliminates his obligation to Seahawks.

    If he signs a $3 mil deal with Raiders today, he owes Seattle bonus money (estimate $2 mil), and Seattle would have to pay Oakland for his rights. If he signs an identical deal AFTER being released, Lynch owes nothing to Seattle, and Oakland can sign him without owing Seattle.

    2 of the 3 parties involved get what they want by simply waiting. The “retired” list allows Seattle to hold Lynch indefinitely, but the longer they hold him, their likely compensation heads toward zero.

  8. I like Richard Sherman. But, y’know, there’re other guys on the Seahawks. There are even other guys on the Seahawks who are happy to share their opinions. Does every last single Seahawks article have to include a Richard Sherman quote?

  9. The hogs have no salary cap space for him, and other teams know that, so they can save a draft pick and get Lynch for less money than his contract calls for. Lynch can play for Oakland, or he can go to Green Bay and see if he can get another ring.

  10. Lynch has 2 options, The one he wants to do is go play for the Oakland Raiders, if that is not an option, the his other option that he will then do is…Go to Oakland Raider games and wear his Silver and Black gear, and listen to his Oakland Raider Rap music and stay retired…One or the Other, Oakland should let Seattle have the Seahawks 7th round pick back, and everyone move on from there, Different Division and Confrence, Seahawks shouldn’t be worried about Lynch, wouldn’t play Oakland until they host them in 2018 season.

  11. omeimontis says:
    Mar 25, 2017 8:50 PM
    The hogs have no salary cap space for him, and other teams know that, so they can save a draft pick and get Lynch for less money than his contract calls for. Lynch can play for Oakland, or he can go to Green Bay and see if he can get another ring.

    Actually, the Seahawks do have cap space for him. Which is likely why nothing has happened yet. The Seahawks would be foolish to let a player of that value walk for nothing. They can either keep him and let him play as a Seahawk this year or get something of value in return for him in a trade. The Raiders are going to try and wait it out, hoping that the Seahawks release him. But the Seahawks know this and will hold on to him until Oakland gives them a deal they’re comfortable with.

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