Davis Webb says “double-digit” teams told him he’s a first-rounder

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When discussing the top quarterbacks in this year’s draft, attention has largely been focused on North Carolina’s Mitchell Trubisky, Clemson’s Deshaun Watson, Notre Dame’s DeShone Kizer and Texas Tech’s Patrick Mahomes.

Mahomes’ former backup in Lubbock says that he’s hearing there’s room for one more in that group. Davis Webb transferred to California for the 2016 season and put together a performance he says has impressed NFL scouts.

Webb held his pro day workout on Friday and said after it was over that he’s gotten a lot of positive feedback during his conversations with teams.

“I’ve talked to a lot of NFL people,” Webb said, via ESPN.com. “And double-digit teams have told me I’m a first-round guy. Every meeting I’ve had, they’ve said I’m one of the best quarterbacks on the board.”

That’s not where most members of the draft industry have pegged Webb coming off the board, but it wouldn’t be the first time that a projected second day pick wound up landing in the first round. Webb said he has 12-15 meetings and/or workouts scheduled with teams heading into the draft and the results of those will likely be a big factor in where he winds up coming off the board.

15 responses to “Davis Webb says “double-digit” teams told him he’s a first-rounder

  1. If we counted all the players teams have told were “first rounders” I bet we’d get a much bigger number than 32.

  2. The guys that do a lot of the promising are generally not the ones making the decisions. The real decision makers don’t even trust people within their own organizations to keep secrets, and for good cause. LOL.

  3. As a Cal fan, I can honestly say that Davis Webb is overrated.

    Makes poor decisions where he will stare down receivers, will make bonehead throws at times, and also has an issue with deep ball accuracy. He should go in the 3rd or 4th round.

  4. The same people said the same about Ryan Leaf, Tim Couch, Matt Leinart, Rex Grossman, Byron Leftwich, Patrick Ramsey, Chad Pennington, Ken O’Brien, Brady Quinn, Tony Eason, Kyle Boler, JP Losman, Tommy Maddox, Vince Young, Joey Harrington, Kelly Stouffer, Cade McNown, Dan McGwire, David Klingler, Todd Blackledge, Akili Smith, Andre Ware, Rick Mirer, Heath Shuler, RG3, Todd Marinovich and Jamarcus Russell..

    Meanwhile Russell Wilson, Tom Brady, Roger Staubach, Tony Romo, Bart Starr, Warren Moon, Brett Favre, Joe Montana, Kurt Warner and Drew Brees were passed over by every team in the league at least once, taking them in rounds 2 through infinity…

  5. I live in the Bay Area so I’ve seen a lot of this kid. He is a solid day 2 prospect. It would be a YUGE mistake to draft him in the 1st round. He isn’t as good as the top 4 abs in this draft. It’s a drop off from Mahommes to Webb. He’s good but you can probably have him if you stay put in the 2nd round.

  6. I would bet Money that the Arizona Cardinals end up drafting either Mahomes in round one or Webb in round 2 !!!! Both fits Arians offense perfectly. AZs GM Keim, HC Arians and Owner were all at Mahomees pro day, that speaks volumes and shows they are thinking of taking him at 13th overall.

  7. He’s a perfect fit for Hue Jackson in Cleveland. I can see them taking Garrett at #1, OJ Howard @ #12, then this kid with one of the second round picks. He was instant offense at the Senior Bowl where he was coached up by Jackson, so he knows him pretty well and Webb seemed to appreciate Jackson and the Browns.

    If they like him enough, I could see them package something to flip up into the late part of the first round for a QB, sure to the 5th year option you get with 1st Rd draftees.

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