Maccagnan won’t rule out drafting another quarterback

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The Jets won’t rule in Josh McCown as the team’s next starting quarterback, and they won’t rule out adding another rookie.

A year after spending a second-round pick on a quarterback who wore the team’s uniform during a regular-season game last year as many times as I did, G.M. Mike Maccagnan said Friday that the team could “potentially”draft another one. Maccagnan added that doing so wouldn’t mean they erred in drafting Christian Hackenberg a year ago.

“I don’t think taking a player at one position is a referendum on another player,” Maccagnan said, via Ralph Vacchiano of “I think the goal is to put together [the] best roster you can. Of course quarterback is a very, very important position in this process. But I wouldn’t necessarily view it as a referendum.”

It’s smart for Maccagnan to keep his options open. All teams are listening to everything every coach or G.M. is saying. If Maccagnan narrows his draft focus before the draft begins, it’s harder to get the guys he wants.

“Our plan is to basically find the best group of quarterbacks we can,” Maccagnan said. “We’ve obviously made a move in pro free agency. There’s still the college draft. All options are on the table at the quarterback position with us going forward.”

That’s the way it should be. For a team that hasn’t had a true franchise quarterback since the only time the franchise won a Super Bowl, the search for the next one should continue until the next one finally is found. Whenever that may be.

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  1. This is really simple, divide the NFL teams into two groups; those that already have a NFL “Franchise” QB and those that don’t.

    For those that don’t, keep all options open till the day that you move into the other category. The only downfall is when your GM thinks he has a franchise QB but really doesn’t (need an example, see Rick Spielman, Minnesota Vikings)

  2. If Tribusky is there when they pick, they should take him.

    He could be a franchise QB.

    Doesn’t matter that they missed on Sanchez, Geno Smith, Petty and Hackenberg.

    If you do not have a QB and one is there available, you take him, end of story.

    The JETS should grab him.

  3. Jets need to be more innovative as they rebuild around their growing stable of quarterbacks. Look for them to run more plays out of this formation…

    QB QB

    QB QB

  4. How is this news? He refused to say something? Big deal. Did he also refuse to say Smurfs lead a shadow government of the United States? Well he didn’t say it DIDN’T HAPPEN so might as well report that as well right? C’mon guys!

  5. For a former scout, Maccagnan has not drafted well during his 2 years, and he’s done poorly with his free agent signings.
    I just pray he doesn’t blow a high pick in a desperate shot to save his job.
    He needs to be fired.

  6. Wait til next year. Just start Josh McCown every game this season and you will probably have the #1 pick next season. That’s how we got Winston.

  7. Does Todd Bowles have assurance from Woody Johmson that it’s ok for 2017 to be a rebuilding season? Can the GM and head coach survive another bad season? Even if Maccagnan survives. Getting a whole new coaching staff can hinder a young qb’s development. Tribusty and Kizer are not nfl ready qb’s worthy of a top 10 selection. Kizer is a shaky player. Tribusty has less starts(13) on his belt than Osweiler did. The only qb worth drafting high is Watson.

  8. Doesn’t look like the front office is good at evaluating QBs. They think Josh McCown is better than the other QBs still available. They are in for a long season.

  9. Please nooooooo. You will ruining another career. Maybe you should work on getting a young, progressive offensive coordinator who can actually coach. Todd Bowles is too old school.

  10. I hope they take trubisky at 6…that’s one less team in need of a quarterback and zero chance of my team making that mistake. He could be an alright qb, he just seems like a moron. He reminds me of a frat boy bro.

  11. omeimontis says:
    Mar 25, 2017 9:00 PM
    Doesn’t look like the front office is good at evaluating QBs. They think Josh McCown is better than the other QBs still available. They are in for a long season

    Don’t necessarily mean that they think Josh mcnown is better than the other quarterbacks it means they think he’s the one that’s going to win Less games the Jets are tanking the season for the number one pick next year

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