Bill O’Brien “real excited” about working with Tom Savage

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The Texans were able to excise Brock Osweiler from their roster, leaving them with a pair of quarterbacks under contract and a spot on the depth chart that most believe they’d be happy to fill with Tony Romo.

Romo remains a member of the Cowboys, however, and there’s a chance his next stop might be in a broadcast booth, so the Texans may be moving forward with Tom Savage and Brandon Weeden. During an appearance on NFL Network, Texans coach Bill O’Brien didn’t talk about Romo, but did discuss Savage’s ability to be a capable starting quarterback.

Savage showed some of that late in the 2016 regular season before suffering a concussion led to Osweiler’s return to the lineup. That was the latest in a run of injuries for the 2014 fourth-round pick and his play last season didn’t set the world on fire outside of being a clear step up from Osweiler, but O’Brien remains a believer in what Savage brings to the table.

“Absolutely,” O’Brien said. “He came into some tough games, the Jacksonville game last year that we had to win. We were down in the game, he helped us come back. He helped us beat Cincinnati on Christmas Eve, which was a big game that we had to win to clinch the South. We knew we had to win because of what happened earlier in the day in our division. And he helped us win that game. He got injured, and that’s been kind of one of the things that’s happened to him. He’s been injured over the last three years of his career. But if you look at the history of the league, there’s a number of guys who have played that were injured early in their career. Tom is a smart guy, he can throw the ball really well, he knows our system and he’s a guy that we’re real excited about working with.”

Savage and Romo share a recent history of injuries, so the fourth-year player could still play a role for the Texans even if Romo shows up in the starting lineup. The draft could also bring another wrinkle to a quarterback room that’s been the biggest obstacle to major success during O’Brien’s run as Houston’s coach.

30 responses to “Bill O’Brien “real excited” about working with Tom Savage

  1. Savage is not good enough. Bill O’Brien is excited to work with ANYBODY now that Brock got the boot.

  2. There’s no way to know for sure whether Savage can succeed until he’s been given a legit opportunity. He’s shown poise and leadership and ability to make throws every time he’s stepped on the field since day one, though, which should give Texans fans reason for optimism.

    Fragile noggin though. He got his concussion on a QB sneak.

  3. I guess there is a certain kind of excitement from having your job likely depend on a backup QB. A nervous, anxious excitement, perhaps.

  4. Houston has a shot to do some damage this year, but I think they need to get Romo if they really want to be serious. Savage is just a guy.

  5. Who is Mr. Tough Guy going to yell at and try to embarass on the sideline this year when things don’t go his way?

  6. I think this says as much about how excited O’Brien is about NOT working with Brock Osweiler as he is about working with Tom Savage. Maybe more!?

  7. Bill is an overrated coach and Savage made as many good plays as Osweiller did in Denver before the Texans swept in and gave him 72 mil. Savage is unproven and at this point possibly a forever backup. He knows the allegedly complicated system O’brien uses and that is about it. They are gonna try to ride it out one more year with an elite ( i use the term loosely) defense and hope Savage can pull out another 9-7 or maybe 10-6 then lose to someone who doesn’t have a third string QB in the playoffs. Then the D will all go away and Texans fans will be building their own factory of sadness. This is from a fan too.

  8. The Texans are not going anywhere with O’Brien as the head coach. The sooner the owner and fans realize that the better off the Texans will be.

  9. That makes a grand total of two people who are excited to see Savage as the (potential) starting QB — O’Brien and Savage.

  10. O’Brien is an idiot if he believes this. I have to think that he is saying this to make it seem like we don’t want Romo or Watson, but O’Brien is such a bad offensive and QB coach, he may just believe it.

  11. So it was all the fault of Princess/Millennial Brock? I’m in my 50s and even I think O’Brien’s attitude is out of date. His sort of shouting may have got cowering GIs up off the beach in Korea, but a 21st century QB (hell, even a late 20th century one) is a completely different fish to the 1950s’ ones.

    The main thing is they have to be a LOT more intellectual – and with intellect comes more sensitivity. You can’t just shout a modern gameplan into a QB you have to also be part guru/svengali. Sure, kids are spoilt today and Brock had a big chip on his shoulder, but during his time in Foxboro, Brady had Belichick as guru and (we now know) unusual mental toughness (and intellect), to help him put up with O’Brien’s tenure, whereas O’Brien still thinks the perfect recipe for success was all due to his shouting some sense into Brady.

  12. Name one QB that this guy has improved? Don’t say Brady because Brady had 3 SB rings before working with O’Brien.

  13. This is Houston’s way of saying they don’t need Tony Romo…which we all know is 1000000% FALSE.

  14. “Texans coach Bill O’Brien didn’t talk about Romo”

    HE CAN’T!!! Romo is under contract to another team. They would lose another draft pick if he did discuss Romo.

  15. Bill is a dead man walking! His guy has always been Salvage … err I mean Savage. Savage is lost/overwhelmed with BO’s “System”. Just as every QB that has played under BO. Tallent wise, if BO is being honest, Weeden is a better fit and has better skills and tools than Savage. Jerry Jones knows that the Texans need Romo in order to have a respectable season and he’s willing to wait till the last min to get something for him. Rick Smith will most likely pull the trigger sooner rather than later…

  16. Something’s not right in H-town. It is really, really rare to “have to” rid yourself of even one QB, but here we are, “having to” get rid of two QBs, two years in a row. Hell, in one we had to give up a pick that typically turns into a core player, just so somebody else would take him off our hands.

    This has to do with either BOB’s treatment of the QBs or Rick Smith’s not being able to ascertain the mental makeup of the players he acquires…or both.

    Either way, like I said, something’s not right.

  17. I disagree with people that think O’Brian is a bad coach. He is in a bad situation stuck in Houston with a train wreck of a GM that is so far up the owners backside you don’t know where one starts and the other ends. As far as Texan fans complaining about the QB situation. They could have had Derrick Carr but the all threw a fit cause he was David Carr’s brother. Then threw an equally bigger fit when he turned out to be good. Rick Smith has a horrible track record in the draft outside of the 1st round and even worse track record with free agency, probably why he was so gun shy to sign any in 2017 so far. The Texans are dead on their feet until they get a GM who can pick something better than his nose.

    And that is also coming from a Texan fan.

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