Brandon Marshall: Vegas could overwhelm young players

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The NFL is expected to have a foothold in Las Vegas after a Monday vote on the Raiders’ bid to relocate to the city, so any concerns raised about putting a team there are likely moot at this point.

Giants wide receiver Brandon Marshall still raised one after speaking to NFL owners about building relationships with players at the league meetings in Arizona. Marshall said that he thinks Las Vegas is a great city, but that the things that gave it the nickname of Sin City could prove problematic for young players.

“It can be a tough place for a player coming out of college,” Marshall said, via the Palm Beach Post. “It can be overwhelming for a young player.”

Marshall had his own difficulties in his early years in the league and there’s a no shortage of other players with similar stories, so trouble can obviously be found in every city if a player is looking for it. The potential for it in Vegas may be more front and center, however, and that’s something the Raiders may be weighing when they start acquiring players to play for them in their new home.

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  1. The Vegas Raiders will have the greatest home field advantage in all of sports. Not only are east coast teams crossing timezones but vices the night games before will be impossible to pass up.

  2. Never mind his Vegas comments let’s cut to the punch line. Brandon Marshall was talking to the owners about “building relationships?” Brandon (f) Marshall??!!


    Stop man, you’re killing me…

  3. Vegas could overwhelm young players, heck _Insert Any City or Thing_ could overwhelm young players. Either a person is mature and can handle life or they can’t. Teams should be allowed to assist those who can’t. The CBA has restrictions on this type of stuff. Maybe if not for this stuff and players you know having to show-up/work during the “non-playing season” would help cut down on the trouble some of these players find themselves in.

  4. At one time, you weren’t allowed to bet on UNLV games when they played at UNLV. Obviously, this has to do with gambling influences. I wonder if any restrictions will apply to the Raiders.

  5. Everyone can’t live in Las Vegas. In LV and New Orleans, the gambling and alcohol both go 24/7. The Raiders will have to do LOTS of vetting to make sure they draft youngsters and bring in veterans that can deal with the spotlight, gambling and Las Vegas party scene.

    I’ve met several folks that moved to LV and had to leave months later due to gambling addictions. A friend of mine lived in LV for about a year. He told me there have been multiple instances where married couples WITH kids sometimes, from small towns, have moved to LV and one of them got seduced by the gambling and party scene. Imagine how hard that pull is when you have more fame, money and time than you’ve ever had in your life.

    I LOVE Vegas but when I retired, I knew I could’t LIVE there. God bless Texas!

  6. I think it is a great move, should be no distraction at all. And might take some focus off other cities they thought were distractions.

    Thanks Again,

    New Orleans !

  7. Why do I feel as though on some level, this will be an epic fail. I think the team and attendance may do fine, but good god, this could get pretty rough for individual players…..
    On a different note, I feel bad for those fans in Oakland. Having your team ripped out from under you is simply awful.

  8. Clearly Goodell does not care about players at All. That speaks to the type of person he is and what he “actually” values remember not what he says but what his actions show. Las vegas is not a sports town its a party town and has never had Pro Teams, correct me if im wrong. UNLV yes

  9. Bet purple already has a realtor and associates, and ready- set- go in place for this move. Teams will probably pay Roger big $ in Swiss Banks for scheduling away games in LV! Viva Craigslist, Back Page, and Tender!

  10. Anyone making light of this and complaining that people need to be responsible for their own actions have never been to Vegas. The city is set up to tempt you at every turn, and every light, sign, and sound has been meticulously researched to get someone to gamble. And the suburbs are about as non-existent as any major city in America, you have to pass one (if not every) casino to do just about anything in the city.

    You can’t get me to buy a lottery ticket when I’m home because I think the $1 is a waste. But I still get tempted to play a few games when in Vegas because, hey, I’ve got a few bucks burning a hole in my pocket. Now take NFL players, a group that has never been known for frugality or money management, their first 5-figure check they’ve ever seen in their life, and put them there 24/7.

    This league doesn’t give a single F about these players.

  11. UNLV and Univ of Reno are both examples of college kids in these types of gambling cities and I have yet to hear of any problems. UNLV is just off the strip Shouldn’t be an issue for the Raiders.

  12. I use to go to Vegas twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. The gambling money I brought with me was my “vacation” money. If I lost all of it, that’s it for gambling. Never did I try to win it back. Then it was time for the buffets, watching the games at the Caesars sport book and that was it.

    Fortunately, I couldn’t stand Vegas after 4 days.

    BUT, I saw so many guys reaching into their wallets nonstop. I can just imagine all these players new AND old , with all that money, that would not be able to handle it. Alex Karras all over again.

  13. Players can gamble anywhere!!!!

    Do the Eagles/Giants/Jets players have problems
    with Atlantic City??

  14. It isn’t the town. It isn’t the surroundings. It’s all that damn money. All that disposable income that someone, especially if he came from an impoverished background, just doesn’t know how to handle. The money ends up handling the young player.

  15. Build the stadium by McCarran airport and put player’s quarters in the new stadium. Then prohibit access to the property after 10pm except for emergency vehicles.

  16. This is making a mountain out of a molehill. There are trappings in any big city that can overwhelm young players.

    If you just spent your college career in say, tiny Stillwater, OK how different really is ending up on the Dolphins and the South Beach scene? How different is the big city life of NY or LA for a young player than Vegas?

    Have concerns as a player you might get in trouble in Las Vegas? Well, you only have to spend the season there while you live somewhere else in the offseason. Not to mention during the season you spend half of that on the road anyways.

    Las Vegas is no big deal, but I know how the sports media works…as soon as the first player gets arrested its going to be super overblown drama. Yet, what about players getting arrested in Buffalo, Pittsburgh etc? Those cities too overwhelming?

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