Browns to have Mitchell Trubisky in for workout on Friday

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The Browns didn’t send coach Hue Jackson or executive vice president of football operations Sashi Brown to North Carolina quarterback Mitchell Trubisky’s pro day workout earlier this month because they planned to hold a private workout with him at another time.

They won’t be traveling to North Carolina for that workout either. Mary Kay Cabot of reports that Trubisky will work out for the Browns at their facility on Friday.

Players typically aren’t allowed to work out during their visits to teams leading up to the draft, but there’s an exception for prospects who went to college or grew up nearby. Teams have a day set aside for those players to visit each year and Trubisky, who grew up in Ohio, will be part of the contingent in Berea on Friday.

The exception for local prospects also means that Trubisky’s visit doesn’t count against the limit of 30 that the team is allowed before the draft.

10 responses to “Browns to have Mitchell Trubisky in for workout on Friday

  1. What I saw in his bowl game was some amazing throws in the early going, combined with some bad misfires, turnovers at critical times and ultimately, a loss on the scoreboard. In other words, Jay Cutler. This kid is ridiculously overhyped so buyer beware to whoever stakes their future on him.

  2. Five weeks ago all we heard from the experts was that it not a good QB class this year.

    Now we hear about teams bring in QBs for private workouts. I wonder if these workouts will support the “no first round QB” candidates or if something will change.

    I guess we’ll know in 2 or 3 years.

  3. I think Cleveland should trade back to the 22nd pick and use it to pick Mitchelll(don’t blame, that’s how his mother spells it). He is almost a good-looking as Brady Quinn.

  4. Drafting ANY quarterback is the best move for Cleveland and the league. The pats saying they don’t want to trade Garrapolo is a smoke-screen. They traded away draft picks counting on getting them back with a Garrapolo trade, and the Browns have the opportunity to unhinge their plans by just staying put.

  5. This is the first year I can remember as a Browns fan that I don’t want them to draft a QB. Go all in on defense and trenches. This has 2013 written all over it.

  6. I can’t believe that the Browns are still shopping for a QB. If they picked nothing but linemen for this draft, they could bring back Kosar to play, if they had enough of the right guys. Why waste your picks? If I lived in Cleveland, I’d be picketing outside the stadium. Oakland, St. Louis, and San Diego have openings for teams, but I don’t think they would even let this happen to them.

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