Dolphins owner Stephen Ross explains “no” vote to Raiders’ move

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In a Phoenix hotel ballroom full of NFL owners voting yes, there was one dissenting opinion.

He then made clear as to why.

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross was the lone “nay” cast on the Raiders’ relocation to Las Vegas. That move was approved, the Raiders joining the likes of Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys to take up Vegas residency.

The physical move itself, despite Ross’s vote, is expected as early as 2019.

“My position today was that we as owners and as a League owe it to fans to do everything we can to stay in the communities that have supported us until all options have been exhausted,” Ross said in a statement, via Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald. “I want to wish Mark Davis and the Raiders organization the best in Las Vegas.”

There has been a lot of relocation of late.

The Raiders became the second franchise to move in 75 days; Chargers owner Dean Spanos exercised his option to vacate San Diego for Los Angeles on Jan. 12. Less than 15 months ago, on Jan. 12, NFL owners voted in Houston to clear Rams owner Stan Kroenke’s move from St. Louis to Los Angeles.

The Rams and Chargers will share a stadium in Inglewood. It is currently scheduled to open in 2019.

“I believe when you own a team, you’re a steward for the city,” Ross told reporters on Monday. “It’s like owning a utility company. And I just don’t think everything was done to try and stay in Oakland. … If the owner had been more proactive — you can only make a deal when the owner wants to make a deal. Who are you going to negotiate with? How is it going to happen? There’s got to be a driving force.”

A reminder to Ross’s position on relocation came from the NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport. He tweeted Ross “spent $500M+ in private funds to renovate a stadium,” effectively keeping the Dolphins in Miami for decades to come.

Ross said, when asked, that he took no personal satisfaction from casting the only opposing vote Monday on the Raiders’ relocation.

“I voted how I voted, and I voted what I believed,” Ross said. “You talk about the fans, and that’s what the National Football League is all about. … You’ve got to look around. There’s very little public money available for teams today. And if you own a team, you should have the deep pockets to deliver.

“You need some public money for infrastructure and things like that. But with the costs of stadiums today, our country can’t afford to really put all of the money in that kind of place.”

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  1. The positive side of me, is glad to hear an Owner say this and vote against the move.

    The cynical side of me, thinks it’s only because Ross was hoping for a bigger relocation fee.

  2. Ross wants to turn his stadium into a year-round destination for concerts and other sporting events outside of football. He recognizes that Miami is a big time draw for event organizers. The reason why he voted against the Las Vegas proposal is that now he will have to compete with the Raiders new facility in a flashy new city for the same events that he wants in Miami.

  3. This will not help MIAMI get another Super Bowl anytime soon……

    Miami’s Hard Rock stadium is one of the nicest and most innovative stadium’s in the NFL and in the country….. I’m pretty sure Miami will be hosting the SB many more times, despite your lack of knowledge on the situation.

    Oh, by the way, Miami and NO are tied for hosting the most SB’s in the NFL’s history. And that was with Miami’s old busted stadium.

  4. Nice statement, but when the Rams moved to L.A., I believe his exact words were “Everybody wins”, so yeah, nice try.

  5. Nothing bad to say about Ross here, he got denied by the city of Miami and made it happen on his own. Kudos!

  6. In any business, you have to go where you can operate profitably. You won’t make money selling sno-cones in Barrow Alaska like you will in Miami. While I am firmly against publicly owned stadiums I get what the Raiders are moving for. I hate it but I get it.

  7. 50 years later, that white ice cream-man suit Al Davis used to wear now fits the team image.

  8. Now watch the left media do their best to let Schaaf paint herself and the city of Oakland as the ones being victimized by the greedy NFL. I’ll bet either tonight or tomorrow she’ll be doing “softball” interviews for several or all of these: espn, abc, cbs, cnn, and msnbc.

  9. This will not help MIAMI get another Super Bowl anytime soon……

    Kinda dumb considering they will host the Super Bowl in 2020…….

  10. Well given that Mark Davis’ entire wealth comes from the Raiders’ value……well he can’t afford to kick in $500 million for a new stadium. That’s assuming that it’s not his mother that owns them in the first place. And given that you can’t flush a toilet in his current stadium without cringing in fear….. I don’t blame the Raiders for moving, just like I don’t blame Oakland itself for anything but inattention to shoddy plumbing.

  11. All options were not exhausted in San Diego. All Qualcomm needed was some spackle and new paint.

  12. Oakland loved the Raiders….but didn’t love them enough to give them a new football only stadium in all those years!

  13. jonathankrobinson424 says:
    Mar 27, 2017 3:49 PM
    This will not help MIAMI get another Super Bowl anytime soon……

    Super Bowl LIV in 2020 soon enough for you?

    The NFL will ALWAYS have Miami as part of the Super Bowl rotation. Great climate, great hotels, and the city KNOWS how to host freaking Super Bowl. Only New Orleans does it better.

  14. jerseyraider says:
    Mar 27, 2017 3:43 PM
    His “no” vote is a lame attempt to garner support from disaffected Raider fans.

    Support for what?

  15. Fins fan here…not big on Ross, never was, but I have to say I do like the fact that he backed what most Raiders fans think, and voted “no”. Because he is right.

  16. I used to love the NFL I don’t care anymore no more of my money. I used to have 8 season tickets to 2 different teams not anymore

  17. Ross is barking up a tree that could hurt future NFL teams get a new deal. Thats the problem. He had to Pony up 500 Million for a new stadium because the NFL wouldn’t give him a Superbowl without a new Stadium deal. That’s EXTORTION!!!!!! At the same time, NFL owners believe its the Cities problem to pay for stadium upgrades to see their teams play.

    I don’t know who the winner in this situation is… but I have to say Ross sticking to his guns for the Fans sake is pretty cool. After seeing the roads he’s paved in Miami. Kudos Ross.

  18. If I wasn’t a lifetime Packer’s fan I would not be an NFL football fan.

    The relocation moves being made are veiled forms of extortion, are made only in the name of obscene profit, and ignore the die-hard fans that have supported their teams year after year.

    When you add up all the other things tarnishing the NFL shield, I am truly disgusted. Not only at the NFL but also my own Packers Organization for supporting this vote.

  19. Stadiums age. Owners have to understand they can no longer dip into city funds to upgrade or build their stadiums. Those days are over. Cities will not be blackmailed. Ross is ahead of the curb on that one. The city of Miami already funded the baseball stadium and they could not do the football stadium as well. The Vegas stadium will cost $1.7 billion dollars. When an owner has no money why build such an expensive stadium.

  20. Every Raiders fan that doesn’t live in the Oakland area is the winner here. Want to go see your team? Great! Now you don’t have to risk your life by going to Oakland, instead, you can go to Vegas! Road trip!

  21. I’m growing kinda fond of that big-eared billionaire in Miami.

    Made a beautiful stadium out of a 30 year old building, with HIS money. And had the stones to say that Mark Davis should have tried to do similar.

    Kudos, Ross.

  22. Mr Ross is a class act, always has been, spent $500M out of pocket to improve Dolphins stadium, does a lot for his fans as well.
    This Pats fans always likes to see the Dolphins do well except twice a year. 😉

  23. Ok lemme try this again . I was directing it at the Broncos fan calling Ross one of worst owners in NFL. So I said what is it that makes him the worst? Because he is trying to get the right coach,coaches,players? Showing commitment to his fan base? Footing the bill for the renovation to his stadium to make sure it stays in the SB rotation and remains a target for other major events? Yes I realize it was after the first tax proposal failed and rightfully so. However he still manned up and took care of it on his own. So point being, he’s doing things that I would say make him a pretty good owner. Not saying he’s the best, but he’s certainly not the worst. Fortunately for the bronco fan. They have been lucky to have Pat Bowlen and the Bowlen family. We’re all not that lucky. I just like what Ross is doing and believe in what he’s trying to do with the Dolphins. Wasn’t real big on him at first but,he’s going in the right direction and trying to turn the franchise in the right direction. Which is what separates good owners from the worst.

  24. I think Ross has grown into the ownership role. He finally got the VP/GM/Coach right, tried to get public funding but failed and backed the whole renovation with his own money instead of bailing on the city that has supported the Fins all along and moving the team,opens his wallet for FA’s and is treating his players fairly with contractual respect and stays out of the way of the teams decision makers. Like I said, he has grown into the role and deserves the respect of the fans.

  25. I thought early 1996 was the peak of teams playing musical cities. The league intervened to force Ken Behring to keep the Seahawks in Seattle, and eventually force a sale. That’s when we had Tagliabue as a commissioner. He had far bigger huevos than our current commissioner.

  26. How many years have the Raiders been trying to get a new stadium in Oakland? Quite a few. I would say they exhausted every option to get one done. They have been playing in dumps their entire existence. Now they finally get to play in a shiny new state of the art stadium like the rest of the league gets these days. It will be glorious.

  27. Stephen Ross voted YES in favor of the Rams move back to L.A. from St. Louis. CSN Bay Area:

    – Miami Dolphins owner Steve Ross, the only dissenting vote, saying “My position today was that we as owners and as a League owe it to fans to do everything we can to stay in the communities that have supported us until all options have been exhausted. I want to wish Mark Davis and the Raiders organization the best in Las Vegas.” Ross voted for the Rams’ move to Los Angeles a year earlier, and he couldn’t be less interested in “the best” for Davis or the Raiders.

    So Mr. Ross is kind of a hypocrite.

  28. shame on Jimmy Haslem (once again) for confirming the relocation of a team. after everything Cleveland went through, and honestly is still going through since an arguement can be made the team still hasn’t come back, the Browns okaying a move is a joke. much like the rest of the ” team”…

    good on you Ross.

  29. Question: Will the city of Oakland be A-holes and refuse Davis take the Raider name with him?? Cleveland didn’t let the now Ravens take the Browns name. Houston (the Oiler’s) didn’t let Tennessee Titans take the Oiler name. So will they now be the Las Vegas Bandits when they move?

  30. Where was Ross and his principles when he voted FOR Rams relocation? St. Louis put more than a good faith effort into keeping the team there, including public funds and yet Ross voted for that relocation.

  31. Stephen Ross, the owner of the Miami Dolphins, is the Founder and Chairman of The Related Companies. The Related Companies is a giant real estate development organization that specializes in luxury apartment rentals and for-sale condominiums.

    It and Mr. Ross also own a key piece of property that’s right next to the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Complex.

  32. My my but the lies do seem to be free-flowing of late around the NFL don’t they? Ross is so completely full of s$#t claiming that his motives for being the lone dissenting vote on the Raiders’ relocation proposal are somehow pure and steeped in a desire for upholding tradition & franchises staying put! He voted “no” because another team will now have the same inherent advantage that his Dolphins boast & led to the signing of big-fish free agent Ndamaking Suh; the Raiders are vacating the highest taxed markets in the league (a long-standing impediment to the team’s ability to attract marquis free-agents) for Nevada where, like Florida, has no state tax whatsoever.

    Steve Ross is pissed that he’s lost his competitive edge…period! “Steward for the city”? Please! All that’s missing here is the underscore of cheesy, heart-rending violin music!

  33. Question: Will the city of Oakland be A-holes and refuse Davis take the Raider name with him?? Cleveland didn’t let the now Ravens take the Browns name. Houston (the Oiler’s) didn’t let Tennessee Titans take the Oiler name. So will they now be the Las Vegas Bandits when they move?


    The city of Oakland doesn’t own or have the rights to the Raiders’ name. They couldn’t stop the team from taking it to Vegas if they wanted to.

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