Jed York not expecting Raiders fans to jump ship to 49ers

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Just because the Raiders will be leaving Oakland in the next few years, San Francisco 49ers CEO Jed York isn’t expecting a massive rush of Bay Area fans suddenly to shed their silver and black for 49ers’ red and gold.

The Raiders fans are a unique group,” York said,” via Nick Wagoner of “I don’t know that they’ve necessarily been loyal to L.A. or to Oakland, I think they have always been loyal to the Raiders. I think you’ll see the Raiders following them wherever they may go, and going to Las Vegas in a few years, I think you’ll see that really take place.

“So for us, I don’t think it’s a big win for the 49ers, but I think it’s a good thing for the National Football League. The Raiders have tried to get a deal done in Oakland for a decade-plus, and they were unfortunately unable to do anything, and I think Las Vegas put together a good opportunity for the Raiders to continue to have a good experience for their overall fan base wherever their fans come from.”

York cited past experience of being the lone football entity in the Bay Area while the Raiders played in Los Angeles from 1982-94. He said the 49ers didn’t see any substantial change in revenue from the departure, or return, of the Raiders to Oakland.

“Raiders fans, they’re loyal to the Raiders,” York said. “They’re very different than 49ers fans, and there’s not a ton of overlap where you would see different teams kind of go from one to another. You just haven’t seen that, and I wouldn’t expect it going forward.”

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  1. Any true Raider fan would rather be circumcised than jump ship for the Santa Clara Forty Whiners.

    Once a Raider ALWAYS (no matter where, even on the moon) a Raider!

  2. What the hell kinda question is that? True fans don’t jump ship and no Raiders fan or Niners fan would like the other team. I don’t mind the Raiders at all, but I’m not going to root for them. Only team that I’ve seen jump ship is Seattle “fans”. I think they were Dallas fans this year. Hard to keep track.

  3. Jed is absolutely right. They love the Raiders, not the City of Oakland. The Raiders have a good thing going. They have a great young QB, and they look like they’ll be contenders for a while. The talking heads on the radio seem upset, but then again, they’re just trying to get people to call into their show. The Raiders fans are fine. It’s not like they’re going to change colors once they get to Las Vegas. Just Win Baby!

  4. With the way “Silver Spoons” has been running that team I wouldn’t be surprised if his fans have started to jump ship. Like them or hate them the 49ers have a ton of history in the NFL. It’s an absolute travesty to see how much they’ve fallen with Jed at the helm. The Montana and Rice years were great for football. Steve Young kept them competitive. After that things got pretty bad until Harbaugh came along. He put together one of the best 5 year stretches they’ve had in forever. Jed wasn’t smart enough to separate the ego’s. Now the Browns look competent by comparison.

  5. It’s amazing how out of touch these owners are. I’m born and raised in Oakland. There are way more 49er fans in Oakland than Raider fans.

    When Oakland moved to Los Angeles they hated the Raiders for it and never forgiven them. The ones that did were partial Raider/49ers fans because they knew this day was coming so they embraced the Raiders with their guards up. It wasn’t a 100% buy-in.

    In Oakland you have about 35,000 hardcore Raider fans that stick with them though thick and thin, but Oakland is a lot bigger than 35,000 people. It’s a 49er town, and it’s 49er territory.

  6. Give a break. Oakland Raiders fans will start following kindergarten playground tag in South Africa before they jumped ship to the 49ers under Jed-B-I.

  7. Some Raider fans did switch to SF the first time the Raiders left Oaklandin the 1980s. Those who did not switch actually hate the 9ers, for some weird reason. The Niners have nothing to do with the Raiders leaving town. So, there is no reason why they should hate the Niners. Jed is correct, those who are Raiders fans now will never switch to the Niners.

  8. 49 is worst franchise in NFL, ran by a doofus. They have a new book titles”How to destroy a successful Super Bowl team in two years.’ Should be a best seller!

  9. What a dumb question! Raider fans are about the least bandwagon fans out there. They are going to stay true to their colors while using “Mark Davis” as a curse word. This Niner fan respects the Raiders fan base for their devoted loyalty.

    Now if we were talking about NFL fans, that be different. But no one loves the NFL. We love our teams that play in the league.

  10. They didn’t jump ship the last time the Raiders moved.
    They have even less incentive with York as owner.

  11. These jokes write themselves. I guess when the Niners are such a joke now it makes sense though. Why in the world would raiders fans want to jump on a sinking ship? York should worry about keeping his own fans. For a fan base that claims to “have it better than everyone else” they have a hard time showing up to see that team that’s better than everyone else. I’m unfortunately a Seattle native that works half the year in the Bay Area. I have friends in the niner organization and attend many games there. It’s a joke. The fans barely pay any attention to the games and yes they’re technically sold out most games but there are a lot of empty seats. I think I finally get what they mean when they say “Nobody has it better”. They mean they all have better things to do than watch that dumpster fire every Sunday.

  12. Who would want to be a 49’er fan as long as York is in control. Their fans deserve better.

  13. Is it me or does Jed York remind you of the kid that went to your High School that just needed to be smacked around as soon as he opened his mouth?
    You know the type; momma’s Boy; Mr.know it all, etc.

  14. “Raiders fans, they’re loyal to the Raiders,” York said. “They’re very different than 49ers fans”

    At least he knows 9er fans are bandwagoners

  15. “Raiders fans, they’re loyal to the Raiders,” York said. “They’re very different than 49ers fans”

    Did he just call 49ers fans fair weather, ship jumping, non loyal fans!? BAHAHAHA

  16. Why would they? The 49ers left the area too. If you’re going to root for a team all the way in Santa Clara … why not root for a team in Las Vegas?

  17. It’s so sick that teams are allowed to relocate at their first convenience…feel for the fans of the recent teams.

    Your prices are so high that the average fan can’t get seats, so you never sell out games. If tickets ranged between $40-75, every game in every city would be sold out. Fans could afford to get beaten up a little on beer, merchandise and parking because you’re seeing relief on the game pricing.

    The amount of ad revenue from TV and internet more than provides enough money for player salaries, operations expenses, back office staff, etc. It could be a total win win for everyone but the owners flat out refuse to ever go backwards on pricing. They consider it a gift when they don’t raise them higher after their team goes 6-10.

    I see the NFL imploding in the next 15 years. NASCAR used to force it’s fans to purchase next year’s sold out race tickets before the current year’s race occured, and the fans happily paid around $200/ticket on average. Now, you can walk up to any of the big races and get a $75 grandstand ticket the morning of. They too thought they were invincible……..

  18. Last time the raiders move the current fans at the time didnt jump ships. But i can’t tell you how many friends i have that are A’s and Niners fan’s with raider fan parents. What i’m trying to say is that the current grown up raider fan will probably stay raider fans, but you can say the same about their kids, while a lot of the kids will stick with their parents.. some will be influenced by their friends or by the fact that they want to follow a local team.

  19. It appears as a result of the Raiders forsaking their roots at selling out to Vegas instead of Vegas creating its own team, will definitely increase the 49er fan base. Hopefully someday, Oakland will have the resources and ability to create another team and to be owned completely by Oakland. This is considering Oakland has always been a popular city for football with a powerfully devoted fan base to prove that. As with the Phoenix, Oakland can rise from the fire of treachery and greed as a lesson to not trust money grubbing franchise owners but to own the team itself. Yet, all in all, the term Raiders will always be linked to is almost 50 year legacy and history in Oakland, Calif.

  20. Just keeping it real.

    If my favorite team had left the area and especially had gone to another state. I would no longer remain a fan of that team.

    Loyalty is a two way street. If I am the loyal fan supporting and buying merchandise, tickets, etc. I expect the team to be loyal to me as a consumer. I support the local team.

    How the hell can I support a team in a state or a city I’ve never lived in or been to?

  21. I remember in 1984 when the moving vans came for the Colts. Jack Kent Cooke went through the next few years thinking Baltimore fans would naturally come over to the nearby Redskins. Not a chance.

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