John Elway on quarterbacks: Same old thing

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At some point, there will be some kind of definitive end to musing about where Tony Romo will spend the 2017 football season and everyone will move on to other topics of conversation when Broncos General Manager John Elway steps in front of a microphone.

That point wasn’t Monday. Elway met the media in Arizona at the owners meetings and was asked about quarterbacks, which led him to say the “same old thing” he’s been saying all offseason. He won’t talk about Romo because Romo is under contract to the Cowboys and he will talk about how much confidence the team has in Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch.

“Like we’ve said, we really feel good about the two young ones that we have,” Elway said, via “Trevor did a good job for us last year. Paxton was young. So the plan is to stay the course there and see what’s available in the draft. So we’ll go from there. But we like both, and Paxton was a first-rounder last year for a reason. And then Trevor came in and played very well. So it’ll be a great competition between them in the spring.”

With neither the Broncos nor the Texans showing any sign that they’re willing to make a trade for Romo, networks reportedly interested in him unable to make such a trade and no financial upside to the Cowboys releasing him, there’s nothing to suggest a change to the status quo in the near future. That may mean Elway gets to play the hits a few more times before retiring the act for good.

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  1. What can he say????? We all know they will make a play for Romo if when he comes available. I don’t blame the Broncos or Texans or any other team for not making a trade offer on a player that will in likelihood be released. This is GM 101.

  2. Denver is fine. Lynch is an elite young talent, and Siemian is getting better and better all the time. You just don’t come into the league and master the QB position overnight, especially when you’ve had the number of coaching changes that Denver has.

  3. Love it. Tebow was a first rounder for a reason too, and if Paxton Lynch in his first 16 starts has a playoff win, I somehow don’t think you’re trading Paxton. But that didn’t happen, and now you’re left with a bunch of questions. Playoff wins aren’t as easy as that, huh John. But at least the spirals from each guy LOOK GREAT.

  4. Sports writers still “Romomancing The Stone” (Elway)… let it go already, JE is happily married to our 2 young, healthy QBs and he isn’t about to take a $$$ ride on a broken old Cow.

  5. Those young QBs held the Broncos back. While they’re serviceable, they’re only going to get them 8-9 wins. I give him credit for being shrewd and getting a championship, but he’s wasting the “right now” opportunity in waiting on them to develop when he can get Romo and at least have some competency under center for a year or two. Give Jerrah a 3rd or 4th rounder and move on.

  6. “Trevor did a good job for us last year….”

    We agree.

    the rest of the AFC West

  7. Elway says he’s happy with the young QB’s they have.

    O’Brien says he’s happy with Savage and Weeden.

    Anyone notice the pattern here?

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