Mark Davis: Could stay in Oakland through 2019 season

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Mark Davis was just given permission to move his team to Las Vegas, but said he could see staying in Oakland longer than his lease dictates.

The Raiders have one-year options on their lease in Oakland for the 2017 and 2018 seasons, and Davis said Monday they could even stay beyond then while their building in Las Vegas is under construction.

While not everyone is going to be happy about those prospects, Davis said he’d be willing to offer refunds to angry fans who had already put down deposits for season tickets.

“Not happy, but we will do that,” he said.

But mostly, Davis seemed relieved to have the process finalized and to have a home, after so many years of negotiating in vain with the city of Oakland.

He said his father Al Davis “would be proud,” that he had taken the team to “the entertainment capital of the world.”

But for at least the next two seasons, and perhaps three, he’s going to ask his old fans in Oakland to support him.

64 responses to “Mark Davis: Could stay in Oakland through 2019 season

  1. Now if I lived in Oakland what reason would I have to support the team knowing they will be gone soon. Why would I waste my money on tickets, jerseys or any memrobilia? I truly feel for every OAKLAND raiders fan. It is something I truly feared would happen to my team.

  2. I understand that the team needed better digs and they couldn’t come to an agreement with Oakland, but this just does not feel right. The Raiders are one of the more storied franchises in NFL and sports history and to move them out of Cali just feels wrong. Feel bad for the fans in Oakland.

    On a side note, that stadium proposal in Vegas looks pretty sweet.

    Another side note, Mark Davis’s hair still looks awful!

  3. As a Bay Area fan who saw them leave in the early 80’s, I am gutted. Again!

    However, I don’t really blame Mark Davis or Libby Schaff.

    The typical running of the city of Oakland and lack of effort to come up with something that could stop this.

    The A’s, who wanted to leave Oakland for San Jose are the ones (the only ones) who are staying. Ironic.

  4. I’ll support it. Mark Davis didn’t have any other choice but to bounce. Vegas will fail, but there was no alternative.

    Atlanta has built 4 stadiums and a basketball arena in 20 years, and Oakland couldn’t build one stadium.

    Also Jerry Jones said this is gonna be an exciting day for Vegas. Other than 15 Raider fans celebrating on the strip I don’t see much excitement.

  5. City of Oakland to Raiders: You should continue to play in a dump out of loyalty while we pretend to get a deal together to keep the team. You should take less to stay here and play out of the goodness of your heart and never mind trying to maximize your product.

    That being said I would look for another option for a temporary home field if I were Davis.

  6. If Oakland (the city) wanted to be snits, they shouldn’t renew the one year options. Let them play in the 35k stadium in Vegas.

  7. I hope those sheep on the wrong side of the Bay stop going to games. This family is moving the team for the 3rd time – PATHETIC.

  8. If I lived in Oakland, I would get in as many games as I could over the next three years. This team is on its way to a Super Bowl and they could get one, dare I say two, in the next three years before they land in Sin City.

  9. Hope the fans voice their displeasure by not going to games. Get the refunds, go see the Niners instead. Let this turd play in an empty stadium

  10. The Raiders, just like every other team in the league, draw fans from outside their local market. My home is much closer to Vegas than to Oakland. Ive only seen them play in Kansas City which is an 8 hour drive from me. To say this is an offense against their fans is foolish because their fans are all over. Raider Nation. Will their ticket sales drop in the bay area while they wait to move? probably, but those bay area fans can thank the City of Oakland for letting the team leave. I will cheer the team no matter what stadium they play in. I am a Raiders fan, not an Oakland fan or LA fan or Irwindale……Raiders til I Die. The Oakland Colosseum is a disgrace and will be bulldozed

  11. I hope nobody in Oakland goes to a game for the next 3 years. Would be awesome if the organization had like 3,000 people at each home game. Would suck for the players, but it’d be awesome to see the franchise ruin the momentum of a growing city and a young core because of ownership greed.

  12. I feel bad for the fans in Oakland but they can’t really be mad at Davis. That guy tried every avenue possible to get a deal done in Oakland. 15yrs and counting and now the politicians in Oakland are tryna save face with some farce of a deal they know is too little too late. Davis practically begged to stay lol. The coliseum is a dump and the most outdated venue in the nfl and their fans know it. This aint on Davis. why would he stay when he told you he’d leave if vegas offered the money.

  13. What was Davis supposed to do? Oakland blew him off and Vegas kissed his backside. They’ll have almost no homefield advantage in Vegas.

  14. Where will the money for infrastructure come from? Santa Clara 9er stadium is a perfect example of how the NFL doesn’t care about the fans. It is horrible trying to get in and out. The NFL stance is, Build our stadiums and let the fans suffer.

  15. But don’t worry Oakland, you and San Diego will become the “new LA” with owners threatening to move to your city if their current city doesn’t shell out a billion in public money for a new stadium. Or just wait about a dozen years and the Raiders will come back… they did before

  16. Place the blame where it belongs, the Mayor and other political players in Oakland that never gave this serious consideration until it was too late. You want something, you got to go and get it before someone else that wants it more takes it. Vegas wanted the Raiders more than the city of Oakland. Feel bad for the bay area fans that build their Sundays around Raider football but blame Schaff and her cronies for this not Mark Davis, The Raiders or the NFL. They also are losing the Warriors, tells you something about the cities leadership.

  17. Oakland residents who are fans of the Raiders, I am so sorry. Talk about adding insult to injury. I can’t believe these owners.

  18. The team already abandoned the Oakland fans once – why would anyone have thought they wouldn’t do it again?

  19. Las Vegas is and always will be a tourist town, overall its a low populated medium to low income city with high unemployment.
    Once the team tanks they won’t be able to give away seats except to visiting fans, will be a great getaway weekend for visiting fans IF their team is good, if not no one is attending.

  20. NFL owners have no soul….they, take-take-take and give NOTHING back to the average fan. Yes they give it charities but they shame the history of the NFL by these heartless and money motivated moves.

  21. They should show up every week and chant “Mark Davis cuts his hair with a spoon” loudly across a national broadcast. Wouldn’t that be fun?

  22. This is a recipe for disaster. If he was smart he would be on the phone with the University of Las Vegas and ask how much it would cost to be able to use Sam Boyd Stadium.

  23. I would just try to cut a deal with UNLV to share Sam Boyd Stadium and dip out of Oakland early. The Raiders fans in the bay are loyal and there’s no doubt that they see this as a betrayal. Wouldn’t be shocked to see attendance drop if they stay for 2 more years.

  24. People on here are crazy…..”why go see this team” “hope no one goes to see this team and it ruin their young foundational players career I’ve ownership greed” yada yada yada……THEY PLAY ON A DIRT INFIELD! this isn’t about greed, it’s about giving this …one of the greatest and most recognized sports franchises a freaking stadium of their own for the first time in their history…..I would have preferred Oakland , but if not the bay area then Vegas is the next best, better than San Diego, better than LA, better than San Antonio……it’s the entertainment capital of the world!

  25. Not giving in to extortion is NOT “blowing off” the Raiders. This sob story the Raiders want fans to believe is pure crap. There hasn’t been a publically financed stadium deal in the history of the league that ever paid off for the taxpayers who funded that deal. Why would the people of Oakland and California what to repeat that insanity.

    Mark Davis didn’t have the money to build his own stadium, and he wouldn’t sell the team to someone who did. Nor would he consider a deal that would force him finance the deal on his own or by giving up a piece of his team.

    The City of Oakland didn’t “blow off” the Raiders, they just refused to give him taxpayer money to pay for a rich owner’s playground. That would not be just DUMB, it would be criminal.

  26. How is this the politicians’ fault? They turned down the “opportunity” to give a rich guy hundreds of millions of dollars so that he and his friends can make even more money.

    Bottom line is that the average Oakland taxpayer isn’t going to be very affected by the fact that the Raiders will be playing their 8 unaffordable home games a year in a different city. NFL football is not a public need.

    By contrast, the A’s play dozens of home games a year, tickets are affordable, and the stadium they need is much cheaper.

    You can’t blame Mark Davis for taking the more lucrative opportunity — he’s running this team for himself, not the fans. But you also can’t blame Oakland for doing what’s best for itself.

  27. I thank Mark Davis for this move. The Broncos crowd has dominated games in San Diego in the past and will continue to dominate Chargers games with the move to L.A. Now, the Raiders have officially given up their home field advantage as tens of thousands of Coloradans will be jumping at the $100 round trip airfare to go to Vegas to watch the annual stomping of the puny pirates on The Strip. The Davis family is going to get what they deserve for abandoning their fan base yet again.

  28. From City Of Oakland to the Raiders…

    The rent is now 20 million a season to play in Oakland.

  29. 6 season tix (3 club seats) already emailed my rep for refund (They are granting refunds on our 2017 tickets already paid for). I will not be there in ’17,’18, or ’19. Still my team to root for, BUT I will not give Mark Davis any more money in these final lame duck years. Ill be a fan watching on TV. Go Raiders!

  30. Why should people show up? Carr, Mack, Cooper, Crabtree, Irvin, maybe Lynch to name a few…this team should be a SB contender the next few years. Worry about it in 2020.

  31. thekillernacho says:
    Mar 27, 2017 3:26 PM
    This is a recipe for disaster. If he was smart he would be on the phone with the University of Las Vegas and ask how much it would cost to be able to use Sam Boyd Stadium.
    cjweber5187 says:
    Mar 27, 2017 3:38 PM
    I would just try to cut a deal with UNLV to share Sam Boyd Stadium and dip out of Oakland early.
    This has already been explored. It’s been reported that it would take “at least” a year to get the stadium up to nfl standards technology wise. Plus the side lines are too narrow for nfl standards. It may happen, but definitely not in 2017.

  32. Congrats to the Southern Nevada market for getting the NFL!! It is dumb that they will be in Oakland for the next 2-3 years as a “lame duck team.” They play a bowl game at Sam Boyd stadium. Sam Boyd can be expanded to 40,000 seats.

    They need to start construction on the new Las Vegas stadium ASAP.

  33. Davis is the poorest owner in the NFL. He has half the money of #31. He’s not even close to financing his own stadium. He was offered a good deal. If they taxpayers of Oakland don’t want to pony up, fine. But don’t go whining about greed. There are ways to do it. Tax free bonds, hotel and restaurant tax increases that tourists pay, etc. Taxpayers don’t get all their money back, but it’s pretty close to a break even deal. Not a tax payer ‘hosing’ people make it out to be. If the taxpayers don’t see the asset the Raiders are to the community, fine. Davis had no choice.

  34. The City of Oakland should tell Davis to pound sand for the next 3 years or cough up 5x what the rent would have been.

    The city is losing the team in the long run but seems like they have the short term leverage here if they are smart enough to use it. They have no reason to play nice anymore.

  35. Love the corporate apologists who are saying it’s not Al Davis’ fault. How about that billionaire actually ponies up for his own stadium for his tax exempt franchise? Instead of demanding the taxpayers foot the bill. Robert Kraft did it.

  36. Unhappy Raiders fans in Oakland should choose a new team to support and refuse to attend any Raiders games – apart from the ones against your new team – and force the team to play in a near empty stadium.

  37. I can see something like this happening: nobody goes to Raiders games this year so they don’t renew the lease. Instead, they move to Texas to become the San Antonio Buckin’ Raiders for 2 years until the Vegas Stadium is ready.

    Big win for Davis, big win for San Antonio who prove they are an NFL ready city and can start looking at a franchise of their own to steal.

  38. raiderrob21 says:
    Mar 27, 2017 4:57 PM
    6 season tix (3 club seats) already emailed my rep for refund (They are granting refunds on our 2017 tickets already paid for). I will not be there in ’17,’18, or ’19. Still my team to root for, BUT I will not give Mark Davis any more money in these final lame duck years. Ill be a fan watching on TV. Go Raiders!


    Great- you can become a Niner fan now and stop your incessant Niner trolling… you’ll have lots of time on your hands on Sundays now…. lol

  39. Eff Mark Davis.
    I’d like to see them play in Santa Clara for the next 3 years. Too bad they have a lease for the next 2 years.
    Screw him and his Dad’s legacy. His Dad screwed Oakland once too. Twice, actually. They’re still paying off the latest one.

  40. I love the Raiders, not the City of Oakland. I couldn’t care less where they play. I watch on TV. Most Raiders fans watch on TV too. Who cares where they move to. They’re still the Raiders. Always will be the Raiders. Mark Davis has done an excellent job since Al passed away. He has restored the team to the top level. Life is great living in Northern California. We have the 49ers, the Golden State Warriors, and S.F. Giants, so the Raiders and A’s can go somewhere else if they have to. At the end of the day, life in Northern California is awesome. A couple trips a year to Vegas isn’t going to hurt me. We have so much already, no need to be greedy.

  41. cjweber5187 says:
    Mar 27, 2017 3:38 PM
    I would just try to cut a deal with UNLV to share Sam Boyd Stadium and dip out of Oakland early. The Raiders fans in the bay are loyal and there’s no doubt that they see this as a betrayal. Wouldn’t be shocked to see attendance drop if they stay for 2 more years.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    yep nothing better than watching a game when its 115 outside

  42. iam a Raider fan period iam sad to see them leave Oakland but at the same time I glad me and my wife go to 2 games a year in Oakland were from Tucson Az..and the stadium is a terrible stadium I’ve been going for over 30 years and the place hasn’t done any improvements they had numours year to do some thing and nothing all this time..can’t blame mark for leaving RAIDES FAN TILL I DIE…

  43. IN 2018 they play in Sam Boyd stadium in Las Vegas. They out all 40,000 seats in the form of season tickets / PSL’S ; and become the highest priced NFL tickets on the secondary market,
    In 2020 they open the ” Monster Energy” Stadium with 65,000 sold out season tickets and PSL’S, and break all records for most expensive tickets on secondary market,
    All visiting fans want to spend the weekend in Las Vegas when their team plays the Raiders.
    Mark Davis: $5.00 hair cut ; $1,000,000,000 vision.

  44. The Raiders are playing in Oakland for the 2017 season. That is set in stone and something we can all agree on. I can’t see stringing it out in Oakland any longer than that. If Sam Boyd Stadium cannot be remodeled into an adequate temporary home, they should either move in with the 49ers or play in San Diego.

    Mark Davis needs to see that the Las Vegas Stadium gets started soon.

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