Oakland mayor asks for last-minute delay on vote

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NFL owners just walked into another round of meetings, and their decision on the Raiders’ proposed move to Las Vegas seems imminent.

But Oakland mayor Libby Schaff is asking for a last-minute reprieve.

According to the Associated Press, Schaaf is asking the league for more time to negotiate for a stadium deal which would keep the Raiders in Oakland.

“Never that we know of has the NFL voted to displace a team from its established market when there is a fully financed option before them with all the issues addressed,” Schaaf said in a statement. “I’d be remiss if I didn’t do everything in my power to make the case for Oakland up until the very end.”

Unless she can make her way to the Arizona Biltmore Resort in the next few minutes, she might be too late. The league is expected to vote on the measure this morning, and everyone anticipates having well more than the 24 votes needed to approve the move.

48 responses to “Oakland mayor asks for last-minute delay on vote

  1. The billionaire called your bluff. Oakland has bluffed for years. It sucks, because the Oakland Raiders is what they should be. Just like they should be the St Louis Cardinals.

    Bluff called, again, Oakland. LA^hV Raiders it is.

  2. lol they’ve had so much time to get this done and NOW they have something figured out? yeah right

  3. Absolute power is corruption.

    All of these owners will just continue to rob taxpayer dollars as they see fit.

    NFL is nothing but a circus show at this point. Ratings won’t be improving.

    LA Rams, LA Chargers, LV Raiders. LOL.

  4. Alameda resident here. Let them move, and don’t look back. Billion-dollar corporations can pay for their own facilities – our tax dollars are better spent elsewhere.

  5. She knows they’re leaving. She just wants to be able to claim she tried to keep them when she comes up for re-election. But a city that chooses to elect someone like “Libby Schaff” deserves a ghetto town.

  6. No this is the politician trying to make it look like “she really tried but couldn’t get it done”. Whereas it is in actuality yet another dog and pony show by a politician.

  7. Going out on a limb here but I am guessing that Davis and the NFL have very different ideas of what constitutes “a fully financed option before them with all the issues addressed” than Libby Schaff.

  8. This lady and the Mayor before her (Quan) had all the time in the world to get the ball rolling. Now you want to put Vegas to a halt because YOU lagged on your end?

    Get bent. This is nothing but a save face attempt by another lying politician.

  9. end of the day the Raiders belong in Oakland and Mark Davis knows that- what I don’t get is Mark Davis is always crying poor, yet he is willing to pay 350 million to relocate. Seems to me if you take that away from the $750 million free from the state that has the worse education in the country, you really only get 400 million on a 2.3 billion stadium. (owe 1.9 billion)

    Oakland now states they will provide 200 million, and the nfl will provide 100 million to stay, Mark Davis must have 350 million- so right there is 650 million, which only leaves a debt of 650 million to be covered by Ronnie Lottts group.

    At the end of the day Las Vegas is so vulnerable….just look what happened to Las Vegas in 2008-2009… It led the country in forclosures, led the country in unemployment, led the country in people filing BK, and still has the worse education in the country. Do what you want, but are players really going to want to raise their kids in Las Vegas….I know it is why I moved after spending 6 years there- if you are rich and single,its an adult disneyland….lots of fun- but tough on kids.Young kids (18 yrs old) have to decide if they should goparks cars and do valet and make 60k to 80k ayear, and girls end up on a dance pole making cash.

  10. It’s funny that Libby had no interest in a new stadium for the Raiders until the Vegas legislature approved the 750mil. Then all of a sudden she “cared” before that she publicly said that she would rather keep the A’s because they play more games. Totally smells like political cover.

  11. @goldmansacks says – “Let them move…our tax dollars are best spent elsewhere”.

    Please tell us, where has Oakland “best spent” those tax dollars during the past 10+ years of not spending them on a stadium? Has the quality of life in Oakland improved in any way during that time?

  12. Remember when Raider fans were talking trash about Santa Clara ??

    That extra 45min drive to Santa Clara sounds like a walk in the park. Compared to the 10hr drive or plain ticket/hotel, etc Raider fans in the bay will be paying for to go see them in Vegas

  13. So Oakland has the funds to help build a new football stadium for a billionaire?. Where’s Too Short when you need him? ‘The Ghetto”

  14. It’s amazing what has happened here in terms of public opinion. Greedy billionaire owner moves team to a place where tax payers will pay for most of their new stadium and rather than call them out on it the majority here seems to be upset with Oakland tax payers for not handing over $750 million earlier. This whole move couldn’t possibly go any better for Davis.

    Even crazier is that the A’s are going to be begging for a stadium too.

  15. Completely a political request. She can say that the NFL didn’t give her more time…you had like 20 years.

  16. I always love the comments of no welfare for billionaires but your ok with tax subsidies for corporations who build plants, shipyards, business in your cities. Why is the NFL any different cause they make more money. I’ll gladly keep voting to rebuild arrowhead cause guess what it provides jobs and tax revenue to the local economy.

  17. Oakland is 49ers territory. The Bay is the area of big, innovative business men. “Moms and Pops stores” like the Raiders can’t survive here.

    9er Empire

    Oakland belongs to us!

  18. I have a feeling she doesn’t have an offer of any sort. It’s probably a last minute ploy to try and hitch a ride to Las Vegas.

  19. “Even crazier is that the A’s are going to be begging for a new stadium too”

    Are you saying that the A’s should continue playing in the more than substandard conditions of the Colesium?

    Warriors? Gone. Raiders? Gone. A’s? Soon to be gone. If you want to be a viable city, some money has to be spent.

  20. Never that we know of has the NFL voted to displace a team from its established market when there is a fully financed option before them with all the issues addressed…

    Uh, ever heard of St. Louis?

  21. Las Vegas will become the new #1 road game destination for the 31 fan bases in the NFL. The Raiders will probably draw ok from the LA area (I think there are still more Raiders fans there than Rams or Chargers fans), but not enough to sell out a game 4 1/2 hours away every week.

  22. At least she’ll be able to keep her health coverage when she loses the election because of this…

  23. Hasn’t Oakland had decades to put a plan together to replace a stadium where the turf is covered in gravel and sewage back-ups… or does that only happen in A’s games?

  24. As a die hard Raider hater (BronCo fan here), I am particularly excited about your move to Vegas). The Raiders have always been Denver’s biggest rival. It is nice to see the Raiders back in prominence, particularly after your last very successful season and your core of young talent. May this move provide you the potential for success you could not receive in Oakland. I look forward to many future hotly contested games between our teams like the old days. Wanna play for blood? We will. Say when.

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