Oakland mayor: Raiders fans “deserved better”

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A coffee-table book could be made, at this rate, featuring politicians’ statements after an NFL franchise relocated from their cities. Disappointment. Some version of “we, the city, did what we could.” At times, anger.

That it’s become so routine is a testament to the 15 months it’s been in the NFL.

Libby Schaaf joined the book Monday.

The Oakland mayor expressed her dissatisfaction with a 31-1 NFL owner vote in Phoenix. It approved the Raiders’ move to Las Vegas, which will be executed once a stadium becomes available at the latter. The Raiders are scheduled to continue at the Oakland Coliseum in the interim.

Bay Area fans, she said, “deserved better.”

“I am disappointed that the Raiders and the NFL chose Las Vegas over Oakland when we had a fully-financed, shovel-ready stadium project that would have the kept the Raiders in Oakland where they were born and raised,” the statement read.

“I am proud that we stood firm in refusing to use public money to subsidize stadium construction and that we did not capitulate to their unreasonable and unnecessary demand that we choose between our football and baseball franchises.

“As a lifelong Oaklander, my heart aches today for Raider Nation. These are the most committed and passionate fans any city or team could hope to have. They deserved better.”

Indeed, this was the latest mayoral statement in a string of NFL franchise relocations.

Here was St. Louis on Jan. 12, 2016, after losing the Rams to Los Angeles.

“The NFL ignored the facts, the loyalty of St. Louis fans, who supported the team through far more downs than ups, and the NFL ignored a strong market and viable plan for a new stadium,” Mayor Francis Slay said. “I am proud of our effort and what St. Louis was able to accomplish in an extraordinarily short period of time. I thank everyone who worked so diligently on this project, especially the Governor’s Task Force.

“In the meantime, we need to increase our focus on the region’s hospitality industry — conventions, tourism and amateur sports. These events and the hotels and restaurants that support them put thousands of City and County residents to work in good jobs. St. Louis is great place to live and build a business — with or without NFL football.”

Here was San Diego on Jan. 12, 2017, after losing the Chargers to Los Angeles. (Or did they?)

“At the end of the day, Dean Spanos was never willing to work with us on a stadium solution and demanded a lot more money than we could have ever agreed to,” Mayor Kevin Faulconer said. “We live in a great city and we will move forward. San Diego didn’t lose the Chargers, the Chargers lost San Diego.”

There is another commonality between such statements.

None paint a full picture of the events precipitating the NFL’s departure.

103 responses to “Oakland mayor: Raiders fans “deserved better”

  1. Libby, they deserve better. If you want to keep your baseball team, you ought to think about that. You had 22 years to work on this problem since the Raiders moved back to Oakland and made no progress. All you do now is whine AFTER THE FACT.

  2. I to am happy you didn’t give in to the greedy NFL demands. stadiums are not a good business. If it was, there would be tons of investors lining up to finance them.

  3. The citizens of Oakland deserve a competent mayor.

    Libby, you lost the Raiders because you lack business acumen and vision. You didn’t respond. You didn’t step up and make a deal happen. It’s on you.

  4. Libby you are a liar and are only trying to save your political career…you had plenty of chances to get this done and waited till the last moment to submit the city’s proposal.

  5. City leadership turned up their noses at the Raiders and were unwilling to even consider having any real skin in the game. This has been going on for years.

    The only thing worse than greedy billionaire corporations are phony baloney politicians setting the stage with voters to save their own skin next election cycle.

    Libby Schaff, you got owned by MARK DAVIS, that has to be tough to take.

  6. Raiders fans do, indeed, deserve better. As does the team. Hence the move to Las Vegas. There’s no reason they should have to play on a baseball field. It’s bad for their product and their players. Given the choice between Oakland and Las Vegas, a majority of people would choose Vegas. Flights from NoCal to Vegas are more than affordable if you have the means to go to several games or purchase season tickets. Let the party begin!

    Viva Las Vegas and Los Raiders!

  7. Cut City waste and abuse, reduce business taxes, enforce the law against ILLEGALS and make your City shine and grow free from the blight of crony capitalism and using taxpayer money for pet projects of the well-connected.

    Have the last say by making Oakland great again!

  8. What’s amazing is that she thinks people are listening to her.

    She thought Mark Davis was bluffing and that the League would never allow a team in Vegas.

    She gambled wrong with an issue that required her attention and made pathetic attempts in the 11th hour to “show” she was doing “something”.

    The Raiders left on your watch, Libby, this is your legacy.

    The day you announced your 10 year deal with the A’s was the day Mark Davis said screw you and stopped wasting his time with you.

  9. Libby the Liar is Right, Raider fans do deserve better, and they are getting it in “2020” No more sewage leaking, stinking rooms, baseball dirt, and nasty parking lots….Oakland…You all need a real Mayor!!

  10. From everything I have read and seen incompetence on her part is the reason the Raiders are leaving Oakland.

    This is just a politician trying to save face.

  11. Yea the Mayor of Oakland did a really poor job handling this, she tried to to play hard ball with the the NFL and she failed. This is just posturing now. Oakland deserves a better mayor. Poor Oakland.

  12. “I am disappointed that the Raiders and the NFL chose Las Vegas over Oakland when we had a fully-financed, shovel-ready stadium project…”

    I can’t speak for anyone else but I had a shovel ready when I clicked on this link. And unlike Libby Schaaf’s shovel there was a 100% certainty I would need mine.

  13. Deserve better? Let me explain who deserved better….SuperSonic fans. One of the top 5 fan supported city icon franchises in the NBA was hijacked by politicians and a cheap owner Mr. Shultz. The Raiders are a country wide brand. They will thrive where ever they go.

  14. Either way, no State deserves 4 NFL franchises. I don’t care how important they think they are. Once the Rams moved there, another team had to go.

  15. Shovel ready?! Seriously?! From the public information that has come out about Oakland’s plan and from what was in Roger Goodell’s letter to the mayor the other day, the plan wasn’t even remotely close to being shovel ready. Madam Mayor, you never had any intentions of doing enough to keep the team and you know it. Now you are just trying to play both sides of the electorate to look good for the next election. If as an elected official you are against public money for a stadium then that’s fine. But just say it. But trying to play the people and make it look like you had a “shovel ready” plan is a joke.

  16. This sounds like the same as when the Brown’s left Cleveland. They helped the other teams, who didn’t invest in the city, but when Model asked for a stadium, they kept saying wait, wait, wait and then when Model had a deal with Baltimore, they tried to come up with an 11th hour deal that was too little too late. The NFL needs to start investing in the infrastructure of their stadiums. I think it is ridiculous to expect the cities to make a large investment in a building that seems to be outdated in 20 years.

  17. The 70’s & 80’s are over, no one cares about the move everywhere Raiders anymore except for mid 40 and mid 50 year old’s trying to relive their childhoods as wannabe Pirates.

  18. Oakland’s mayor ran in there at the supposed last minute just to look good to her constituents. She allowed this to happen and had no real desire to keep the Raiders.

    Now she can say, ” I came up with a plan but the NFL and Raiders rejected it.” She did that whole “last minute” thing just for show.

    She isn’t fooling anybody.

    The Oakland officials and the Raiders fans have acted nonchalantly towards the Raiders leaving a second time because in their minds, they thought the Raiders had “learned their lesson” from the last time they left. Well, Oakland Raider fans and Oakland officials, the egg is on your face. The Raiders were serious about leaving.

    Next time, don’t make a team wait 16 years in asking for a new stadium.

  19. I suppose that having a stadium that’s falling apart was okay. Making them share it with a baseball team where the diamond is visible at midfield is okay. When the Raiders bring up these issues you raise their rent- nice. I’m sure the city won’t miss the revenue, or the legacy.

  20. I’ve been a Raiders fan since the 60’s. Lamonica, Big Ben Davidson, Hewritt Dixon, Carlton Oats, Fred Biletnikoff, etc. I loved Al Davis, and the Raiders fans are the best. But I have no problem with them moving to Las Vegas. I watch the games from my living room. I haven’t been to a Raiders game since 1980. Lots of die hard fans have never been to a game. So whether they’re playing in Oakland, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, or New York, I’m watching on TV. They had a few down years recently, but now they’ve gotten it straightened out. They’re back to being one of the best teams. I don’t blame Mark Davis. I’m not mad at Libby Schaaf. Everyone does what they need to do. There are a lot more important things in the world to worry about. It’s still a great day to be a Raiders fan! Actually, now that they’re in Vegas, I might go to a couple games. Silver and Black is still Silver and Black!

  21. My whole family had Raider Season Tickets in Oakland and were original PSL Holders. We lived through the move to LA and the Raiders return.

    This time it is Oakland’s fault, the ONLY time you would hear anything out of Oakland was when news on Las Vegas would break. They have had a long long time to present the NFL and Raiders with something real rather than the smoke and mirrors they would show over and over again.

    Any true Raider Fan gets mad, bitches, cry’s and whines but come Sunday they are with the Raiders. It killed me when I moved to Vegas 15 years ago leaving behind the Raiders. They were leaving, Las Vegas is much better than the other places they could have ended up. They deserve a top flight Stadium and they will now have one.

    And to all that think they know Nevada or Las Vegas by their 3 day stay a year, you know nothing. The Raiders will thrive in Las Vegas. I have friends that are Raider Fans in AZ, UT, Southern Cal that are thrilled and will be buying season tickets. It is Raider Nation and Las Vegas is going to be one hell of a Party.

  22. “Wow, the Raiders just got rejected on LA, we have a second chance! What should we do?”

    “Hey, I have an idea…let’s triple their rent and fold our arms across our chests!”

    “Done and…done.”


  23. I love how self righteous everyone is. Ask yourself if you would turn your back on nearly a billion in increased franchise value in the name of city loyalty, if you were an owner.

  24. I think we’re pretty much to the point now where all NFL fans deserve better.

    Strange to see all the vitriol directed at public officials for not wanting to give away hundreds of millions of dollars of tax revenue to billionaires who are just using it for leverage.

    Why not direct that vitriol toward what the league is quickly becoming?

  25. The key for any city who has put an NFL team in a stadium is to pass a relocation tax of $1 Billion dollars if the company primarily exists in a public-owned facility.

    It would quickly end the ‘do it our way or we’ll leave’ threats.

  26. Mayor Libby Schaff and the city government did everything they could. A pro-corporate website like ProFootballTalk, beholden to the football business community and pandering to the fans tries to present a slanted picture to suit its purposes, and tries to blacken the name of the Mayor and as you see other mayors who have faced similar situations.

    There is no way the Raiders deserve any city money that could go to services for the people of Oakland. What is important is the quality of life for residents and not signing over taxpayer dollars to a football team.

    The Raiders have no care about their fans and the attachment they have developed over many years to the team. The Raider owner has no doubt enjoyed being feted and given the red carpet treatment by Las Vegas.

    Now he takes the team to a city and expects a tourist industry to hold up ticket sales. He will find out that what really makes a team is the community that supports it, not disloyal owners, dollars and ring kissing.

  27. I feel bad for the fans in Oakland, but California is a disaster. There is a reason why corporate HQ are leaving and even sports teams. Wake up CA, vote em out before its too late.

  28. Oakland Raider fans deserved better than going to a literal dump and sewage pit to see their team for the last umpteen years. This problem preceeded Libby so she’s not totally to blame but it happened on her watch so she’ll get the lion’s share of the blame for losing the Raiders, and probably in a few years, the A’s.
    As for Davis and the NFL, no way they turn down $750 million in FREE MONEY, a deal which Oakland can never match so this move was going to happen, PERIOD.
    As far as being a Raider fan up here in NorCal, I’d much rather fly in Saturday to Vegas to watch the Raider game on Sunday and in the meantime place a few bets, hit a few spots, etc. and then fly back to Sacramento that night than drive down to frigging Oakland and watch a game in that dump.
    One Nation, RAIDER NATION!

  29. We never heard a peep out of her until the last week when she knew what was going to happen.

  30. Oakland, and the entire Bay area, is a failed liberal experiment. White uppity liberals run the ghettos there. The Raiders left to feed at another taxpayer trough. A smaller market that won’t support them long term.

  31. Raiders fans deserve better and they are getting better. Trips to Vegas with the rest of Raider nation!

  32. She tripled their rent when the NFL rejected the Raider / Charger LA plan then claims it’s not her fault the Raiders found a better solution? She tried a last minute ploy to stop the move that could have constituted illegal inverse condemnation – that the NFL rejects – and it’s the NFL’s fault? She confused loans with contributions and promises with commitments and seems to have hoped that no one noticed? Unbelievably inept performance by an incompetent politician. Surely the voters aren’t that stupid! California dreaming if she thinks the voters will forget her inept handling of the stadium issue. Wonder if baseball will follow.

  33. An NFL football team does not make a city great.

    But, great cities have an NFL team.

    Oakland is an armpit. It doesn’t have to be.

    Will someone ever step forward and make it great again?

  34. JaminJake says:
    Mar 27, 2017 5:34 PM
    Amazing, San Francisco has zero football teams now.
    San francisco had zero teams the day the 49ers moved to their current stadium. Raiders issues have nothing to do with san francisco

  35. For the most part, people get what they deserve. There is no way that Oakland politicos should be whining and complaining. Their lack of leadership for over 20 years on this topic got them exactly what they deserve.

  36. California is a fiscal train wreck. Multiple millions spent on a high speed rail system that wasn’t needed. A glaring lack of infrastructure spending (see Oroville dam spillway failure). The last thing that state needed was a spend more money they don’t have on a stadium.

  37. I feel badly for the fans in Oakland. Having traveled to Oakland multiple times to watch our Raiders, I was in awe of the excitement and support for this team. I also saw what condition the Coliseum was in. I know some of you are going to blame Mark Davis, and others Libby Schaff. With the circumstances being what they are, what was Davis supposed to do? His only business is the Raiders; he doesn’t have the capital other owners have, but yet he needs the same tools the other teams need to work with. I also don’t think using public money is good either, especially when the city is said to be struggling elsewhere. I wish there could have been more pressure on the Mayor from the public to do something if that is what your city wanted. Now it’s too late. I will cheer for the Raiders no matter where they call home. Thank you Oakland Raiders fans for the experience. GO RAIDERS!!!!

  38. I never understand the idea behind publicly funding huge stadiums. Oakland won here as far as I can tell

  39. Shovel ready, huh? Everyone knows you can’t pass gas on a street corner in California without several permits, and then litigating the masses up to and through the passing of said gas.

    The Raiders are gone. The Warriors are gone.

    Use the funds to rebuild your community. The going rate for new MLB stadiums is $500M, a third of the NFL demands. Save the A’s.

  40. Sad to see all the mindless sheep patting the Raiders on the back for moving. The Raiders, just like the Chargers and countless other past and future teams, left because their owners weren’t given “billionaire welfare”. Yes, billionaires who need the state to still pick up the bill for their stadium and STILL have the audacity to charge you an arm and a leg for nose bleed seats and food/drink. Wake up people.

  41. Well all the comments about Mayor Libby Schaff as warranted as they may be , people need to realize she has only been Mayor of Oakland for two years. Mark Davis has refused to meet with her ever since she became Mayor.

    Really Mark Davis has turned his back on the Oakland fans, the same way his dad did. ((Like father , like son) . I live in Nevada, but feel the Raiders belong in Oakland.

    I just hope the City of Oakland stick it to the Raiders on the lease this year, and next year. Maybe they can pay off some of the debt from Mt Davis.

  42. Oakland is a dump. At least they had the Raiders to hang their hat on. Now what? Nice job mayor. Putz.

  43. It’s called economic development. Any entity that generates nearly 200 million dollars a year for the community should be sought after. Now that the ballgame is over the mayor whines… where was she during the process. I’m guessing she leans to the left! lol

  44. People talking about how Oakland and their mayor didn’t “support” the Raiders have it backwards.

    If Mark Davis wanted access to the 7th largest media market in the US and Silicon Valley money, he had to step up to the plate and finance a stadium himself. You gotta pay to play. Californian cities are done giving the NFL handouts.

    But he didn’t have the cash and refused to sell any part of the team. And now he has to leave an economic powerhouse and rapidly-gentrifying city for a comparatively tiny media market, keeping his fingers crossed that the numbers will still work out.

    Oakland’s mayor has much better things to do than make sure an NFL team plays 8 games in her city that are unaffordable and better to watch on TV anyway. As people in LA learned a long time ago, a local NFL team is a luxury you don’t miss much when it’s gone.

  45. The NFL does not give a rip about the fans regardless of where there might be…they only care about one thing

  46. They had time and even wasted a year on a guy that came up with a plan contingent upon buying control of the team from Mark Davis. He said all along that wasn’t going to happen.

  47. As soon as Oakland have fulfilled their end of the contract they should kick the Raiders out. There isn’t a chance in hell that I’d let them extend their stay until their new stadium is ready.

    I would advise all Oakland Raiders fans to not attend games, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the team has a clause in the contract where the city has to make up any shortfall in ticket sales.

  48. There is another BIG commonality in all this. The insistence of the biggest, richest sports corporation in the world wanting PUBLIC money for building new stadiums. And yet 98% of the public cannot and never will be able to attend an NFL game. If they can find a PRIVATE source of that money – fine. But in most of the sports conglomerates operating today the public is paying for at least 1/2 of the new stadiums through taxes & fees. Add to that the monopoly breaks and other “look the other way” standards that have become acceptable in this industry and you have a big modern day mafia!

  49. Libby under your leadership Oakland has become the sewer and don’t forget about your terrible leadership on the “GhostShip” disaster.

  50. Expecting an NFL owner to finance a billion dollar stadium is unrealistic. So is expecting local taxpayers to foot the bill for a private business’ extravagance.

    There is a compromise to be made wherever this issue crops up again.

    The NFL owner should foot the bill for the stadium proper while the community funds any necessary infrastructure. (Parking lots would be considered infrastructure and any profit should return to the government until the infrastructure is paid for…and then discontinued. Subsequently, the NFL business partners should collectively handle any upgrades or major renovations needed in the future until the normal building ‘life expectancy’ is exceeded. A portion of the league’s annual gross income should be set aside and used in various stadiums around the league.

    The game itself is the event people go to watch. There should be no expectation for public wireless coverage or other amenities. (Nobody goes to the movies or a concert or a play or whatever expecting to use their phones to surf the internet so why should a sporting event be any different?) Note to owners: If you can afford a new stadium but not one that includes giant HDTV screens and other BS, then YOU CANNOT AFFORD IT…move on to something functional that you can actually afford. You can like the expensive luxury car all you want but if you do not have the money then you have to get a nice but practical vehicle that gets the job done. We make those kinds of decisions/sacrifices every day and none of us head over to the neighbor’s house to demand cash so we can get a Mercedes.

  51. She is so glad taxpayers weren’t forced to pay for a stadium. Ask her about abortion and birth control and I bet she quickly changes her tune. Typical liberal

  52. $13,000,000,000 = 2016 NFL League revenue

    $406,250,000 = League revenue share for each of 32 teams.

    In one fiscal year.

    Build your own damn stadiums.

  53. logast says:
    Mar 27, 2017 6:22 PM
    California is a fiscal train wreck. Multiple millions spent on a high speed rail system that wasn’t needed. A glaring lack of infrastructure spending (see Oroville dam spillway failure). The last thing that state needed was a spend more money they don’t have on a stadium

    The State of California is the 6th largest economy in the world. Governor Jerry Brown is running a surplus. Everyone wants to move to California. A tiny two bedroom house costs $650,000 because of supply and demand. Everyone is happy.

  54. Las Vegas, L.A. Or Oakland….. I’m from TEXAS! And I always say RAIDER NATION BABY! So it makes no difference to me where they are located OR where they play!

  55. The city knew they were not going to be able to keep both the A’s and the Raiders and they chose the A’s.
    Sorry Raiders fans but it makes sense because there are over 8o MLB home games vs 8 NFL home games.
    The majority of county taxpayers would never agree to put up money for a stadium even if it were hotel taxes like Las Vegas. This was a done deal for a long time.

  56. Football is for better people. I’m glad the NFL is in Vegas. I would take a dump on the Oakland Coleseum personally if I were there. Faider nation please tatto a crying Jordan over your faces for good. You don’t deserve American Football.

  57. ezpkns34 says:
    Mar 27, 2017 6:38 PM

    I never understand the idea behind publicly funding huge stadiums. Oakland won here as far as I can tell


    Even when the funding has a clear path and plan for a positive return on the investigation from increased tax revenues, more traffic at local businesses, employment opportunities for the community, etc.?

  58. First the Warriors move out of Oakland, now the Raiders. I see a pattern here Libby. I’m sure there are some cities out there that will take the A’s of your hands. Not to mention the stadium employees out of work and the revenue these franchises bring in to your city. Wrong move calling their bluff.

  59. It’s worth noting that Libby Schaaf has only been mayor since November of 2014, and she literally zero framework to work with. This has been a known issue of contention dating back to Jerry Brown.

    No matter who you feel is to blame, this is definitely a bad long term move for the NFL and the Raiders. Vegas is around the 45th biggest market in the United States. There is zero reason to think they could support a team. Tourists might go to games, but the TV dollars will falter (remember, most of the Raider fans in the Bay Area won’t be able to just watch the team on basic cable anymore).

    Mark Davis and Dean Spanos made short sighted decisions for themselves that put the league in jeopardy. I hope fans don’t support them, but the average NFL fan has demonstrated zero desire to punish either franchises or the league itself, so it’s hard to be optimistic.

  60. Every one of these moves is going to end up blowing up in the league’s face. The Rams and Chargers within the next decade will be griping about low attendance and lousy stadiums. The league ia also going to end up regretting its embrace of Las Vegas in more ways than it seems willing to admit possible.

    Two teams left Los Angeles in 1994 for a reason, including the Raiders who were willing to return to Oakland and a bad stadium situation even at that time. LA will definitely not support two teams now. As for Vegas, well good luck keeping young NFL stars fresh out of college with gobs of money out of trouble in the gamblers paradise of Sin City.

  61. I live in Nevada, and am still scratching my head on how did the State of Nevada come up with close to a billion dollars of public money, but are laying teachers off because they have no money?

  62. This Mayor certainly blew it highly doubt she will be reelected . The had to be compromise and public funds should have been used . In MN there are high school football teams as well as soccer and baseball games are being played at the new US Bank stadium . Most would have benefited from throwing some public money in the kitty Mayor , no you have nothing but heartache from your football fans . The Raiders never should have left Oakland period . Nice job Mayor .

  63. LOL at all the comments about California.

    It is ranked the #5th biggest money making economy in the WORLD!!!behind countries like China and Japan.

    The Rest of the 49 US states combined is 7th in annual income made.

    If it wasn’t for California the US wouldn’t be the strength it is globally. Some business experts define it as the backbone of the US’s economy.

    California could be its own country and sustain just fine.

    It’s called the Golden State for a reason.

    I’ll be the first to say the price of housing and living costs are outrageous here but, if it’s as bad as some of you say. Then please explain why more people are moving here by the day then they are leaving.

    Also, it sure is nice waking up and having a job, not having to shovel snow to go to work, having beautiful weather 330days of the year, going to ocean beaches, seeing mountains, enjoying top shelf medical MJ and hanging out with abundance of beautiful women.

    Not a bad life for a bunch of so called ” idiots, illegals and liberals.”


    I hate the Raiders with a passion but even I have to admit Bay Area Raider fans were completely done wrong. They stuck through and supported garbage teams year after year and were paid back with a middle finger.

  64. I have never considered traveling to Oakland for an NFL game, for obvious reasons.

    I will travel from the Midwest to Vegas EVERY YEAR my team is in town. Hell Yes!

    I already visit Vegas several times every year, this would be a natural for many in the Midwest.

  65. If the Lott Group is serious about building an NFL stadium, they should make a pitch for an NFL expansion team. How bout the Oakland Orcas????

    With the Raiders and Warriors leaving, Oakland should be able to build a beauty of a stadium for the A’s.

  66. Hey Libby,

    Why dont you have a charity to bid on Raider tarp? It is the best peace of history why the Raiders are moving for the second time!

  67. The Raiders deserved better than playing half the season on a dirt in-field in the year 2017….when you would be hard pressed to find a high school team that has to that. They deserved better bathrooms that weren’t designed from,1970, and sewer backup. They deserve to be shown on decent sized HD screens at either end of the stadium…..good turf conditions and for first time in their history this organization deserved a stadium of its own……the Raiders deserved better Libby, and Vegas will give it to them

  68. I don’t have an issue with the move per se. I’m not from Oakland and could care less about the City. But, Oakland screwed the pooch on this. The City is a dumpster fire and only getting worse. That said, I cancelled my season tickets today, after 20 years. I’m not going to pay a man’s rent for a couple of years when he’s telegraphed that he’s going to be ‘hitting my soon to be ex-wife” in a new town. TV it shall be from now on. It was a lot of fun while it lasted. Go Raiders! Cheers!

  69. kevpft says:
    Mar 27, 2017 5:50 PM
    I think we’re pretty much to the point now where all NFL fans deserve better.

    Strange to see all the vitriol directed at public officials for not wanting to give away hundreds of millions of dollars of tax revenue to billionaires who are just using it for leverage.

    Why not direct that vitriol toward what the league is quickly becoming?

    That would be great but watch and see. She has no problem throwing tax dollars around on the programs for the illegal aliens.

  70. None of it matters. The mayor will wake up tomorrow and still have her job. The Raiders will still be owned by Mark Davis. And Goodell will still be commissioner.
    The quality of the NFL will still be in a downward spiral. Jerry Jones will still be in the NFL HoF. And the Cowboys will never win another SuperBowl while he still owns them.
    So there you go. None of it matters.

  71. There’s no Autumn Wind in the desert…that stadium will a haven for other teams fans and disinterested corporate shills…the Black Hole is over!

  72. Libby Schaaf has been mayor for only two years, but she forgot to mention on NFL radio this morning that she has been on the City Council, and thus suckling at the taxpayers teet, for many years (since 2009 I think). Oakland also has a 9.5% sales tax which is equal to the highest in California, and probably most of America. Just drive through Oakland (if you dare), and then ask yourself where is that 9.5% tax going? I wonder what Libby Schaaf’s publicly paid for house looks like? Like the new LV stadium?

    As a lifelong Bay Area resident I happily support the LV Raiders.

    Oakland can now turn that stadium property into a taxpayer funded sanctuary lot. I would like to encourage all peoples without homes or the means to feed themselves to move to Oakland, and occupy the stadium property as well as UC Berkeley campus.

    Viva Las Vegas! Viva Khalil Mack! Viva Derek Carr!

  73. This is good news for the A’s. It’s all Oakland has now, so they should be able to get a good deal from the city so they stay.

  74. Everyone knows that Oakland and Alameda County are disfunctional political bodies. It’s been that way for 50 years. The NFL knows this as well. But they did nothing to improve the options for the Raiders in Oakland. The league does not care about fans. It’s all about money.

  75. Vegas Faders.

    Oaktown is about to get swallowed by SF anyway.

    Can chucky please return? Him and Davis are a formidable pair.

  76. iteabaggedurwife says:
    Mar 27, 2017 8:18 PM

    Even when the funding has a clear path and plan for a positive return on the investigation from increased tax revenues, more traffic at local businesses, employment opportunities for the community, etc.?


    Exactly what the simpletons complaining don’t take into consideration. Also, not mentioning that the city usually gets ALL parking paid, and X amount of days to use the stadium every year. Football teams use the stadium 10-15 times a year…cities typically use stadiums 20-30 times per year.

  77. Think of it this way, more time to focus on your Sanctuary City policies instead of negotiating a new stadium deal! Win Win.

  78. NFL fans think their teams care about them. Never have. Never will. It’s a business. Teams are owned by billionaires who didn’t get that way by making friends.

    Every NFL owner can afford to finance a stadium with their own money. Period. That this city, and St. Louis, and San Diego, refused to cave in to billionaires is a great sign. Those cities will be just fine without pro football, a dying sport anyway. Soccer is the wave of the future and cities would do well to get on board now.

    Any Raider fan that pays for a ticket or otherwise shows up for any games in Oakland the next two years is a sucker and a fool. Protests and signs mean nothing. Vote and be heard with your wallet. Let them play before empy seats.

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