Robert Kraft would love Malcolm Butler and/or Darrelle Revis on Patriots

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When cornerback Darrelle Revis was last a member of the Patriots, comments from Jets owner Woody Johnson about bringing him back to his first NFL team led to a $100,000 fine from the league for tampering.

Revis wound up returning to the Jets ahead of the 2015 season, but he was released this offseason so Patriots owner Robert Kraft doesn’t have to worry about anyone pulling a Vladimir Putin to his bank account for commenting about the cornerback returning to New England. That may explain why Kraft was happy to do so at the league meetings in Arizona on Monday.

“I would love it,” Kraft said, via Gary Myers of the New York Daily News. “Speaking for myself, if he wanted to come back, he’s a great competitor, I’d welcome him if he wanted to come.”

There’s been other chatter about a possible reunion, but none of the people chattering nor Kraft are in control of making a deal that would bring Revis back to New England. That’s Bill Belichick’s department and it seems safe to say that he won’t be sharing any of his thoughts on that front.

The same is true of the team’s plans regarding cornerback Malcolm Butler, who has not signed his restricted free agent tender or an offer sheet with the Saints after a visit with New Orleans. There’s been plenty of discussion about how things will play out with Butler. Kraft said he has “great affection” for the corner and that his wish would be for another year in New England.

“I hope he’s with us and signs his [tender] and plays for us. … I don’t want to, in any way, take away from his rights, I want to be clear. I hope he’s with us,” Kraft said, via the Boston Globe.

The possibility of a Revis encore may be linked to how things play out with Butler as the Patriots already have Stephon Gilmore under contract. The deadline for restricted free agents to sign offer sheets with other teams is April 21.

41 responses to “Robert Kraft would love Malcolm Butler and/or Darrelle Revis on Patriots

  1. And the rich may get richer. Revis may not be the island he used to be, but the guy is still a top 15 corner in this league.

    Sure he got beat last year, but 75% of the corners in this league would too if they played 1-1 vs. against the #1 WR every week.

  2. Bring them BOTH on board…. Malcolm for 5 years & Revis for 2….
    MALCOLM: 5 yrs 40 mil W/30 guaranteed
    Revis: year 1 vet minimum w/ incentives (jets pick up all$ above vet minimum)
    :year 2 6 mill w/ incentives…. With option to dump him after year 1 if he still stinks…

  3. Despite how bad Revis looked last year the quarters coverage that the Pats play could help cover for his loss of speed. If he would play for the veteran minimum with the balance of his $6,000,000 coming from the Jets he would be a steal.

  4. Given how Revis didn’t even try last year, why would a team want him?
    Revis has a guarnateed 6MM from the Jets with an offset.
    So he’ll play for free if he play, is he really going to do that?

  5. Don’t matter, when you got Tom Brady playing 6-7 years, you got at least 5 more SB rings. PATRIOTS PATRIOTS PATRIOTS BABY!!!

  6. I can certainly see him wanting Butler back, but hasn’t Revis’ game declined? Plus, he is kind of a greedy legend in his own mind that probably over values his play. Nothing against him as many older plAyers cannot see the decline in themselves. I just don’t see the thrifty Pats willing to pay what it would take to keep him happy throughout the season. Especially if he has a good year. Halfway through the season he would become disatisfied with what he agreed to. It is kind of his M.O.

  7. On the other hand, if over the past year or so, his attitude has matured regarding his dollar value and such, he could be an assett to the pats. From what I have seen and read, he has always played hard and been a good team mate outside of his demands to renegotiate his contract. The Pats seem pretty good at feeling out a player and making it clear that negativity and lack of effort will not be tolerated. The only 2 strikeouts where this is concerned that I can think of were Adalious Thomas and Fat Albert. With Albert I was surprized they took a chance considering how he was with the Redskins. Of course, Ray Ray said the same thing about Thomas with the Ravens.

  8. Bill’s next D innovation seems to involve the secondary, where he once coached. In a passing league, with star receivers like Julio Jones and Antonio Brown, Hoodie knows you have to adapt.

  9. Chowds already have the best corner in the league(ha ha)…..Gilmore. Why would they need the other 2?

  10. you know it would be nice for Kraft to keep his yap shut, I am getting tired of all his dumb comments everyday, greedy old fart!

  11. Ya know Mr Kraft your having a good run and you think every button you push is the right one and it may be ,,,but when your luck runs out and your up there in age now and may not be around too see it ,,I certainly hope you are with all due respect because I want you to endure the boomerang effect of smelling yourself ,you and your fans ! This is a what have you done for me lately league and success is kinda forgotten real fast the rest of the league is gonna dance all over the demise of the patriot way !

  12. Much respect to you Mr.Kraft, but please stop talking. The fans do NOT want Revis. He’s past his prime. He’s selfish. And most of all, we don’t need him.

  13. Neither will play for NE. It will be Gilmore, Eric Rowe and Johnathon Joseph as nickel corner

  14. Putin to his bank account??? I dont get the reference. Did you mean ‘an Obama to his phone line’ so noone could leak that he’d been tampering?
    Either way, Revis looked way done last year and I don’t sel Flloyd “money” Revis playing for a couple mil cause tou know thats all the Pats would offer on a vetran flyer deal

  15. Woody did more than just mention Revis. It’s been reported that the Jets also met with him face to face and made several phone calls to him. All while he was under contract with NE.

    I’m sure Goodell knew all about it, but since it was the Jets and NE was the victim, he let it go.

    KC fans, how does that make you feel? The Jets did all that and only got a measly $100K fine. The Chiefs lost $350K and 2 draft picks for making a single phone call to Maclin instead of his agent during the “legal” tampering period. Chiefs got hosed in another show of what integrity means to Goodell.

  16. Revis covering the 3rd wr would be worth looking st.

    With that said, anything below $6 million in 2017 and Revis is playing for “free”.

    I would do $8 million a year, 2 year contract. Only the first year is guaranteed.

  17. “I want you to endure the boomerang effect of smelling yourself ,you and your fans ! ”

    Now who can argue with such brilliance?

  18. unclebluck says:
    Mar 28, 2017 7:18 AM

    Chowds already have the best corner in the league(ha ha)…..Gilmore. Why would they need the other 2?

    If people want to assign nick names to fans based on regional food choices…then Bills fans have now earned the name Cowpies.

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