Roger Goodell: Tough call, but no choice but to move

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NFL commissioner Roger Goodell still says the league doesn’t want teams to move.

But he said Monday the league had no choice.

For the third time in just over a year.

“You know that our goal is to have 32 stable franchises for each of those teams and the league,” he said as he began his remarks on the “overwhelming” vote. “We’re all disappointed for Oakland and their fans.”

Goodell said all the right things about the effort to keep the Raiders in Oakland, and he brought Texans owner Bob McNair and Steelers president Art Rooney II to bolster his efforts, with Rooney saying it was good to have a stable home “for the long-term.”

After moving the Rams to Los Angeles and then sending the Chargers to join them, it’s a period of upheaval for the league, which has now abandoned a pair of California cities which couldn’t find stadium deals.

51 responses to “Roger Goodell: Tough call, but no choice but to move

  1. Big Surprise. The Owners have all the power, and Goodells only job is to make money for the league.

  2. Reminds me of the famous Spaceballs quote.

    “We’re not doing this for money. We’re doing it for a s-load of money!”

  3. Raider fan my whole life in NY now NJ seen them play in the road a bunch and would never go to Oakland unless they improved the stadium and surrounding area but will get there at least once a year in vegas.

  4. “we’re all di$appointed for Oakland and their fan$”.

    Save it. Owners love a good chunk of cash by the way of relocation fees, the city of Oakland has had years to get this right, the state of California is almost insolvent, and while both sides bicker and point fingers and lay blame, Roger is being cheered for putting more $$ in the coffers. Both sides own blame in this.

    I truly feel bad for the honest, life-long Raider fans. It’s a bad day when the team you lived and died with says, “Thanks for the memories. Later.”

  5. Goodell is so full of crap.

    Question: Why is the league not requiring franchises who move to leave behind the team name, records, etc., as they did with the Browns?

  6. what a crappy city to be in. first you will lose the warriors to san fran then following year the raiders will go to vegas. How about them A’s oh yeah sorry its not the 80s any more

  7. And ten years from now, the Raiders will be begging for a peso/burrito funded stadium in Mexico City. Moving away from their probs is their DNA. It’s The Raider Way.! Subsidized handouts from struggling tax payers to a multimillionaire owner…………..for shame, for same, for shame! Rock those sky boxes, Marky! May the rich get richer! Mad Dog Martinis Nation?

  8. Free agent attraction for the Raiders just got a boost. Taxes in California are a disincentive to sign a deal. Contracts signed there are literally worth less than anywhere else in the league.
    Lots of crying about how they should stay in Oakland, but no other team still plays on a dirt infield for their home games and a locker room full of sewage.
    If it were your call, and you had a city that would pony up with a new stadium with working toilets, what would you do?

  9. packerjansen12 says:
    Mar 27, 2017 2:25 PM
    Big Surprise. The Owners have all the power, and Goodells only job is to make money for the league.
    But but according to the Pats homers, Goodell is the evil guy.

  10. They ask Roger – You said it was a tough call, why… He says -Well, I really couldn’t figure a way to utilize this to stack the deck against the Patriots, so it didn’t help the over all good, but I did think we would maybe utilize this to argue against full time referees.

  11. Yeah $$$ grab for sure…

    I personally do not have a dog in the hunt either, but at some point it is time to stop moving the teams around. 10% of the league in a year’s time is bad news in my opinion…

  12. There is always a choice and the owners chose 750 million free dollars. I wish someone would have asked how does it feel to leave a city that is still on the hook for 100 million dollars the last time they bailed this team out.

  13. I read in his comments. Sorry devoted NFL fans from St. Louis,San Diego and Oakland who have put down years of loyalty and a goodly sum of money to build our business into what is today but we have a new friends with deeper pockets we love more. No hard feeling. Ciao baby.

  14. Rather than talk about how “tough” of a move it was, just say you couldn’t turn down $750 million in tax dollars for a stadium.

    That’s honestly easier to respect than some empty platitude.

  15. Translation:
    The NFL was able to fleece Las vegas more than Oakland.
    Party on NFL!

    PS – With Sheldon Adelson gone, and probably sabotaging the works, I wonder how this works out.

  16. “You know that our goal is to have 32 stable franchises for each of those teams and the league so we will continue this game of musical chairs franchising until we have 32 brand new stadiums paid for by public money”……

  17. When it comes to professional sports, remember two things…

    1.) To the owners it’s business first
    2.) To the fanatic (fan) it’s an integral part life.

    As a fanatic, protect yourself by keeping things in their correct perspective, that these are only ‘games’ and never forgetting rule number 1.

  18. This is an easy message to cities who have stadiums hosting franchises in any sport:

    Don’t dither around, don’t have your 15 councilmembers and 3 agencies try to hijack deals to further their own agendas, and don’t try to jerk your franchise owners around.

    Usually each franchise has one or two people who make the decisions. They are wealthy, successful businessmen on the whole, and they won’t sit back and let politicians jack them around and posture overlong. That’s what happened with Saint Louis. That’s what’s happening with Oakland.

  19. By 2025 if the NFL is still around the Buccaneers will be in London, the Jags in Saudia Arabia, the Browns in Mexico, the Bills in Germany, the Bengals in Brazil, the Panthers in Vietnam and the rest of the teams scattered around the rest of the globe…..except the Patriots….they’ll STILL be in New England.

  20. “You know that our goal i$ to have 32 $table franchises for each of tho$e team$ and the league. We’re all di$$apointed for Oakland and their fan$.”

  21. ^^I’d wager them, the Steelers, and the Packers will be the only teams left in the States. You see these folks downvoting because they want to look business savvy and side with the owners? I would pay to see their reactions when their team becomes the third team in Beijing.

  22. They should be more honest about it. Of COURSE there’s a choice.

    The Raiders could stay in Oakland. The Chargers could stay in San Diego, the Rams in STL, the 49ers in San Fran.

    The only way there’s “no choice” is if you accept that a $2 billion stadium with public funding is something that a team, or its billionaire owner, “needs”.

    No, this isn’t about “need” or not having choices. This is about making a choice and choosing GREED.

  23. xofdallas says:
    Mar 27, 2017 3:22 PM

    They are wealthy, successful businessmen on the whole, and they won’t sit back and let politicians jack them around and posture overlong.


    Actually, they’re increasingly just arbitrary people who have inherited wealth and don’t have civic-minded bones in their body.

    And the public officials they’re dealing with have many more issues of real-world gravity to deal with than how much taxpayer support a billionaire needs to keep their entertainment business as shiny as possible.

    Why do so many people make such ready excuses for avarice?

  24. There was another choice, Raiders billionaire owner could have built his own stadium but instead wants tax paying working class people to build it for him in Las Vegas. Another greedy rich pig gets his own way and more money. Anyone in Oakland who is still a Raider fan is an idiot!

  25. Mr. Goodell is a commissioner with forward thinking and an understanding of strategic planning. He’s making money for the owners and himself while saving the league.

  26. trubroncfan07 says:
    Mar 27, 2017 3:14 PM
    Haha these comments, it’s all about the money, Oakland does not have enough $$$ to properly build a stadium. Blame the city not the owner.


    Why should the taxpayers pony up hundreds of millions of dollars to benefit billionaires? The league and the team want a new stadium – they should pay for it!

  27. You know, at least Mark Davis is being somewhat respectful to the Oakland Raiders fans on this sad day. It’s a stark contrast to the complete vitriol Dean Spanos and his goons were spewing at San Diego Chargers fans and the city of San Diego the day of and the days following the Chargers move to LA.

  28. • In 2014 Roger Goodell pledged more transparency.
    • In 2015 Roger Goodell said that “the integrity of the league was the most important thing”.
    • During the 2015 season the NFL collected PSI measurements to determine the effects that weather has on footballs during game conditions.
    • In 2016 the Patriots had their 1st round draft pick taken while the NFL was convincing everyone that the weather can’t lower the PSI in footballs.
    • Now the NFL plans on taking the Patriots best 2017 fourth round draft pick away…while sticking to the story that footballs don’t drop PSI when it’s cold.
    • It’s 2017 and the NFL still hasn’t issued a press release containing the PSI measurements that were collected during the 2015 season. So much for the empty promises of transparency.
    • It should now be obvious to everyone that “the integrity of the league” was never a consideration of Roger Goodell.

  29. Goodell continues to prove himself a liar.

    “We had no choice but to move the Raiders.” False. The Raiders and the league can pool monies to refurbish Alameda County Coliseum just as they and the Chargers have the money to refurbish Qualcomm Stadium – just as the Dolphins spent their own money to refurbish Joe Robbie Stadium.

    The league is now finding out via regressed TV ratings and collapsing LA attendances that having even one team in a market thought to be gigantic but which in reality is transient, diffused, and utterly refuses to support the local team is a mistake. Vegas is a mistake – another one.

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