Goodell doesn’t think Colin Kaepernick is being blackballed

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NFL commissioner Roger Goodell seemed shocked by the simple suggestion that such a thing could be possible.

When asked directly at the end of the league’s owners meetings if he thought former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was being blackballed for last year’s political protests, Goodell said he saw no evidence of that.

“I haven’t heard that from our clubs in any way that that’s an issue,” Goodell said. “My experience in 35 years is that our clubs make independent evaluations of players. They work hard to try to improve their teams.

“But if they think a player can help improve their team, they’re going to do that.”

Of course, if there was an active collusion happening, it’s unlikely they’d have held a committee meeting on the topic and read the minutes to Goodell to make sure he was caught up.

But a guy that teams wanted to trade for a year ago (namely the Broncos) suddenly can’t find a home as a free agent. The reports that he’s asking for too much money and a starting job have been refuted, leaving many to wonder if there’s not a bigger issue — even if the commissioner sees no evidence of it.

60 responses to “Goodell doesn’t think Colin Kaepernick is being blackballed

  1. Tebow was essentially blackballed. Wins a playoff game with the 2nd worst team the year before, THROUGH the air, in his 15th start, gets beat on the road by Belichick, and never starts again? No, he wasn’t blackballed because of his religion, it was because he was too popular to even be on a roster unless he was the starter. I just love how “the professionals” give people like Mike Glennon chance after chance, while eschewing actual playoff success.

  2. Didnt the 49ers try to trade Kaep before the distractions started, and no one wanted him?

    I’m not saying the protest isnt part of the reason, it probably is. But if teams didnt want him BEFORE he was a distraction, you cant really say he is being blackballed.

  3. If Kaepernick is being blackballed, then the satan worshipping GM’s and owners are blackballing Tim Tebow also.

  4. If Kaepernick can’t get a job, the NFL should immediately hold a special session and put Jim Harbaugh in the HOF without even bothering to vote.

  5. He was asked to take a 60% pay cut by the Broncos. Whether they were giving up a draft pick (or which one) is purely speculative. That was when the Broncs were quite desperate at the position, and Squidward went 1-10 in the NFL since that time. He’s a year older and had a dead arm for the first month of the season. Logically he is worth less now than he was to Denver a year ago. Which makes his rumored $9-10 m asking price ridiculous.

  6. Why would Squid be “blackballed” for protesting during the anthem when he just said he WASN’T GOING TO DO IT ANY LONGER.

    Are you guys thick, or just so desperate to build a straw man, you’ve given up self respect and integrity?

  7. Kaepernick didn’t really want to play football a year ago at this time, he just wanted to collect a football salary for the year. Now he still doesn’t want to play football just make himself into a martyr and collect any future monies he might have earned via a law suit.

  8. While I think it’s POSSIBLE to suggest the political nonsense from last year is causing a problem – I would point out that if teams are actively (and publicly) looking at and considering a player like Joe Mixon (who was caught on camera dead-punching a woman in the face!!), how can you possibly suggest it’s solely about politics?

    I would think the backlash from drafting a player who slugged a woman on camera would be FAR greater, than the signing of an idiot who thought it was a smart idea to not stand during the anthem… …perhaps it really IS more about his skills (or lack thereof), that’s left him unemployed so far.

  9. Kap led the league in rushing for QBs and had a 16-4 TD to INT ratio, all while being behind a horrid O line and with no receiving talent. He has more playoff wins than losses… Apparently asking for 10 mil a year… Glennon gets 15 for basically unproven gameplay… If this is not blackballing IDK what is. Stats dont lie.

  10. If Goodell thinks Kaepernick is not being blackballed it’s nearly certain that he is being blackballed.

  11. If I remember right, the Broncos tried to trade for him but the two teams could not come to an agreement.

    I think Kaepernick is suffering the same fate as Tebow. Both are/were too big for what teams want them for.

  12. This happens every year. Somebody thinks their worth more than they are and it usually takes until after the draft or an injury to get near what they’re asking.

    I know you have to ask the questions and write the articles, but really, kaepenick is just another QB holding out to get what he wants. No different than Fitzpatrick last year.

    He is a fool, though.

  13. This guy thinks of himself as a starter. Ok. Then 9 million is a steal. Unfortunately the league does not see him that way. 3-5 million as a back up is what this guy is worth. That’s what the market dictates.

    And YES he is a distraction.

    Dude is a fool!

  14. Political protest has always made our country great. From the founding fathers who staged many protests, both symbolic and disruptive, to the Socialists whose protests helped get us workplace protections like 8 hour workdays and minimum wage, and of course the Civil Rights protesters who helped end legal Segregation in the 1960s. Again and again protesting has made our country great. Because constructive protesting, done out of love, is meant to improve things.

    Thank you Colin Kapernick for being a true patriot. Shame on the NFL for blackballing him.

  15. If PFT promotes signing Kap, then they MUST advocate the signing of Tim Tebow.

    Otherwise PFT is being overtly discriminatory based on RACE and RELIGION.

    If I were Goodell, seeing what negative publicity Kap has brought onto the NFL, I’d blackball him in a heartbeat.

    Don’t give me any of that “he has a “right” to earn a living” crap.
    Kap has $17 million and the NFL isn’t keeping Kap from getting a job outside of the NFL, Kap simply chooses NOT to seek employment outside of the NFL.

    I don’t care what PR efforts/stunts Kap tries, IMO he hates the United States, our men/women in uniform, our liberty, our conservative values, our history, and our flag.
    Because of that, he deserves what is happening to him. He chose to side with Obama and BLM, so he must suffer the consequences for that choice.

  16. I long for the day when football becomes football, again. Of course, I will have departed this earth before that occurs. Did you see the rules that were just passed? These players will be playing two hand touch in short order. Lord please, Pat Kirwan for NFL commissioner.

  17. Maybe the 1-10 record has something to do with it. When you win, GM’s will overlook lots of things, but if you’re losing, then why bother?

  18. Interesting comparison with Tebow. The mainstream, and the NFL is about as mainstream as you can get, doesn’t like outliers. Both are victims of political correctness. Just like at any job, if you’re not the best, keep your foolhardy thoughts to yourself and your friends.

  19. Yeah, Tebow was blackballed, even though 3 other teams took a chance with him and all his “distractions” after playing with the Broncos…

  20. Since when do teams tolerate distractions from non-superstars? If Kaepernick was great, he would have a job-in San Francisco. Would have never been allowed to walk. Kaepernick at one point lost his starting job to Blaine Gabbert, and wasn’t a significant upgrade after reclaiming the job under a new staff. Kaepernick said he didn’t care if his protests hurt his career, that it was the right thing to do, so own it. Go run for governor of california when moonbeam retires.

  21. Hmm… I wouldn’t call it “refuted” that Kap was asking for “too much money”…

    It might be more appropriate that it was refuted that Kap was asking for “9-10 million”…

    Some teams might think that Kap isn’t worth the veteran minimum… and therefore that means he IS asking for “too much money” for his value, even if it’s not a lot of money in absolute NFL dollars.

  22. Chi-pet made his bed now he has to lye in it. His only option will be to play in the CFL because his days as an NFL player are over. Good riddance chi-pet.

  23. “Didnt the 49ers try to trade Kaep before the distractions started, and no one wanted him?”

    The Broncos and Browns both reportedly had an interest in him if he was willing to restructure his contract.

  24. Gee, who would have thought that refusing to stand for the national anthem on the anniversary of 9/11 would offend people.

  25. Most QB’s can be good with a top 5 D and powerful running game. When 9’ers lost those elements he couldn’t make them better. Thus his game was exposed and shut down.

  26. that’s because godell is the biggest black baller there is lmao he’s been doing it for so many years now that he can’t even reconize its happening those big time nfl lawyers have him brain washed good but the money’s good to the point that there’s no way he even cares

  27. teams didn’t want keapernick before he did the protest because he was coming off 3 diffrent injuries/surgeries

  28. Near the top of the all time list of stupid questions….

    Q: Commissioner, are the owners in your league illegally colluding with each other to prevent a player from signing a contract for political reasons?

    Goodell: I’m glad you asked that question, because I forgot to mention in my press briefing that our owners and myself are involved in a criminal activity that could land us all in prison for federal racketeering and RICO statute violations, with minimum prison terms on the order of 5 years. How that slipped my mind, well, hehe…but thank you for asking so I could explain the situation fully and thus maintain our integrity.

  29. He is blackballed by fans. Fans who don’t want to see this scum protest dead soldiers. It would be a terrible business decision for any team to sign him. If the people of Sanfranciso won’t tolerate him no one will.

  30. How dead does the horse have to be before you stop beating it? Is the anthem protest part of the issue? Most likely. But if an owner thought that he could help them win, he would be on a roster. How much crap gets overlooked for players that an owner thinks can help their team win?

  31. No one wants to run the college option style offense that Kaep, Tebow (and RGIII) specialize in. It’s not a good offense in the NFL, there is too much potential for injury and a traditional pocket passer is more productive on a consistent basis. Mobility is nice as a fallback option, but there is no place in the NFL for a run-first QB anymore.

  32. Freedom isn’t free.
    The cost of openly disrespecting those who paid the ultimate price for defending the ability to watch a simple game on Sunday is now being felt.
    It doesn’t help that he can’t play the position…

  33. Grulks says:
    Mar 28, 2017 8:54 PM
    Didnt the 49ers try to trade Kaep before the distractions started, and no one wanted him?

    Trades are tricky; as with Romo right now, there are teams that want him but don’t want to give up anything for him.

    Kaep not being picked up as a FREE AGENT is the headscratcher here. Look at the other QBs who have signed this off-season. Glennon is *starting* for G-d’s sake

  34. I’m a displaced Titans fan that lives in Washington state….3 years ago 49ers and Seahawks fans were in a constant ongoing argument of who was the better QB between Kaep and Wilson…I would say we now know who has the upper hand in that disagreement.

  35. Cancernick takes an unpopular political stance on company time and now no one wants to hire him.

    Guess he should’ve restricted his political views to his off-time if he wanted to stay employed.

  36. I’m only here to talk about the players that are currently on NFL rosters.

    Bill Belichick.

  37. liquidmuse says:
    Mar 28, 2017 8:52 PM

    Tebow was essentially blackballed. Wins a playoff game with the 2nd worst team the year before, THROUGH the air, in his 15th start, gets beat on the road by Belichick, and never starts again? No, he wasn’t blackballed because of his religion, it was because he was too popular to even be on a roster unless he was the starter. I just love how “the professionals” give people like Mike Glennon chance after chance, while eschewing actual playoff success.
    Tebow was a horrible QB. Yes, he “won” a playoff game. He made 1 play all game. An 8yd pass that was run another 80 yards by the receiver. It was the Denver D that won those games. Not Tebow.

    Tebow wasn’t blackballed. Several teams offered to give him a shot to play a position other than QB. It was the sin of PRIDE that kept him from the NFL. Ironic that someone so pious would be be undone by sin.

  38. Blacballed? I don’t think so. The process of blackballing someone takes a group effort…and the NFL owners would only make a group effort is there was money ( to be made for them ) involved. No, Kaep simply cooked his own goose, led by his “activist” girlfriend and supported by others who are misguided regarding how much people ( and NFL fans ) revere this nation and its institutions. Its nice that he wants to give money to starving people in Africa and other such “unselfish” acts….but where were those actions before his “protest”? He is getting what he deserves…which is…nothing.

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