Hue Jackson: Browns haven’t discussed Colin Kaepernick

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The Brows are searching for their franchise quarterback, but that search has not included Colin Kaepernick.

Browns coach Hue Jackson said today that the Browns haven’t discussed signing Kaepernick, although he didn’t rule it out in the future.

“We haven’t really discussed Colin,” Jackson said. “There’s other players at this point that we’ve had a lot of conversations about to see if we can put them on our team. Not saying it won’t come up later on. You have to exhaust everything. But at this point he hasn’t come up.”

Jackson said that in 2011, when he was head coach of the Raiders, he would have liked to have drafted Kaepernick, who went to the 49ers in the second round that year.

“Yes, I did. When I was in Oakland I did, no question,” Jackson said when asked if he liked Kaepernick coming out of college. “And I’m not saying I don’t now. I just think the situation we’re in right now, the players we’ve evaluated thus far to this point, those are the guys we’re going to spend our time with first. If that doesn’t fall right, there’s still other players.”

That’s not exactly shutting the door on Kaepernick, but it sure doesn’t sound like the Browns are particularly interested, either.

39 responses to “Hue Jackson: Browns haven’t discussed Colin Kaepernick

  1. …hugh…dont be afraid to reach out to the GCOAT….just make sure you stay facing Him.

  2. “The Brows are searching for their franchise…”

    Maybe if they wrinkle up and stare really, really hard.

  3. Good. And they shouldn’t discuss Cancernick. Cleveland has enough problems without piling on more for no reason.

  4. You’d think they’d be discussing it. Oh well, guess it’s another let’s just wait until the draft and wing it year in Cleveland.

  5. “The Brows are searching for their franchise quarterback…”

    When did Anthony Davis become a football team? 🙂

  6. It’s interesting that there are no post about Cutler. IMHO he is a much better QB than Kaepernick. But he is white and not a trouble maker so he’s not much news.

  7. Don’t do it Cleveland! I know everyone at PFT keeps pushing him to the Browns, But As a Browns fan, I say no way in hell do I want him on the team, and it has nothing to do with his football skills. I hope all the owners send the message that if you want to protest something, DO IT ON YOUR OWN TIME!

  8. There’s just so many washed-out, mediocre QBs to discuss, we haven’t gotten around to the ones carrying gigantic political distractions yet. We will though, give it time for us to work down the list.

  9. Why are so many writers pushing this anti-American loser for the Browns? Nobody should want him. Not only would he be a locker room cancer, but his skills have diminished. He is rightfully at the bottom of the Browns (and every other team’s list). Quit making excuses for him, he brought this on himself.

  10. So when they have discussions on how best to improve the team, Kaepernick’s name is never mentioned…much like the 31 other teams. That’s a step in the right direction, there.

  11. stoneydog1000 says:
    Mar 28, 2017 12:21 PM

    Trade for McCarron and move the city of Cleveland to Pennsylvania.


    Thanks but no thanks, we’re good!

  12. There are probably only a couple of franchises that have the kind of coin with their fans that would allow them to bring him in short of being down to their last warm body at the position. Cleveland isn’t one of them.

  13. Iam trying to start up a pro Flag Football League the NFFL ,,,I would sign him as the charter member !

  14. As the Browns learned with Manziel and the Bronco’s and Jets learned with Tebow……… Your stars give you enough of a circus with out your back-ups being a distraction…..

  15. Sorry media, but Kap is done in the NFL. You will have to find a different player to use as a vehicle to push your agendas.

  16. You can keep posting Kaepernick stories every day, but the reality is:

    Nothing is going to happen in the QB market until Romo is released and likely signs with Houston.

    The Browns are most likely waiting till draft day or close to it to try to trade for Jimmy G.

    Based on the outcome of those two potential moves, the back up plans will be Cutler, Kaep, or QBs in the draft.

  17. The Browns haven’t discussed Colin Kaepernick. Why the hell not? You’re the Browns. You won one game last year. You need to be discussing every possible option, including Kaepernick, in moving forward. You don’t have the luxury of ignoring ANY free agent, possible trade, or draft choice. You aren’t that good.

  18. Colon has demands that are higher than team are willing to pay for a krappy QB. Add in all the potential baggage and he has priced himself out of a job.

  19. Garpollo is just a system QB like Brady, so dont go there.

    Draft one this year.

    And why not get Kaep.

    Try them all until you find one.

  20. Of all the choices the Browns have made bringing in this anti American scum would be the worst. My Cousin died fighting for this country and Colin can’t stand for the national anthem? Screw you scum.

  21. Football is a meaningless game that makes the 32 billionaires richer! These billionaires make billions of dollars and expect hard working taxpayer and ticket holder to pay for billion dollar stadiums. The players are supposed to be a senseless commodity with no views of what is going on in the world. I applaud Colon for breaking the mold! Most of these senseless ass comments are coming from idiots who probably can’t wipe their own ass without assistance and know even less about football or winning.

  22. If you are a great QB but are controversial, you might not get a job in the NFL.

    If you are a bad QB with no controversy, you might not get a job in the NFL.

    Kaepernick is good but not great, mixed with enough controversy to make owners nervous. That is not a combination that lures NFL teams to your doorstep.

  23. Stop with the Krap stories. Cleveland is trading for Garoppolo on draft night.

    The only team that could be interested in Krap is the Jets. They aren’t interested in winning games, just winning the back page headlines.

  24. Again (I post this on every 2017 Browns/QB story), the Browns are NOT signing or trading for anyone who will help them win this year. No Garoppolo, no Kaepernick, no Cutler. They want to lose this season so they can draft one of the franchise QBs next year.

    Think about it. If they wanted to win, they would have discussed EVERY available QB (even the “bad” ones since Franchise QBs don’t grow on trees) and, you know, actually make an offer on one of them.

    The Browns want to tank in 2017. Every story about the Browns’ QB situation confirms that. Yesterday, the story was Cleveland would be making “another run” at Garappolo during the owners’ meeting. If they really were preparing to make an offer, they wouldn’t leak it to the press first.

    Don’t be surprised if Cleveland trades either pick 12 or pick 33 for 2018 draft picks as they position themselves to get either Darnold, Rosen or Allen from Wyoming.

  25. It’s interesting that there are no post about Cutler. IMHO he is a much better QB than Kaepernick. But he is white and not a trouble maker so he’s not much news.


    Spot on.

  26. elmerbrownelmerbrown says:
    Mar 28, 2017 12:37 PM

    Iam trying to start up a pro Flag Football League the NFFL ,,,I would sign him as the charter member !
    I’d sign that “snowflake” newton, before I’d sign anyone who wants to make a statement they don’t even understand. He is a walking conflict-of- interest.

  27. He’s either lying or they have a truly god awful front office. Which is it Hue? There’s no way, in this day and age, that an NFL front office hasn’t had the discussion about Kaep – he’s saying this so they don’t get negative press either way.

  28. Feels good to know I was right all along about CK. I said he was a contributing factor in the decline in ratings. Not the whole reason but at the very least, a small part.

    Now, flash forward and every article throughout the year on him has 50+ comments about how he’s the scum of the earth and the fans DO NOT want him on their team….

    Guess people degrading our country still means something to some.

  29. Kap is a cancer and isn’t worth any news let alone a team signing.
    He took politics over his team and his performance even prior to that was terrible.

  30. Then you are idiots. Whether you think he is a good player or not, too much of a distraction or not – there is no excuse for not giving some kind of look at every single QB available when you have had as many bad QBs as you have for as many years as you have.

    And it isn’t like you’ve got much going for you at QB
    at this point any way.

    Discussing doesn’t mean hiring. Its just due diligence.

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