Jack Del Rio doesn’t want to spend time talking about Las Vegas


Raiders coach Jack Del Rio doesn’t want to spend too much time talking to his team about the franchise’s pending move to Las Vegas.

Primarily, that’s because many of the people he’d be telling it to might never get that far.

“The reality is, I’m going to go talk to guys that may never make it, that won’t make it to Las Vegas, about Las Vegas,” Del Rio said, via Paul Gutierrez of ESPN.com.

Of course, that’s not going to keep players from wondering what’s next, but since the team’s going to play in Oakland for at least the next two years, it’s probably best to not invest too much time with the current roster. Only three players on the current roster are under contract through 2020, which is the year they’ll move into the new stadium there. They have options for two more years in Oakland, and owner Mark Davis said playing in their current home in 2019 remains a possibility.

“Everyone needs to understand what the landscape is,” Del Rio said. “To me, once you get that part settled, then you can settle back into you job, and what you need to do. There are wives at home right now that are asking their husbands and their husbands don’t have those answers. The first thing I want them all to know is that just remember, the 30 percent rule; 30 percent of the team changes so don’t worry about what we’re going to be doing two or three years from now. Worry about taking care of your jobs now so you can be a part of that in two or three years.

“So it’s about the here and now for the actual coach, for the actual player, for the actual product we’re putting out this year. But you can’t be blind to the fact that there are families involved, there are people involved, and they need some information. And part of that will be, not yet. Not yet.”

It’s natural that players are going to wonder about their future homes, but Del Rio’s point is a valid one — if they don’t play well in Oakland the next year or two, it may not matter.

24 responses to “Jack Del Rio doesn’t want to spend time talking about Las Vegas

  1. Another reason I admire Jack Del Rio.

    A thinking man who is centered on one thing. Coaching.

    Good job Coach!

  2. Too bad coach! Now that the vote is in the media will hound you incessantly in hopes of badgering you into giving them sound bites about Vegas.

    Of course, you could ask Lloyd to just go ahead and move now.

  3. Carr, Cooper, Mack and whoever they draft the next 2-3 years are the only current Raiders who will make it to Vegas

  4. This has to stick in his craw just a bit. Hometown hero comes home to coach his favorite team and they end up moving.

  5. Not much is said about the players in these situations. Mark Davis doesn’t give a crap about them, and the fans are angry and a lot of them won’t go to games anymore. That will kill their significant home field advantage, which hurts the team. I feel bad for those guys and the fans.

  6. Captain Jack is a dull blade in an empty box. It is likely he would not have a job in the nfl if not for the Raiders. Yeah, that’s a fact.

  7. Contrast this to how Jeff Fisher was with the Rams. He talked at length about their LA move and the fact he’d moved a team once before was supposedly one of the reasons the Rams held onto him. You’d have thought he was personally packing boxes and driving the moving trucks the way they built him up.

  8. 49ers baby! We run teams out of town and and out of our territory. I commend the Raiders for surviving 22 years in the 49ers shadow. They barely made it. A couple of more years they would have been bankrupt.

    The best thing for the league is to allow the Bills or Jags to move to Oakland. Change their names to Oakland Invaders and take the old Invaders color scheme and logo and they would strike gold.

    49ers: Sole owners of the 6th Largest Market.

    Return to Glory.

  9. Jack is the man. Intelligent and well spoken and a true Raider in his heart. The Raiders could move to Mars and like most true Raider fans, he’d be on board.

  10. well he grew up a fan of the Oakland Raiders, plain and simple. Like many Raider fans when they moved to LA they were just the Raiders, but for today there are 31 teams and then there are the Oakland Raiders.

    My question is will the players who sign long term contracts while dba in California will still have to pay the CA. franchise tax board after the leave to NV. ?

  11. Remember when Bill Belichick led the Cleveland Browns to thier last playoff appearance in 1994? The year before Modell announced the move to Baltimore midseason? How the Browns completely collapsed after that announcement? Ya, me too. Good luck with that Jack. Raider fans I hope you enjoyed your first playoff appearance since 2002. History shows it isn’t going to be pretty.

  12. @49ersfury: ctiggs, is that you?

    9ball fans are hilarious.

    Yeah, it looks like you have a nice market all wrapped up.

    It’s just a shame you have no QB, a GM who used to lead with his head and a fanbase that is hard like cream cheese.

    Good luck with all that, buddy.

    Carry on.


  13. What happens in 20 years when the once shiny formerly new Las Vegas stadium becomes dated? Will the Raiders threaten to leave Las Vegas for Oakland if they can’t get another brand new stadium? This is how they’re now operating folks. The NFL is organized crime.

  14. curtj5 says:

    The Raiders are not the Browns, chump.


    They were until last year.

    Then they lost to Osweiler and the Texans.

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