Jason Garrett: Nothing has changed with Tony Romo


The Cowboys are still holding onto Tony Romo, weeks after they were reportedly set to release him, and that doesn’t appear to be changing any time soon.

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said today that “nothing has really changed since the end of the season.”

Romo is keeping a low profile, but reports are starting to surface that he’s unhappy with the Cowboys, who have made Dak Prescott the starting quarterback. There have also been reports that Romo might quit playing entirely and take a television job.

With Romo’s $14 million salary this season, it seems unlikely the Cowboys would keep him around as Prescott’s backup. And Romo might just decide not to play at all if he’s not going to be a starter. But it could be months before we get any clarity about Romo’s situation. For now, Garrett says, the situation is the same as it was before: Romo is on the Cowboys, as Prescott’s backup.

18 responses to “Jason Garrett: Nothing has changed with Tony Romo

  1. “Nothing has changed with Tony Romo, we are still waiting for Mr Jones to decide what the right in ‘do right’ actually means”

  2. Jerry Jones has a lot of clout. Tony Romo wants his unconditional release. Tony Romo is very popular, and could get a high profile job on TV. Jerry doesn’t really need that kind of enemy. I’m sure Tony has a lot of friends on that team who are watching to see what kind of loyalty Jerry Jones is going to show.

  3. April 17 is when it can cost the Cowboys his 2017 salary if he gets injured during the off season program. That’s when Jerry Jones will finally claim he has done right by Romo. I guess the Jones have a different idea of right and wrong than most of us. Disgusting.

  4. I can’t help but snicker at some of the indignant comments here.
    I’m no fan of Jerry Jones or the Cowboys. But a contract is a contract, and Tony Romo had no trouble abiding by this one when it benefited him — aka collecting millions to stand on the sidelines in street clothes the past two seasons.
    Romo is not a free agent. He’s still under contract to Dallas. He’ll collect another $14 million-plus this season as Dak Prescott’s backup unless the Cowboys release him first, which I expect they will when it suits their purpose to do so.
    But Jones is under no obligation to release Romo, or allow him to go to the team of his choosing so long as he remains Dallas’ property. Jones shouldn’t have made that ridiculous “do the right thing” comment. Still, he owes Romo zilch.

  5. i think the holdup on romo’s release has stephen’s fingerprints all over it. everyone already knows the ending to this story so they’re just delaying the inevitable and creating unnecessary drama and distraction.

  6. Here’s a scenario. I enjoy my job. I’m pretty good at it. Not Joe Montana, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady good, but at least Romo good. My owner likes me, and doesn’t want to see me go. My contract says I can’t compete for another team without their approval (in a nutshell). Accrued annually, Romo will make what I make in a year, in 2 days. Go play golf and stop crying. If I made what he made last year, I’d retire and never step foot in my city again. ✌🏻

  7. No we are not waiting for Jerry Jones to ” do right ‘ on behalf of
    Romo. The Jones family has done right on Romo for years.
    Romo has also taken advantage of his relationship with the owners
    using all to his advantage over his coaches.
    Let’s review the last contact negotiations …did Romo …give a discount? No, he held the Cowboys feet to the fire ..getting a great
    contract. Let’s review Romo’s off season prep. Was that Romo who played golf all summer. Ask the leadership/ players if they think Romo
    was all in. It is strange that no players have spoken out in favor of
    No doubt he is talented. He is a top 10 QB …a valuable commodity.
    The Cowboys have met their side of the bargain ..signing Romo to
    a huge contract. Now they are attempting to see if they can receive some value in return for their huge investment. The Jones family has
    also agreed to limit the search for value to teams that are acceptable to Romo. What is wrong with that?
    Fans talk about how certain clubs are player friendly ….however teams
    like the Steelers who have that rep ..are arguably tougher than the Cowboys when it comes time to cut ties. Look at the Patriots…..where
    do you think Romo would be with the Patriots …long gone.
    Let the Jones see if there is a market for a QB who will only go to
    a team where he will not be held to a high standard. Where if the coach calls him out he can’t walk out of the meeting. Where if he is injured he has to report to rehab like any other player …not show up when he pleases.

  8. They aren’t dumb the Cowboys are hoping some team gets nervous during draft day since the QB prospects are lacking. They dont have to release Romo.

    His options are retire, get traded, or back up Dak. Thats it.

    The Cowboys options are Get cap space with retirement, get pick (s) with trade, or have the best backup in the league. Thats a win in any scenario. How does straight up releasing Romo benefit the Cowboys in anyway??

    But his salary…yea, so what. Look at what theyve done to position themselves to take on Romos cap hit this year if he doesnt retire. Witten just extended his deal which will most likely lower his cap hit this year.

    But they never have a lot of cap space….so what. Over the past 5 years theyve not been very active in FA big spending sans Brandon Carr. The plan is 2 year deals for stop gap players while building through solid draft picks and resigning their own quality players to team friendly deals.

    Lil Jones has been paying attention to ole BB.

  9. The indignation and outrage is over Jerry’s self serving statements that Romo will “do right”, i.e. not sign with a divisional rival if released then promptly not doing Romo right. If you don’t want him release him so he can sign with a team.
    I’ve maintained from the start that Jerry would hold onto him until am teams have QB.

  10. If Jerry is that afraid of facing a Romo led team (Texans, for example), then he should start him….afraid he won’t be happy to be a good soldier anymore…

  11. abfox112 says:

    Accrued annually, Romo will make what I make in a year, in 2 days. Go play golf and stop crying. If I made what he made last year, I’d retire and never step foot in my city again. ✌🏻

    Thanks for putting it into perspective. I have retired and might have one half a Tony game check in my 401, if I am lucky…..

  12. Been real Romo fan…still am…..
    But come on….don’t weep for Romo….. he has already been
    “Done Right” by Jones…very right….and hey!!!
    He sighned the contract….and a danged good one.

  13. This isn’t hard to understand. If the Cowboys trade Romo or he retires the Cowboys are off the hook for his huge salary. That is why they are sitting rt. now. Houston is the silly one if they wait to Romo is release then they have to compete against Denver, where if they trade for him he is theirs. Jones is better off just keeping Romo as a grossly overpaid back-up but the best back-up in the league than to release him and eat 80% of his salary for nothing. Don’t be surprised if Romo is still a Cowboy next year.

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