John Mara on Odell Beckham: He’s the last guy I’m worried about

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In the aftermath of the final game of the Giants’ season, wide receiver Odell Beckham punched a hole in a Lambeau Field wall in an expression of the emotions he was feeling after his team was blown out by the Packers.

That led a variety of people from the team, including General Manager Jerry Reese, to say that it was time for Beckham to grow up after a couple of years filled with emotional outbursts that sometimes detracted from Beckham’s production on the field. On Monday, co-owner John Mara took a different track.

He joked that he offered the Packers $100 to fix the hole in the wall and said that Beckham is “the last guy on our team that I’m worried about.”

“He’s an emotional player,” Mara said, via “I think he’s going to mature over time, but I’m not losing any sleep worrying about him. He’s a prideful, motivated young man who competes at 100 percent all the time. I think he’ll mature over time.”

Beckham is entering the final year of his rookie contract, which means he’s eligible for both an extension and a fifth-year team option. Picking up the latter seems inevitable, but Mara said no talks have taken place about a longer deal.

7 responses to “John Mara on Odell Beckham: He’s the last guy I’m worried about

  1. This is why I hate fans. You can’t win. Either they rip Jay Cutler for seemingly not caring enough, and they rip Odell Beckham for caring too much. Then they rip the NFL for unsportsmanlike conduct penalties on TD celebrations, and they rip players from celebrating too much.

    I will never understand why people want to watch boring, bland football (entertainment). No celebrations, no emotions. Those old University of Miami teams were so entertaining and fun.

    Stop taking your sports so seriously. As long as they’re not injuring other people or committing crimes, let them dance in the endzone, let them be emotional. It’s a damn game.

  2. Sick to death of people making excuses for immature, childish behavior by saying, “He’s just a passionate guy.”
    How about a little self-control and focus for a change? Maybe try analyzing why you keep getting into trouble. Here’s a thought; try improving your game and professionalism instead of wrecking stuff.

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