Lions president asks favor of NFL schedule-makers

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The Lions lost their first five games in 2015 before winning seven of their final 11.

They started 1-3 in 2016 before winning eight of their next 12.

To say NFL schedule-makers were responsible for these slow starts would be a stretch. But in light of the arrangement of late, Lions President Rod Wood said Tuesday he’s kindly submitted a request to the powers that be before next month’s 2017 schedule release: Please, not again.

Wood told reporters he asked the NFL not to assign the Lions three road games in their first four weeks. Such has been the case the past two regular seasons.

Before that stretch, it hadn’t happened to Detroit since 2011.

The Lions went 10-6 that year, winning their first five games en route to the franchise’s first playoff berth since 1999. The results were less favorable when the schedule began the same in 2010; Detroit lost its first four games in a 6-10 year.

The Browns, Dolphins, Rams and Raiders are the only other clubs who began 2016 with three of four games on the road.

Only the Lions were doing so for a consecutive year.

36 responses to “Lions president asks favor of NFL schedule-makers

  1. Did anyone outside of Michigan even notice this scheduling issue? Does anyone else even care?

    The Lions are the Midwest version of the Chargers. Always fighting to make a playoff move at the end of the season. Good QB, bad coaching staff. Owners that are happy to own a team.

  2. Home Opener.
    Bengals haven’t opened at home in SEVEN YEARS. I wonder if they wrote the schedule makers to finally get a home opener.

  3. “Please schedule all 16 games at home, and make each one Thanksgiving. Thank you!”

  4. While I agree it sucks to have 3 of the first 4 on the road. We usually get 2 home games the week of Thanksgiving.

    I also think Rod Wood is a complete idiot when he speaks publicly. But that’s because he wants to raise ticket prices to the upper third of the league, when we have had around the 30th best team in the NFL the past 2 decades.

  5. We Lions fans get it. Our team has an unenviable record of failure since it’s championship days – of the late fifties. Frequent glimmers of hope followed by almost amusing disasters. But we now have a General Manager. Not that this job title wasn’t used before, but that Quinn so far appears to be deserving of the job. He even went so far to appease us fans that he dropped his New England accent. Dude is wicked smaat. Go Lions!

  6. Not an unreasonable request. It’s not only hard on the team, it’s hard on the fans too.

  7. More importantly, don’t send the Lions to Green Bay in December. If you look back over the past 25 years, the schedule makers have sent the Lions to GB in late November, December, or January time and time again – far more often than sending the Lions to Lambeau Field in September or October. Given how good Brett Favre was in cold weather, it’s little wonder the Lions didn’t win at GB for 24 years (91 to 14).

  8. The Raiders and Dolphins went to the playoffs. The Rams and Browns are, well….the Rams and Browns.

    It’s no longer football anymore. It’s whining, pandering, and hanging participation banners. Don’t jump the line and block a kick, don’t pop a receiver on his route, don’t schedule us on numerous road games to start year…..waaaahhhhh

  9. Last year, the Eagles had 3 games in a row where the opponent was coming off of a bye. Then, the very next week, they played the Falcons coming off of a Thursday night game. That’s 4 straight weeks playing against teams who had extra rest. Ridiculous.

  10. I’m not a Lions guy, but this sounds like a reasonable request that a team should voice. It’s not a “favor” if you’re pointing out facts and suggesting a harsh schedule item shouldn’t become a 3-year pattern

  11. Boo hoo. Green Bay had a 4 away game stretch (last 2 preseason, first 2 regular season) and another 3 game road stretch during the season. You play the schedule in front of you. Boo hoo.

  12. Why doesn’t the Ford family just demand that? Ford is probably the leading advertiser, or close to it on NFL broadcasts. I mean one phone call from Mrs. Ford could settle this fairly quickly.

  13. Gotta know where your bread is buttered. Dolphins are like the Washington Generals, just some warm bodies out there so the pats can sell tickets.

  14. jchipwood says:
    Mar 28, 2017 8:54 PM
    Patriots are the only ones who get such favors.

    You mean like last year when they got a very special favor for the first four games of the year?

  15. Now the Phins stadium is done. Hopefully get some September games at home. They were dominant in the 90’s and early 2000’s in September at home before that bubble was built.

  16. cafetero1075 says:
    Mar 29, 2017 8:57 AM
    Now the Phins stadium is done. Hopefully get some September games at home. They were dominant in the 90’s and early 2000’s in September at home before that bubble was built.

    Are you crazy? Early season road games means late season home games. Why bring northern teams down here when they are used to the heat from training camp then have to go north when it’s freezing up there? We want as many road games in September as we can get.

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