Report: Kaepernick wants a chance to start, and $9-10 million


Is Colin Kaepernick still unemployed because his asking price is too high?

That’s the suggestion in a report from Dan Graziano of ESPN, who cites multiple sources as saying that Kaepernick won’t settle for just any job.

According to the report, Kaepernick wants to go to a place that will give him a chance to start, and pay him a salary in the range of $9 million to $10 million a year. That would mean he expects a better deal than the ones free agent quarterbacks Josh McCown and Brian Hoyer got this month.

That would also mean some teams that could make sense for Kaepernick as a backup, like the Seahawks and Panthers, wouldn’t be attractive to Kaepernick because he wouldn’t have a chance to start.

Realistically, there aren’t many places where Kaepernick would get a chance to start. So if he’s limiting himself to those places, there are few options available to him.

One person we haven’t heard from is Kaepernick himself. Although he is active on social media, he rarely tweets about football and has not said anything about how much money he wants or what kind of opportunity he’s seeking. If he’s willing to be a backup and play for backup money, saying so publicly might help him get such an offer. If he’s not willing to be a backup and play for backup money, he may remain unemployed for a while.

152 responses to “Report: Kaepernick wants a chance to start, and $9-10 million

  1. Is Colin Kaepernick still unemployed because his asking price is too high

    Ding, ding, ding…we have a winner.

  2. Sure man, and I want a hot brunette who is 5’2″ exactly and likes butt play to love me…but it aint always that easy…look at the 32 teams in the league. There are only 4 spots where he could have a shot at being a started…jets, browns, texans, and 49ers….i think kaepernick is closer to the guy that went to the super bowl then the guy we have seen recently but get serious…take a knee then take a job, and prove it bud

  3. Is he kidding? Nine or ten million dollars per year? For what? To cause a disturbance on the field?

    I hope he never sets foot on an NFL field again.

  4. Tebow 2.0 – albeit narcissistically kissing his own tattoos and preaching about perceived slights rather than narcissistically posing and preaching how much God loves him.

  5. Here’s the contract. It escalates
    $5 million if you start all 16 games(earn a starting role)
    $8 million if we go 8-8
    $10 million if we make the playoffs
    $15 million if we win a playoff game.

    tell me if I’m lowballing

  6. He doesn’t want to be signed. He can create more controversy and and have people scream out racism when no one signs him.

  7. He is still unemployed because of the kneeing during the national anthem, pure and simple……you reap what you sow, so come sunday afternoons, he is where he belongs….on the sidelines watching football, like all of us……

  8. To be honest, “Kaep’s” asking price is low and fair…. Mike Glennon & Tyrod Taylor are both getting 15 million a year and people that know football know damn well “Kaep” is 20 times better than both of them… The bottom line is Kaep was statistically the 16th best QB last year on a bad team, so I’m hoping a GM comes to their senses because he’s actually better than over half of the QB’s in the NFL… If Kaep has to go to the CFL? 25 GM’s should be fired immediately!

  9. Hope he never sets foot on an NFL field again. He wants $9 million plus a year! Who would ever pay this bum that kind of money. Its all a smoke screen just so he can yell the owners are racist.

  10. Please stop promoting this guy. He made his bed and now he has to lie in it.

    I don’t follow the snobbish liberal elite and I think you should have to pay a price when you disrespect the country you live in. He’s getting what he deserves.

  11. I want to bang Kate Upton. I think I have a better chance than Kap getting 1o mill a year and a starting job.

  12. -hes ok, not good
    -he wants low end starter money
    -he offended people by disrespecting the flag

    If anyone of these three points was different he would have a job.
    Its silly to ascribe the situation to just one cause.

  13. Saying so publicly gets you noting. It’s what his agents are saying to the teams. He had that money and the opportunity to start for the 49ers and he opted out.

  14. Is that what they pay in Canada now? I’m pretty sure you still need an arm to play there. Are the SillyNannies looking for a QB?

  15. And certain people at ESPN and other networks will tell you this is a race issue. SMH.

  16. Priced out of the market.

    And I still believe each team’s GM/owner is making an individual decision – namely, that taking on a marginal quarterback who’s a project, and who may very well lose them paying fans, is not a smart business decision.

    Like I said, I really don’t think he’s being blackballled. Rather, I think most owners/gm’s realize he’s kryptonite for their fan base and the risk is just not worth it.

  17. I wouldn’t want him on my team for the minimum even if he were the best quarterback in NFL history.

  18. Idea: Spike Lee can buy a team and sign him….there, everyone feel better now.

  19. Kap should take his racist fame and become the next Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, those leaches on society made millions inciting racism, I be he could too.

  20. Hmmmm…. the previous comment didn’t even take into account the thought that a maximum of 4 teams are even looking at this point. Browns, Broncos, Texans, Jets.

    Jets, no, for reasons that are at least partially political, but that also are unique to that organization.

    Browns reportedly are still after Garappolo at this point. I also believe the people making personnel decisions for the Browns are involved in a numbers game, that being a risk-reward game based on revenues from fans. I also don’t think they’d pay that much for Kap, because he’s overvalued himself.

    Texans and Broncos are both waiting to see about Romo. In the Broncos’ case, Elway would also believe Kap’s overvalued. He believed that of Osweiler, and that turned out to be a good decision, even if what he was forced to work with wasn’t too good, so Elway has some street cred to support his value-based decisions right now.

    Long and short of it is, the four teams who might still be looking for a qb very likely are still exploring other options (Romo, Garappolo, the draft) and/or believe Kaepernick has overvalued himself.

  21. When you combine mediocre, at best, performance over the last couple years, with the perception that you are an un-American troublemaker and public relations nightmare, you become toxic in the extreme.
    Supposedly wanting 9-10 million a year and the chance to start just makes him that much more so.

  22. Chance to start? Absolutely.

    However, I don’t think the Canadian Football League pays that much.

  23. Sure! And I want a chance to have a job with an annual salary of $1,000,000 and to date a sexy former friend of mine, but the chances of either aren’t promising!

  24. Try the CFL — Up in Canada you won’t have to stand for the Star Spangled Banner, it’s a win-win for everyone except the Canadians.

  25. Me too – I’d like a chance a start and 9-10m please… and a yacht… oh and maybe a Porsche…

  26. Called it. Regardless, he’s to expensive, proven not good enough at football to start for anyone, and obviously doesn’t care about football.

  27. Again, people are just overreacting due to media hype. The media loves all Kaep controversy, so they are milking it for what it’s worth. He will sign with a team, and he is probably even going to get a chance to start somewhere. Why isn’t he signed already? Because it makes more sense to see what happens in the draft first, and it will “look” better if you wait until later to sign him. He’s not the kind of QB you beat down the door to sign immediately.

  28. Why does he have to declare his intentions publicly to make you happy? Why can’t his agent communicate with the teams like all other agents?

  29. Well, give it to him. Wouldn’t want to be accused of racism. Oh wait, we already are. The hell with him.

  30. He’s not Tebow II. Tebow was not a disruptive force before a game. Tebow could not throw the ball, but, hell, he could move and run as well or better than Kap. Kap can throw the ball (just not great).

  31. I want to own my own personal island in the Caribbean and win a $100 million Powerball! Ask Kap how Tinkerbell is, because he’s living in Never Neverland

  32. Dudes just not that good….

    We have seen this time and time again, a guy has a great year, someone (cough cough, Jaws) says you will be the greatest ever, then they flop.

    See RG3, Gabbert, Young, that’s why I caution on Dak, lets

  33. Tebow II? That is an insult….to Tebow. At least Tim Tebow loves God..and God seems to love him back. I doubt anyone loves Kaep…except Kaep and his activist skank.

  34. Mike Glennon is a starter. Why should he settle for being a backup? Because he had the audacity to kneel during our anthem to draw attention to a serious problem in America? Ridiculous.

  35. I heard that BLM was looking for a spokesman. They’re failing at everything they’re protesting/ rioting for, so maybe a qb turned comedian might just do the trick….LOL!

  36. He may well get it once the inevitable early season injuries to a few QBs happen, but not till then.

  37. Ray Rice was a good running back too. If you do something “out of bounds” you will pay the price period. Kaepernick may not have slapped/knocked out a woman, but slapped the hell out of decent law enforcement and people who support them.

  38. The only way he gets the money hes looking for is if he can say hes better than the 32nd best starter in the league. Is he a viable alternative to starting a rookie? Is he a leader? Does he possess the ability to mentor? These are some big questions. I believe if he was a top 15 quarterback, the National Anthem controversy would be nothing more than wind in sails.

  39. “Kaepernick wants to go to a place that will give him a chance to start, and pay him a salary in the range of $9 million to $10 million a year.”

    He’s got a better chance of walking into a steakhouse in Oklahoma, preaching a vegan sermon, and getting out of the steakhouse alive than ever seeing this happen.

  40. football aside, this man is a true american patriot. you can keep flying your flags & your silly yellow ribbons. kaep is a man of action and has done more off the field than any of you ignorant fools.

  41. Don’t Sweet It Kaep!! Playing Fantasy Football & Watching The Red Zone From Your Couch Is A Blast.

  42. They misquoted…it was $9 – $10 dollars per hour at the local burger king and he wants to start on Monday. Burger King denied his request, they didnt want the negativity associated with the brand.

  43. We, now we know collusion isn’t the reason he can’t find a job.

  44. I’d like $4-5 million/year for doing nothing myself…don’t even want to show up for practice. Wouldn’t mind walking around, hanging out with the players, but that’s about it.

    Make it so.

  45. He needs to stay in shape because he isn’t going to be on a roster until the pre-season injuries start to happen.

  46. So, he wants a team to pay him 9 or 10 million, who was a distraction to his team and hasn’t played well in the last few years….I’ll pass.

  47. He’s unemployed for one reason…. he’s a bridge QB that needs a special offense. His career shows he’s not going to be the long term guy and he would find work as a bridge QB but he needs a special offense. His options are go to CFL and work on his passing skills, take a backup job on a team with an offense that could work with him or wait for an injury.

    He’s not someone a GM would sign right now. His market will develop in training camp. But he would have multiple offers if he would take a backup job and money. The anthem stuff is just talk radio fodder and a way for all the angry people who turned off SF games to feel like they mattered.

  48. Is he still on the crazy diet that caused him to lose all that muscle weight? Lost in all the uproar over the kneeling is he made himself a WORSE athlete and hasn’t played well in a very long time, yet he’s still making demands like he’s a star.

  49. Ahhh. So it’s okay to speculate he’s getting blackballed because of his political stance but when numbers are leaked we have to actually talk to Colin first.

    Funny how narratives work.

  50. He is too predictable and can never make the smart throws. Always moves to his left, so you know where to rush him. Does not have the mental ability to get rid of the ball under center after a three steps drop. Doesn’t know how to pre-read defenses when at the line or where coverage is going to be after the ball is snap. Takes forever to find an open receiver and production has greatly fallen off. Thrown in the fact he doesn’t focus 100% on football and you have a marginal qb that would be lucky to be a third stringer. I wouldn’t give him more than EJ Manual got.

  51. He is not a leader that you want as a professional or personally. However, he will be the answer to a trivia question in a few years.

  52. johnniemayes says:

    Welp. Enjoy playing Canadian football.


    I wonder if he will kneel during Oh Canada?

  53. Here’s the contract. It escalates
    $5 million if you start all 16 games(earn a starting role)
    $8 million if we go 8-8
    $10 million if we make the playoffs
    $15 million if we win a playoff game.

    tell me if I’m lowballing


    Not lowballing at all. This deal is completely appropriate. For Andrew Luck.

  54. Let me get this straight, he opts out of $12 mil in SF AND was the starter, to have a chance to start elsewhere for $9-10?

    Not the sharpest tool in the shed, which explains why he can’t read a D to save his life.
    Good luck with that bud!

  55. Well i haven’t heard him say it. there are no interviews where he says it. so its all speculation at this point. but please all comment away as if you know the situation. the writer himself basically calls this speculation lol

    same thing happened with Adrian Peterson

  56. Further evidence that this clueless clown just doesn’t ‘get it’. He’s living in a complete fantasy world. GMs around the league take notice of things like this, when a guy becomes a huge distraction and then turns around and expects to be paid as if nothing happened. I suspect that when his asking price drops a lot of GMs still won’t touch him, because they know he’s delusional and is just going to be a headache.

  57. Forget sitting out the anthem stuff (which he probably believes is the reason why he’s un-employed); he is not a great QB, he’s not a good QB either. Thus, he should be holding the clipboard and waiting to prove to the other starting QBs and coaches he can start.

    San Fran overpaid him to begin with.

  58. He’s a strong supporter of ISIS and a left-wing activist – let ISIS and Democratic party pay him for PR work, since he’s not even qualified to be an NFL backup water-boy.

  59. If not for the controversy stemming from his protests of last year, he would seem a good candidate to join the QB circus in Houston. As it is, there is no way for him to be accepted by the Houston fan base…for that matter, I can’t think of a market that will accept him with open arms as a starter.

  60. One of the many things he needs to do is hire an agent that will tell him the harsh reality….quit asking for low-end starting QB money and take somewhere in the 3-5 mil range to be a back-up. As much as everyone dislikes him for obvious reasons I don’t think many would dispute that he’s not the worst qb option out there. Swallow your pride, take the back-up money and wait for your chance.

  61. Well he is already stated he will not be taking a knee in protest this season and that can be contractually locked down anyway so i don’t think his political bent is an issue. But $9-10 million US and a chance to start? There’s the reason right there.. If he wants to play this season he is looking at $3 million tops and no guarantee to start..

  62. My local Walmart is hiring. Competitive wages, benefits after 90 days if you’re full time. And you get a 10% discount card on all merchandise except produce (but the months of November and December you do).

  63. Kaep deserves whatever his numbers dictate. His numbers reflect about a career 90 QB rating, on par with Tyrod Taylor, Ryan Tannehill, Alex Smith, Andy Dalton, and Matt Stafford. Except they all make 15 million+ per year. So, what does he really deserve?

  64. Love it when the truth comes out and it goes against the narrative some were trying to forward.

  65. I’d hate it if Kaepernick was by team’s backup QB and he was playing for free.

    Can’t imagine how most fans would feel if he was being paid $9-10 million…

  66. This in not about politics, it’s about talent. If Dak Prescott burnt the American flag instead of standing for it and then became a free agent, teams would be breaking down his door to sign him

  67. See how many comments this generates?
    That is why you keep hearing about him.
    He is just a flash in the pan that made a specticle of himself to distract everyone from the fact that he is not a good QB.
    Anyone else would be forgotten by now.

    The more we comment on Kaepernick posts the more posts about Kaepernick we will see.
    Ignore him and his dumb story will go away.

  68. He made a choice and now he has to live with the consequences. Touching such a sensitive subject gets you in this kind of mess. I hope everyone learns from Kap the next time they want to tangle their job with politics

  69. That is nothing to sknees at Kaep, I salute you for getting the most out of such an oppressive country, stand up and let the NFL owners know you are one of the best to ever disrespect the country that gave you a silver plate that you spit on, good luck protesting in san fran for the rest of your life

  70. My guess is that the closer it gets to training camp opening in late July, the more Kaepernick’s salary demands will come down.

  71. A couple of days ago, it looked like a lot of people had already leaped to conclusions about Kap.

    Some claimed that he is not going to find a team and that he will settle for bargain basement pay.

    Others claim that he is unemployable because of his refusal to stand during the national anthem. Neither of these leaps had any factual support.

    And now there is a different attempt to explain why he has not been signed yet.

  72. Krapernick is done as an NFL qb. Start looking for a 9-5 job. Put your college education to good use.

  73. I agree. Kap himself has not said anything yet, so all the “reports” are based on speculation, no matter how many sources they claim to cite. I have been guessing myself that he won’t settle for any job. For example, even if a team like Cleveland offers him a job, he may not take it. He probably wants a chance to start and he probably wants a team that has a chance to make the playoffs. I would suggest that teams like Houston and Denver are the ones that may offer him a contract, but the first choice among both teams is probably Tony Romo. Only if Romo’s fate has been determined will they think about offering Kap a contract. They don’t want to sign Kap and then find out that Romo is available.

  74. Kap has a gambling problem. He gambled a $14 million guaranteed contact he could do better on the open market. Who’s advising this guy? Larry, Curly and Moe? Doesn’t he know how to read a room?

  75. Kaepernick had 16 TD’s to 4 Int’s last season with Jeremy Kerley as his #1 WR. The entire team was ASS and Kap actually was one of the few “bright spots”. The entire “Kap’s no longer a NFL starting quality QB” narrative is Overblown and not true from a “FACTUAL/STATISTICAL perspective. It just seems “Cool” to Pile on while he’s “Down”!(Meanwhile he just donated how much $$ this year?? While some of you ASSCLOWNS are sayin he needs to go get a 9-5…..Hate Much??? )

    Anyone that doesn’t know that Kap is certainly more talented than Hoyer/Glennon/McCown/Osweiler/Browns) needs to stop lying to themselves.

    He will get a job but not b4 the Tony Romo domino falls.

  76. this is yet another reason why white people keep being looked at as racist. how many of you even knew he was black before he took a stand or knee on this issue?

    true is true — black is black and white is white.

    Now it’s “true” CK took a big chance with his career doing what he did for the reason he did ,.. maybe he’s paying for it by being blackballed by the NFL owners.

    maybe he made a bad decision fighting for people who are not fighting for him. black people should be protesting for CK now by not buying NFL products or going to games or buying madden 18.

    now his reasons was 100% humanitarian not just arbitrary to government, know the difference, why do you always take a oppressed people complaints as complaining? that’s not just racist, it’s showing a poor lack of empathy for a human.

    eveyone is entitled to his or her opinion, but damn stop bringing up the race issue when you never even knew he was mixed with black before this issue came up.

    he is atleast a back up ,.. come on ,.. jets don’t need him ? lol it is obvious to any of us who is intelligent why he can’t start in the USA , shame though,. seems like a waste of talent.

    btw i’m mixed with Sicilian and Native American , i really do not pick a side of race ,.. i hate bullies of any sort.

    lastly before you condemn this man for taking a stand on something, ask yourself what have you ever took a stand on , that could had lost you your job , life or comfort?
    i bet you, many of you DO NOT i’m talking without a weapon in tote.

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