Roger Goodell: Discussion of celebration rules tabled

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The NFL cleaned up some rules changes already today, but NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said he wanted to get more information before proceeding on modifications to the league’s celebration rules.

Goodell said he asked owners to table the proposal to loosen the league’s collective ties, saying he wanted to talk to more players before any changes are made.

A vote could still be taken at their May meeting, but Goodell said he needed time to gain “clarity” to the rule, and allow players “more ability to express themselves” while maintaining order and decorum.

While the simple act of letting players have a bit more freedom on the field is nice, reaching across the aisle and getting input from players on any topic is an important step. Along with this week’s ban on leaping over the line of scrimmage on kicks (which was suggested by the NFLPA), there’s at least some notion that the league is willing to work with labor. That’s not an insignificant thing.

4 responses to “Roger Goodell: Discussion of celebration rules tabled

  1. Sounds nice on the surface and maybe I’m cynical but I dont think he is going to talk to anyone. I am thinking it was more the discussion wasnt going the way wanted so stalling it off for a bit was the strategy taken.

  2. It’s easy!! No celebrations, Period! Celebrate and you get a game misconduct(kicked-out of game) a fine and penalty for your team, because they can’t control their players, for first offense!!

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