Todd Bowles declares “heavy competition” for Jets quarterback job

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Even though the Jets brought in veteran Josh McCown, they’re not counting anyone out of their quarterback derby yet.

Coach Todd Bowles told reporters this morning that both Christian Hackenberg and Bryce Petty would get a chance at the starting job as well.

There will be heavy competition for the job,” Bowles said, via Rich Cimini of “Nobody has been promised the starting quarterback job. They’ll all get a chance to play and we’ll make that decision, going forward, when training camp starts as we see production from certain people.”

Of course, Hackenberg didn’t take a snap as a rookie last year, and Petty is coming off surgery to his non-throwing shoulder. But Bowles wasn’t ruling anything out, including the possibility of using the sixth overall pick on a quarterback.

“We’ll see how it falls and we’ll look at the pros and cons of it and we’ll make that decision, but there is a scenario, yes,” Bowles said.

Bowles has been quick to declare a starter in the past, in order to give that guy more time to prepare with the other starters. But at the moment, there’s no reason to push it, as McCown has enough experience to be able to come in on the fly.

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  1. They better use their first three draft picks then on QBs then because as they stand now they don’t have anyone worthy of playing QB on their roster let alone take part in his “heavy competition”

  2. When I saw the headline I thought that the Jets were having their linemen also compete for the QB job.

  3. This is nothing more than the usual “coach speak” If Bowles does not get this team turned around soon, he is just going to be another failed Jets coach who will be fired. Same old Jets Almost 50 years and counting since they have had a franchise QB. Signing Josh McCown was just another Fitzpatrick failure.

  4. Wow what a sad crop of QB’s. Makes me glad I’m not a Jets fan. How can they possibly not be interested in Kaepernick

  5. smokingthebowels : I dont think Belichick ever was their coach right? They just bullied him to attend a press conference and named him the coach but there was no deal in place. He walked right out and got on a plane to meet Kraft the next day.

  6. Sure, there will be heavy competition for the job but the real winner will be the 2nd place finisher.

  7. I’m pretty sure Belichick was the coach for 1 day then resigned because he didn’t want to follow Parcells. Even though Parcells had just rebuild the Pats a few years before. Go figure

  8. .
    LOL. using their pick to get a QB hahahaha…

    This is the JETS.
    If they pick a QB they wont pay him and trade him away after the season where he will end up winning a Super Bowl etc etc etc…

    Like they always do.
    The owner trades all drafted players that actually turn out to be good. which they rarely are, but every one gets traded away.

  9. The 3 guys mentioned are all quietly looking at each and saying “what can I do to be noticed enough to stay a backup and not have to actually play for this train wreck?”

  10. @smokingthebowels,

    had nothing to do with following Parcells. The Jets ownership was up in the air with the Hess family selling the franchise and he knew Steve Gutman Jets President was a clown and could forsee the dumpster fire the Jets would become. It must really kill Jests fans on what COULD have been

    January 10,1969 the Golden Anniversary is less than two years away !!

  11. I say this not as an NE fan but a guy who is a resident of the NY Metro Area and follows all the teams here as well. McCown is hands down the best of that group. I’ve seen Hack/Petty play during the preseason and parts of regular (for Petty) I’ve seen McCown play too (not as much last year) but throughout his career as a journeyman. He’s going to get hurt and hes in decline. He is without a doubt the best QB on their roster. If theres a competition it wont be close, McCown will win. Whether that is good or not is a different question.

  12. Also joining the competition:

    – A sack of old footballs

    – Some guy named Gravy

    – The guy who wants to pay in exact change at the store

    – An old pair of socks.

  13. smokingthebowels : Thats the official story, but the ones circulating the essays of sports writes was that Belichick’s contract had no provisions for salary or duration, just that he would succeed Parcells and he was actually scheduled to ‘interview’ for job that morning. He thought he could get out of the contract because he hadnt signed the dotted line to become coach, but the court held him to the previous contract he signed where he agreed to succeed Parcells in exchange for a big raise.

  14. @kneedragr

    Actually Belichick was hired “twice.” Only really once those and he subsequently resigned. First time was when they tried to lure Parcells away from NE. They were going to hire him as a “consultant” and Bill as the HC but they scrapped it and both Parcells and Belichick headed over with Tuna as the coach. The 2nd time Belichick was the coach in waiting and was getting a hefty checks as the AHC from then owner Leon Hess because of this. Belichick was supposed to get full authority over the roster as well. However Hess died, Johnson bought the team and Parcells stayed on as a GM. So Belichick was a new coach under a new owner and didnt get his full power. That started it all. Parcells shouldve just gotten out of his own way and let Belichick have full power (although I could see why some would be skeptical given he was fired from his last HC job despite a decent record). Regardless I am skeptical Belichick would coexist with Woody Johnson. The rest is history. We thank you.

  15. ” dont think Belichick ever was their coach right? They just bullied him to attend a press conference and named him the coach but there was no deal in place.”

    Pats had to pony up a 1st round pick to the Jets to get Belichick so there had to have been something in place.

  16. Competition? Are we talking…Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock; Horseshoes; A Nathan’s dog eat; 10 paces? Because, with what they got, a football challenge might be hard to manage 🙂

  17. I might not like Belichick, Brady, or the Patriots but I do respect them. Best ran franchise the last 20 years. I might be a die hard Jets fan and as much as I hate to say it, its the truth. Regardless of all the supposed cheating they always have a great team. Tom Brady is one of the greatest competitors I’ve ever watched. That’s why he’s so great. He’s played better with properly inflated balls, so I don’t see what all the hates about. I will continue to root for my Jets. I’m a true fan. It’s been 35 years of failure, 98, 09,10 were the best shots. I might even cry tears of joy one day they actually win it. Lets hope my next 35 are better years. With these 3 qbs though, its not gonna happen soon.

  18. Hard to think of a team with a worse QB situation then the Jets right now, although the Bears and Niners are right down in the cesspool with them.

  19. You often see QBs who were very high draft picks continue to get better five years into the careers. Those guys are usually the ones who get 5 years or more. Bryce Petty wasn’t a high draft pick, so they might not give him a decent opportunity to show what he can do. I don’t even have to watch Hackenberg because he wasn’t even a good college player. Petty was.

  20. Average players can not be ‘motivated’ into being good players. They can be coached up, of course–but not by average coaches. EOS.

  21. trade out of 6, get another 1st rounder next year, if the QB is there this year at the lower pick, take him, but don’t forget the other needs. I would go with an OL if available, and RB’s are flowing like water this year, grab a good one. RIGHT THE SHIP

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