CBS reportedly considering Tony Romo as “potential replacement” for Phil Simms

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When it comes to playing football, Tony Romo currently has limited options. When it comes to broadcasting football, Tony Romo has two. And one of them could make him a major network’s No. 1 analyst, potentially.

Via Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, CBS is eyeing Romo as a “potential replacement” for Phil Simms. It’s unclear whether this means Romo would supplant Simms right out of the gates, or whether Romo would start at a lower rung and work his way up.

An immediate installment as the No. 1 guy could be overwhelming for Romo, given that CBS has the Thursday night package for the first half of the season. In his first year of learning how to call games, he’d be calling two per week.

Landing at the top of the CBS football food chain also could make it harder for Romo to pull a Roger Clemens and return to the field during the season, if an opportunity to play half a season for a contender would emerge with the bursting of a tendon or the shredding of a ligament.

Then there’s the question of whether Simms would be demoted to the No. 2 team — or whether CBS would simply throw eem overboard.

69 responses to “CBS reportedly considering Tony Romo as “potential replacement” for Phil Simms

  1. Nobody at CBS is on Team Dak.
    It’s a safe environment for Tony… he’ll thrive there.

  2. Don’t have to print every rumor you see. I doubt that spot would even be discussed for Romo. He would be improvement, I don’t need to see a try out for that but I doubt CBS hates Phil, whom I was a big fan as a player, as bad as I do as an announcer.

  3. Please let this happen. Simms is terrible, and while I’ve never heard Romo call a game (mainly because he hasn’t done it) he’s always been a great interview and he’s one of the few players who seems like he’d be great on TV.

  4. Or, CBS views him as someone who could potentially one day replace Simms, and they’d like to sign him now before Fox does. Romo learns for a few years, makes it up to the B team, and when Simms hit the sunset, THEN Romo would be a “replacement” for Simms.

    Mountain, meet molehill.

  5. Phil Simms is the modern day John Madden with his ridiculous commentary. “That’s a good timeout by Denver because it stops the clock. “For it to be a forward pass it has to go…forward.” Madden is awesome though and Simms is just terrible. Plus, he stopped saying “Redskins”. Get him outta there.

  6. Tony Romo could only make that announcing team better. Phil Simms is the worst analyst there is. He consistently gets it wrong and then even sticks to his idiocy when the replays show him to be wrong.

  7. When are we going to stop believing everything Rapoport reports? Guy is wrong more often than not.

  8. Tony should retire. He’s messing with his back and the same area has been broken twice.

    Manning couldn’t even get full dressed/undressed by himself anymore. There’s more to life than football

  9. has he already colored games before? why not let him get a season under his belt before we anoint him into the number 1 position …

  10. Simms is the ONE OF the main reasons I can’t stand cbs broadcasts. Still would like to see Romo get a chance somewhere if he wants and is capable of playing still though.

  11. I don’t buy it. Even if they were dumb enough to make that kind of investment in Romo then throw him untried into a sink or swim scenario like that they wouldn’t leak it out through Rapoport.

  12. We were facing a crisis of NFC East under-representation among network color men. So now we may have two networks featuring ex-Cowboy QBs as color men.

    Yay diversity!

    Here’s an idea: instead of hiring an ex-jock to do color, how about having somebody who knows the game and how to do color commentary? I’m sure there are plenty of people like that out there.

  13. Phil Simms was not very good as a sport caster so CBS wants to hire Romo with no broadcasting experience. Your famous, just come on down and start talking. Is that it. — Wake me up 30 seconds before kickoff, please.

  14. Just take it Tony. You have made big money, family gets to stay in Dallas, and you keep what’s left of your health. Still in football and respected.

  15. what a joke. phil sims is a national treaure and deserves to keep his job until he sees fit. tony romeo should find a qb job before trying to take the job of a hard working american like phil. kinda sad that there is so little work available that this is what this country has come to.

  16. Wow , Phil Simms has been the #1 CBS broadcaster for quite a while, can’t believe CBS would throw him under the bus like this.. and besides what’s so great about Romo broadcasting? Would he draw higher ratings ?

  17. “You look at this guy and you think, wow, heckuva football player.”

    – Phil Simms, 200 times per game

    I have grown to tolerate Phil mostly because I like watching TV on Sundays in the fall, but goodness. He is 100% folksy, shucksy, gee whizzed and 0% insightful/interesting.

  18. I am a lifelong NYG fan. Phil Simms was never more than average as a color guy. NY athletes get jobs ahead of all others. Look at the Tiki Barber FAIL. That said, Troy Aikman runs circles around Simms. Romo could be good too. Networks hang on to talent too long. Switch it up. Only guys that deserve to outlast generation cycles are/were: Pat Summerall, John Madden, Al Michaels and Cris Collingsworth. Joe Buck is hated but I don’t know why. He is solid. Not Summerall, but not bad.

  19. Phil Simms could be replaced by a cricket! I have no idea why this idiot is still on the air. Anything could replace him. A potato. A wet paper bag. A barking dog. A two year old. Point being Romo wouldn’t have to say a word during a television broadcast and he’d be light years better than Simms. In fact I’d donate money towards Romo’s broadcasting salary just to never hear Simms voice on ANY broadcast again. And that’s coming from an Eagles fan.

  20. Wow, a lot of hate towards Phil Simms.

    I don’t watch a lot of AFC games, but I think Phil does a great job.

    But, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

  21. Simms can go get a job as a social justice warrior. Romo won’t refuse to call all of the teams by their name, as any professional would do.

  22. I don’t know how or why Simms is that network’s #1 color commentator as it is. Every time I switch to a small market game, they’ve got a better crew than Nantz/Simms. So yeah, I’d definitely like to see Simms replaced. That said, why should a rookie commentator be plugged into the network’s #1 spot when there are better, experienced guys already working the booth?

  23. Phil Simms putting Joe Theismann in his place on his very first day as an analyst on ESPN was one of the greatest moments in the history of live television

  24. The NFL is offering CBS Tony Romo to make up for the lopsided TV contract and plummeting ratings.

  25. I don’t know how or why Simms is that network’s #1 color commentator as it is. Every time I switch to a small market game, they’ve got a better crew than Nantz/Simms.

    Exactly. Ian Eagle/Dan Fouts and Gumbel/Trent Green are ten times better at calling games than Nantz/Simms.

  26. These comments – hilarious. Fans are never EVER happy. There isn’t one announcer that people like, and all of these arm chair Quarterback dorks think they can do better than people who have been intimately involved with the game for decades.

  27. I don’t understand all the hating on Simms, but props to Florio for the funniest line I’ve read in a long time: “… throw eem overboard.” If there is one thing about Simms that was weird, and bugged me a bit, it’s his pronunciation of “him” as “eem”. I thought me and my buddy were the only ones who noticed it and have always laughed about it/got slightly irritated by it. Thanks for today’s laugh, Mike! (I forwarded it to my buddy:)

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