Chris Ballard expresses full confidence in Chuck Pagano

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If new Colts G.M. Chris Ballard would prefer to have his own guy coaching the team, he’s not letting on.

Ballard said on PFT Live that he’s confident in head coach Chuck Pagano, who is heading into his sixth year in Indianapolis as Ballard heads into his first.

“Chuck has won a lot of games. I think we lose perspective because of two 8-8 seasons, but chuck had three 11-win seasons, they were in the AFC Championship Game, Chuck has done a lot of good things,” Ballard said. “I would disagree with that statement that we’re planning on doing anything else.”

Pagano has been on the hot seat in each of the last two seasons, and there was widespread talk in both 2015 and 2016 that he could be on the way out. In the end, he saved his own job, even as former G.M. Ryan Grigson got the boot. Pagano may have to go better than 8-8 in 2017 if he wants to return in 2018, but for now, Ballard says he’s hoping they work together for years to come.

23 responses to “Chris Ballard expresses full confidence in Chuck Pagano

  1. Full confidence in what? And why exactly? Maybe he should re-watch the execution of the “swinging gate play” and think again

  2. Chuck Pagano’s s joke. How that team didn’t promote Bruce Arians to head coach is beyond me.

    Ole Chuck is wasting Luck’s career. They need to clean house and hire Tony Dungy as director of football operations. I personally would have replaced Pagano with Greg Roman. He knows how to get the best out of Andrew Luck.

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  3. Chuck is a good guy. I grew up with him in Boulder. His dad is a legendary CO high school fb coach who I played for and he has 3 jaw dropping sisters who I knew one well (RIP Kathy). Does this translate to being a good NFL coach? No clue, but give him another year. Grigon seemed to be the problem, not Chuck. You could do far worse.

  4. Chris Ballard expresses full confidence in Chuck Pagano. He’s certain the Colts will once again have that marshmello softness that is the signature of Chuck coached teams and that the fans in Indy love so much.

  5. “Maybe he should re-watch the execution of the “swinging gate play” and think again”

    The Colts version is the “rusty gate”. Lolz

  6. In professional life in general…any time your boss has to make public statements that they have confidence in you/are behind you/believe in you that is the surest sign you are in trouble. Its always that way, not just in football but everywhere.

  7. A guy who’s won 11 games 3 times and not had a losing season over the last 5 years? See how many other guys exceed that. I can only think of one – urggh. Also, you gotta always look at the next best alternative if you can Chuck Any sure-fire winners are retired or not committed and you are REALLY rolling the dice on someone unproven. I’ll give Chuck another year with a real GM on his side and see how we stand this time next year.

  8. That’s real rich expressing full confidence in a coach you were forced to take. What was he supposed to say? It’s almost as stupid as the stuff Irsay says. Almost.

  9. The comments about the 8-8 seasons are, in my opinion, misleading. Remember where they play – the AFCS. If they played in the AFCW or the NFCE those 8-8 would probably be 5-11.

  10. idiedpretty says:
    Mar 29, 2017 1:52 PM
    To all the Pagano haters, Rex Ryan is available. Go for it!


    The last thing the Colts need is a coach that fixates on the Patriots.

  11. “Sole Owners of the 6th largest TV Market”

    So niner fans listing the Raiders leaving as an achievement now? Only thing on the list that’s not targeting baby boomers, so fair enough I guess. Funny, when I think of the niners of late, first thing that comes to mind is when they had Harbaugh.

    Imagine you remember having Harbaugh. How was that compared to having pick number 2?

  12. Chuck was not hired by Ballard so he better produce. Ballard will be itching to put his own brand on the Colts.

  13. Indy doesn’t scare anybody. No threat whatsoever. The swinging gate is worse than the butt fumble. And hanging participation banners is pitiful. The fish rots from the head down, Irsay.

  14. I think this is the year that Chuck finally gets it. You have to cheat to be the greatest.

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