Greg Hardy to play indoor football if fans approve

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It’s been difficult to keep up with Greg Hardy.

Long ago, NFL teams stopped trying.

The guilty verdict for domestic violence and issuing threats. The absence of his accuser, leading to the case’s dismissal. The personal pleas of innocence — “I’ve never put my hand on any woman” — amid graphic evidence to the contrary. An arrest for cocaine possession. His apparent blacklisting from the CFL. An announced new career in mixed-martial arts. A commitment to the non-NFL affiliated Spring League. Somewhere along the way, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones called him a “real leader.”

Hardy is now up for a new opportunity.

The former Cowboys and Panthers defensive end could be headed to Utah to play for the Salt Lake Screaming Eagles of the Indoor Football League. A fan vote will help determine if he will. The results so far, as of the publishing of this article, are 64 percent in favor of Hardy’s signing.

Before any vote is cast, the team’s prompts users to read a statement from the club’s ownership group.

Some of Hardy’s background is addressed in that.

“He has expressed a strong desire to join the Screaming Eagles as a way for him to showcase his football skills and prove worthy of another chance,” the statement reads in part. “As a football player, Hardy is a physically gifted pass-rusher who could make an immediate impact on our defensive line. As an off-the-field member of the community, there are past allegations and arrests that he carries.

“We have spent the past week speaking with Greg directly and with many of his former teammates and coaches. After hours of deliberation and debate, Screaming Eagles ownership, management, and coaches are in unanimous agreement that we will support Greg joining the team under one condition — that our fans vote to allow him.”

It is unclear what a shot with the Salt Lake Screaming Eagles stint would mean for Hardy’s MMA career.

Indications are Hardy is more interested in a return to the NFL.

“He is not doing this for the money; he just wants to play football and show the type of person he is both on and off the field,” the statement reads. “If all goes well, he hopes to have a chance to play again on Sundays.”

Fan voting ends Wednesday at 10 p.m. PT.

The club allows fans to vote, its site says, on “key team decisions.”

27 responses to “Greg Hardy to play indoor football if fans approve

  1. Talk about a fall down the ladder. With all of his talent, he blew an NFL career–lesson to rookies.

  2. Smart PR approach, I like it. Patriots fans should get the same option about whether to allow Goodell to sully our stadium with his presence.

  3. This is one of the few people that don’t deserve any more chances in the NFL. If the domestic violence had been a one time thing I could’ve looked past it if he started doing work to prove he regrets it however that’s the opposite of what happened. All the case did at first was give him a year off of football where he still received 12 million, then the honorable cowboys signed him to a deal that with incentives could’ve paid him around 8-12 million if I remember correctly, before he made comments about multiple players wife’s later that season. It’s sad Greg got a second chance after proving he was scum and ray rice is doing everything he can despite the fact he knows he isn’t going to get another shot anymore.

  4. He needs a new PR staff: all he has to say is “I will donate my entire salary to Domestic Violence charities” and teams will be more inclined to sign him

  5. Let’s be honest, Hardy would destroy any Oline that tries to block him in this league.

    If I’m a rival team of the Screaming Eagles I offer Hardy a little more money and sign him right out from under them.

  6. This is a classic case of a guy who just doesn’t get it. It’s always someone else’s fault or the media is out to get him.

  7. The untold millions of dollars these guys throw down the toilet because they choose to be POS human beings is just mind boggling.

  8. I’m amazed he hasn’t sued Deadspin yet. Leaking those documents was illegal. Only her lawyers and the NFL front office had them, and it isn’t hard to know who sold them to Gawker.

  9. Yeah…remember how well women and kids were treated back in the golden eras.

    Your HoF heroes probably did much worse, there just wasn’t twitter and facebook around yet.

  10. What a cheap move by this arena franchise. Have the cajones to sign him and take the PR beating that you deserve. Having a completely unscientific fan poll is the lamest CYA move. When he does something awful again they’ll just point to the community and say it was their fault.

  11. “He is not doing this for the money; he just wants to play football and show the type of person he is both on and off the field,”

    He already showed everyone what he’s like on and off the field during the year he played at Dallas–missed meetings, arguing with coaches, lack of effort, and being a complete tool.

  12. That pile of poo in Salt Lake City? I’m sure the locals will welcome him with open arms.

    Funniest thing is, I had pretty much forgotten about him already (as I’m sure many others had), which is the worst fate imaginable for narcissistic clowns of his ilk.

  13. The Screaming Eagles are actually a really interesting idea, and this vote isn’t a CYA stunt but in fact part of the ethos of the team: fans vote on just about anything that can be voted on. They hired their coach that way, they draft that way. They even call offensive plays that way. It’s a really neat experiment in technology enabling fan involvement, so it makes sense they’d make this decision in this way. There’s a great Slate article about them written about a month back.

  14. How did Michael Vick get another chance after murdering any pit bull that wasn’t going to make him money in his dog fighting business.

    This guy didn’t kill anyone, that we know of.

  15. as a fan of his, I APPROVE. guy deserves a 2nd chance. the league allows guys who have done much worse things (see: levon bell, josh gordon, ricky wiliams, martavis briant, etc) to play. greg deserves a shot as well

  16. Another fool who will never learn…
    He’s no different than a homeless man who will beg from u till Ilu stop the. The next person jumps in…then they give up..then the next guy,…when is enough enough

  17. This is what bothers me the most is that people are commenting on this like they know what they are talking about. First off I want everyone to know that I voted NO. Second, the reporter didn’t do anybody any favors, by not doing his research on the team. You can tell he didn’t by the quotes around the phrase “Key TeamDecisions” The Salt Lake Screaming Eagles are owned by a company called Fanchise and the Fans decide everything. There is a Salt Lake Screaming Eagles App which all of the fans have decided on the location of the team. They voted between Salt Lake City and Oklahoma City. The helmet design and the uniforms….(The Uniforms were not what I voted for….They look like a candy cane), but I digress. The App actually allows the fans to call the plays during the games. The app gives each fan 3-4 plays to chose from within 10 secs and the majority rules. Which ever play is picked by the fans the Head Coach has a Tablet and that is the play that is won. Their first game is on YouTube. The first touchdown went a little haywire, but thankfully that was just for the fan chosen touchdown play and has not happened again. So to sit there an imply that this is some PR move is not only stupid, it is border line on laziness. Do your research. I live in PA and I have voted many of times on the APP with the team. Take the time and check out the App it is kind of fun to call the plays and see it happen on TV.

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