John Fox sees a Bears team in “striking distance”

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It is easy to be skeptical of the Bears’ outlook for 2017.

Of their current quarterbacks, Mark Sanchez attempted the most passes last year; he threw 18 as a backup in Dallas. They finished in last place in the NFC North for a third straight year. Their 3-13 record was the franchise’s worst, in the terms of loss total, since 1969.

But John Fox expressed optimism in December. He’s expressing it still.

Near the end of last season, the Bears coach said his club was “closer than people think” and in “striking distance.” He dug himself deeper into that position Wednesday, again telling reporters he believes the Bears are in “striking distance.”

He cited the amount of roster turnover since he and GM Ryan Pace arrived in 2015.

“Going back to a lot of the changes, we’ve had a lot of change,” Fox said, via CSN Chicago. “I think we’re better for it. Unfortunately, you can’t walk around with your chest out about that because of our record the last two years. But I have total confidence, and (Pace) has done an outstanding job and will continue to.

“I understand you have to win. And I finally feel like we’re in striking distance.”

Fox is entering the third season of a four-year contract.

The Bears have proven to be a project. He owns a 9-23 record compared to a 46-18 ledger across his four regular seasons in Denver.

“I would have thought that we would have done better to this point,” Fox said, via the Chicago Tribune. “But I kind of still feel really positive and encouraged for where we’re headed. I just saw it happening a little bit faster.”

79 responses to “John Fox sees a Bears team in “striking distance”

  1. What he failed to specify was “striking distance of what?”

    I think the Bears are well within the striking distance of overtaking the 3rd place Vikings but don’t you want to set the bar higher than that?

  2. In striking distance of what? Another 3rd place pick or the first pick in next year’s draft? With the Browns and 49ers possibly doing better this year, it is possible Jon…YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  3. I think the Bears made a big mistake not signing Barkley. I think he played well in some games. As a Lions fan I’m glad they didn’t sign him.

  4. “But I kind of still feel really positive and encouraged for where we’re headed.”

    What does “kind of” mean? I know Fox has been in the game a long time but “kind of” doesn’t make me feel good if I was a Bears fan.

    Fox reminds me of Jeff Fisher; they almost climbed the mountain top once but then that was all they had and since that point have been steady on mediocrity.

  5. Next season, McDaniel will be the head coach and Garrapolo will be the QB. Count on it.

  6. Just to clarify….within Striking distance he is referring to a UGM-133 inter-continental ballistic missle with a range of 6200-7500 Miles….just sayin’

  7. I do not see it…..The Packers, Lions and Vikes have better personnel almost across the roster then the lowly Bears ……..tomany years f terrible drafting by Angelo and Emery. The White pick looks like a massive failure by Pace. It looks like they are in year 3 of a 6 year re-build.

  8. Fox is ruining the team. I am a Vikings fan but hate to see a team in the NFL get worse because the front office doesn’t get it. Injuries and bad breaks happen but poor draft choices, terrible free-agent signings and questionable coaching hires don’t put your team within striking distance of anything.

  9. It’s all in relative to what he means by striking distance….and while I don’t know his intentions, I hope he means what I think he does.
    He means they are in striking distance of being a capable team. A team that can show up on a Thursday, Sunday or Monday and play with anybody on the schedule. They probably go 8-8 and be a few lucky bounces away from a win or loss either way. A team that has turned over the roster so much and so quickly, that they are finally in striking distance of some continuity and comfort. A team that with one more draft that produces 3 quality starters and maybe a developmental QB, that won’t be a laughing stock. If that’s what he meant, then I agree.

  10. I agree with coach Fox. They are right there. Anyone who doesn’t believe it, is not really informed on the Bears roster.

  11. They had a real hole to dig out of when they arrived in Chicago. I can see them around .500 this year and having a shot at the playoffs next season if ownership has enough patience to give them another year (which I believe they should if they win at least 7 games this season).

  12. Fox must have said this before McCarthy said Martellus Bennett is the best TE in football. He is the packers missing piece to win Super Bowl. Sorry Mr. Fox the packers are going to win the next 4 SB’s

  13. Striking distance of him getting the axe……. I hated this hire from day 1……ready for him to go and please sell the team Virginia as well.

  14. He’s right – bears’ fans should go on strike! That product the bears put on the field is horrendous.

  15. I see Foxy being within “striking distance” of never working again in the NFL. Good guy, decent coach, college is his game if he has any juice left.

  16. The Bears were a steaming pile last preseason, posted 13 losses in 16 games and did not look significantly better in any aspect at the end of the season than they looked at the beginning. I know because I watched every dreadful game. If they don’t look like they have it together by preseason game 2 this year, their fans will start making other plans for their Sundays and really who could blame them?

  17. Well, you gotta say something to give the fans any kind of hope … but all you have to offer is Mike Glennon or Mark Sanchez

  18. As a lifelong Packers fan, I sincerely hope Coach Fox is right!

    Go! Pack! Go!

    Bear Down Bears!

  19. Looks like John Fox is entering another lame duck year. The last time that happened, the Panthers ended up with the #1 overall pick.

  20. With two retread backup QBs, who aren’t qualified to be starters anywhere in NFL or CFL. What kind of drugs are you doing?

  21. Cutler will be missed. I’m a Bears fan and his absence is going to be very educational to my fellow fans. Cutler and Trestman plus an average defense would have been a super bowl.

  22. While they are going to suck under you Foxy. I think it’s a bit pessimistic to expect your players to go out on strike. Then again, being perennial losers can really take it out of you so perhaps a general strike is possible.

  23. He said they’re “striking from a distance,” which is true. Sanchez is quite handsome from afar until you realize he the buttfumbler.

  24. Wow tons of clever comments, especially by Vikings fans. Reality check: You are insane if you think your QB problems are solved. Your blowhard coach lost that team faster than Alshon J. turned down a multi year contract from you. Your HC and DC did not have enough respect from your defense to execute his calls. Implosion awaits you. You have way more problems than you think.

    As far as the Packers go? Good team but do they really scare anyone? Rodgers is a stud, period. However, FB is the ultimate team sport and that guy has a bigger head than anyone in the League, flails his arms in the air every time he doesn’t get a PI call, and evidently isn’t even liked by his own family because of the slapd!ck he has become. You can’t tell me there aren’t guys in his own huddle who can’t stand him. Not good. My guess is that guy doesn’t spend one more minute than he has to in Green Bay because I’m sure it isn’t good enough for him.

    The Bears? I think this job was way too big for Pace. Good Lord there is nobody on their current QB depth chart who could beat out their QBs of the recent past- Rex Grossman, Kyle Orton, or Jay Cutler. Pace has managed to make the QB position worse in Chicago and I didn’t think that was possible. Think about that. That said they are a corner, safety and just a tad more depth away from being the next great Bears defense. My guess is they run the ball 40 times and try to win games 10-7. Long ways to go but things had to be turned inside out to have a chance at sustained success.

  25. When you’re in one of the worst divisions in football, you have to take advantage. No team in that division can get close to sniffing the Big Stage.

  26. John Fox’s senior moment. Instead of going after a potential franchise QB like local boy Garrapolo, they kick the tires on some used, broken down models. One and done for both Fox and the first year GM.

  27. He must not have seen the same Mike Glennon I saw play in Buccaneer games. Good luck with that.

  28. “If you don’t expect too much from me, you might not be let down”

    – Gin Blossoms, 1989

  29. The Bears are amongst the worst organizations in Pro Football. This fool only saying this to keep his job.

  30. Striking distance? Oh got it, he must be talking about that total solar eclipse this August just southwest of St. Louis.

  31. I’m surprised with the great Mike Glennon on the roster the Bucks didn’t trade their number 1 pick for a boat load of good picks.

  32. I like John Fox, but I’m losing patience with him.

    I think first of all, find out why your team is SO INJURED ALL THE TIME.

    Seriously, injuries have been a HUGE problem in both John Foxx’s years as HC. Three years of injury problems will stop being a fluke and will start be a pattern. Find out what you’re doing wrong with injury prevention and STOP DOING IT.

    Get us Tribulsky or DeShaun or Kizer in the draft. I don’t care which. Give me a QB I can be at least slightly excited about instead of embarrassed by.

  33. Of what?! 2-14?!

    As a mass native living in chicago and supporter of the Bears due to my wife being from here, this team is putrid. Regress every year, and out coached in every phase.

    We won’t go to a single game until DRASTIC Changes are made (aka Virginia McCaskey goes) l. Luckily, we have my patriots to watch every Sunday 🙂

  34. John Fox sees a Bears team in striking distance of getting him into the record books as the only HC to lose a Super Bowl with 3 different teams.

  35. Even the Halas family doesn’t want any part of this current regime. Fox is delusional if he thinks this roster is good enough to contend for the playoffs. Papa Bear continues to roll in his grave…

  36. Fox is just saying the right things and picking up a paycheck. They are kicking the tires on a few players hoping to find a diamond in the rough, biding their time until they can draft/develop a QB, and hoping for the best. I think this is a big year for Pace- he needs to make some really good decisions in this draft, or he’ll be gone by 2019 (the Bears would cut him loose with one year left on his contract, but not two).

  37. 77 posts at this moment and at best 2 of them in support. When you lose the fans you eventually will lose your job.

  38. The Bears will be worse this year than last year. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Pace and company will blow this draft. They completely lucked out on Jordan Howard last year, who they had at #3 on the depth chart because they can not evaluate talent. Leonard Floyd is one concussion away from being out of the league and Kevin White is a complete bust with brittle bones, no route running ability and bad hands. You have to draft impact players with sustainability in the first round and Pace hasn’t done that and I see no reason why that will change this year. Maybe 2 wins this year, but we will have the worst record and team in the NFL

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