Pete Carroll unsure if Marshawn Lynch wants to play or not

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Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said he talked to Marshawn Lynch when reports about the enigmatic running back returning came up.

But he’s no more clear now on Lynch’s intentions than he was before they spoke.

“I know that he is somewhat entertaining the thought of it,’’ Carroll said, via Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times. “I can’t tell you how strong it is.’’

Carroll said Lynch did not ask to be taken off the reserve/retired list when they met 10 days ago, and didn’t know what he’d do if he did.

At one point Carroll said “there’s not much to it,” and when asked if Lynch might ever play for the Seahawks again, Carroll replied: “He’s retired.”

Of course, the fact Lynch would count $9 million against their salary cap and they’re not going to absorb that after signing Eddie Lacy means they’d move him along if he did.  And when asked if he thought the 30-year-old Lynch could still help a team, Carroll said he wasn’t sure.

“I don’t know,’’ Carroll said. “Depends on how he has approached this off-season. He looked OK. The mentality that it takes to play this game the way he plays the game, he has to really be invested and ready because he goes deep when he plays. And whether or not that is still in him and the burn is still there, I couldn’t tell that from talking to him.’’

So now we wait to see how Marshawn turns, and whether the interest in coming back to play is serious.

14 responses to “Pete Carroll unsure if Marshawn Lynch wants to play or not

  1. Everyone keeps tip-toeing around Lynch and saying that he’s retired, but none ever mentions that he still hasn’t turned in his signed retirement paperwork to the league office.

    Sounds like no one wants to steal Marshawn’s thunder, and let him announce his return in his own unique way.

  2. All he has to do is play the waiting game…Seattle by all intent has kept just barely above 9 million in cap space. Just wait for the draft, and when they have to spend money to sign those rookies. Then he can announce he is playing again, and the Seahawks would be forced to just release him….it’s just a poker game, and Lynch knows the seahawks wont be able to ante up.

  3. Well, Birdbrain can be sure of one thing about Lynch: if he does want to play, it’s not FOR YOU

  4. I demand that Marshawn Lynch get himself released as soon as possible, and that Ted Thompson immediately bring him to GB to sign him to a two year contract.

  5. To bobthebillsfan

    If it’s an “obvious running situation” then your opponent is probably waiting for that. Possibly you could use this to your advantage by doing something else??
    I know it didn’t work but having that exact wrong thing happen was a pretty long shot.

  6. Pete he wants to play, just not for you or the Seahawks. I think everyone else already knows he wants to be a Raider.
    Wake up Petey, it’s not second and goal from the one.

  7. Because of his age, and because he was out of football for a year, he may only get about $5 million if he is released. The Seahawks can probably squeeze him in but the real question is whether Carroll wants him back . He has Lacy and he still has Rawls. The real problem is the OL.

  8. Marshawn was in town for a charity event and decided to stop by the VMAC and visit. The rest has been made up to lead you by that ring they put in your nose…and you paid for them to put it there.

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