Report: San Antonio could emerge as temporary home for Raiders

Immediately upon being approved to move to Las Vegas, Raiders owner Mark Davis said his team could still stay in Oakland for up to three seasons.

But if things get weird next year in Oakland, they figure to have options.

According to Vincent Bonsignore of the Los Angeles Daily News, the possibility of the Raiders playing a year or so in San Antonio before their new stadium in Las Vegas is built in 2020 shouldn’t be ruled out.

San Antonio has been perfectly willing to be a host (or a stalking horse) in the past, and their flirtations with the Raiders have been overt. They have a ready made stadium in the Alamodome which  has hosted the Saints after Hurricane Katrina and Cowboys training camp often.

The Raiders have team options to play in Oakland’s existing coliseum in 2017 and 2018, and 2019 is to be determined. But if the reaction is bad this season — and there’s at least some early political grandstanding to suggest it might — Davis might not want to hang around for another year of being ignored or worse.

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  1. “If” there’s a bad reaction? Look Oakland is like this:” a toda madre o unbdesmadre”. Meaning if you’re from Oakland , represent Oakland it’s all love. When you’re not from Oakland and from another city(Las Vegas) there is no love. It’s cold as ice. Like a motherless child.

    Raiders could leave ASAP. Don’t worry about bringing a championship to Oakland. Warriors already handled that and gonna handle another one, and Lynch and Shanahan are going to bring a Lombardi to the Bay. #6 to be exact. Raiders Lombardis don’t count. We’re good over here.

    49ers 2017 (The Quest for 6)
    5 Lombardis
    Sole Owners of the 6th largest TV Market
    Home of the Greatest QB of All Time
    Home of the Greatest WR of All Time
    Home of The Greatest Free Safety of All Time
    Home of the Greatest NT(Michael Carter) of All Time.
    Home of the Greatest Head Coach of All Time
    Home of the Greatest Owner of All Time

    49ers – The Greatest Franchise of All Time San Francisco-San Jose-OAKLAND’s team.

  2. Draymond Green was spot on about the Raiders in his post game interview when asked about the Raiders. He said you simply do not move the Packers from Green Bay, the Celtics from Boston, nor the Raiders from Oakland… just don’t do it! He also stated he will no longer go to games, and dosen’t think anybody in Oakland should.

    Personally after years of dysfunction, I am optimistic about the Raiders, and am looking forward to this season. With that said I would also be willing to stand in solidarity with all Oakland Raider fans and skip the first half of the first pre-season game, and just have a huge tailgate party in the parking lot celebrating the Oakland Raiders. Hopefully the entire game would be empty in the first half.

  3. They have an open option in san diego too and it makes more sense as their fanbase in cali drives all over the state not to mention its a 4 hr drive from vegas.why would they play for 3-years half way accross the country from majority of their fanbase in so cal and now vegas???come on vinny?saints played in san antnio cause it was closest geographic spot to new orleans without an nfl sure raider fans would rather go see them in san diego for a few years instead of halfway accross the country in the alamo city.

  4. Da Rayduhs. The ladies of the night, always looking for a new motel room from which to conduct their business. How is this possible with their legendary fan support that is touted as global?

    My team has sold out all home games since 1968, got a new stadium financed primarily through local tax payers. We show up and support our team and don’t tarp our stadium and have a 20 year wait ing list for season tix. Da Rayduhs, they are who we thought they were, prostitutes of the NFL!

  5. magikskillz says:
    Mar 29, 2017 12:33 PM
    I don’t think Jerry Jones will be too happy about this.


    Jone$ i$ a $mart bu$ine$$man, and I am confident he can propo$e a $en$ible $olution to the interim territorial right$ que$tion if the Raider$ need a temporary $tadium in $an Antonio.

    Let me $ee if I can gue$$ how that di$cu$$ion might go…

  6. What people should be talking about is how it is possible a state that rejected Trump by millions of votes will lose the Raiders for a few years to a backward state that voted for Trump in big numbers. Coincidence? I think not. A league full of old white conservative owners that will blackball Kaepernick for daring to exercise his First Amendment rights would surely want to punish a blue state.

  7. For the life of me I can’t understand why San Antonio doesn’t already have it’s own NFL franchise.

  8. Jones is one of the few owners that was a close friend of AL Davis (birds of a feather…..). He will not like it if the Raiders play in Texas, nobody steals his thunder, but I doubt he would strongly oppose it, for one year and one year only. But you never know. Raiders are on the rise, very strong team with a young core of superstar players. Jones doesn’t like to share the spotlight but for reasons that escape me, the Cowboys will always be America’s most popular team regardless of where the Raiders play.

  9. So San Antonio build an NFL ready stadium on spec…San Diego and Oakland (politicians) can’t get out of their own way & lose their teams.

    Texas 1 – CA – 0

  10. Oakland should just play it by the book, if it has no better option for stadium income, they should let the Raider stay but make them change their name already. It’s no longer OAKLAND Raiders, Sayonada.

  11. Just play in Sam Boyd on the east side of Vegas already, I know it’s a dump but it is a couple of steps up from the coliseum.

    Or better yet, last year there was an awesome experiment between Virginia Tech and Tennessee playing at Bristol Motor Speedway. Suppose the same could apply to Vegas.

  12. ontherocks1964 says:

    For the life of me I can’t understand why San Antonio doesn’t already have it’s own NFL franchise.

    That’s where the Chargers should have gone.

  13. As far as staying in Oakland right now, that is like suddenly being in the friend zone after a long term relationship. And most of us know that is a waste of time from the onset.

  14. joetoronto says:
    Mar 29, 2017 12:29 PM
    Good stuff, San Antonio is a good market and wants a team of their own.

    I can see them hosting the Raiders at the drop of a hat if asked by the Raiders to help them out. The San Antonio metro area population growth is the 6th ranked in the country. They have more than 2.4 million people there. If San Antonio did a good job of hosting them, there would be no excuse for them not having a franchise. The state is large enough to support another team. Before all this messing around, California had 3 teams, I believe. Texas eats and breathes football. Still, Jerry would have a cow. Poor baby.

  15. Why not play at UNLV’s Sam Boyd Stadium?

    Boyd needs significant upgrades before the NFL will allow a game to be played there. This includes handicap access, larger media access and security issues. Nobody wants to pay for this.

  16. 49ersfury says:
    Mar 29, 2017 12:16 PM

    Home of the Greatest QB of All Time

    I was confused by this at first, THEN I remembered Tom Brady grew up in the Bay Area!!!!

  17. The likely alternative is, the Raiders would play their 2019 home games in Mexico City. They are hugely popular there and in all likelihood, this would be less expensive than playing 2019 in Oakland where Libby will gouge the hell out of them.

  18. “nor the Raiders from Oakland… just don’t do it! ”

    Anybody want to break it to this guy that they don’t just do it–they do it repeatedly?

  19. I think they should strike a deal with BYU and play in Provo, Utah. 60,000+ seat stadium, 5 hours north of Las Vegas.
    Start building a fan base north of their new home.

  20. puntonfirstdown says:
    Mar 29, 2017 2:02 PM
    Geez, am I glad my team, located in northeastern Wisconsin, will never move.


    Milwaukee Packers 2040

  21. Gee. Wonder what team that is?😜
    I like GB’s set up w no one owner.
    And although the shares owned by the community make no $, I know a few friends that have and enjoy their suvenier. Much better than a hat or jersey.

  22. Jerrah will never let another team play in Texas. I do like the idea of the Raiders playing in Provo at BYU. That would be fun to see.

  23. Oakland should never allow the Davis Raiders to play a game in Oakland again. This is the second time they have moved. Why should the city of Oakland support an owner that doesn’t want to be there ? If he really wanted to be there , he would be. Davis could have worked out a deal with the Oakland on a stadium deal if he really wanted to be there. Oakland does not deserve all the blame in this. Davis comes across like a poor woe is me football owner that tried his best to make it all work. Play in the UNLV stadium until the new one is done. Cant be much worse than what the Rams play in now. Just go Baby !

  24. If attendance is really low for the Raiders this season, they ought to find a temporary home until the Las Vegas Stadium is complete. I think Provo, Utah for a year or two would be a great idea.

    San Antonio should be considered for an expansion or relocated team. Texas is a huge state that can support 3 NFL teams.

  25. I live in the Bay Area. This area is beautiful — and the weather is next to perfect year-round.

    The only thing that is difficult about living here is the POLITICIANS. It’s like the inmates are running the asylum.

    If we could have the people, population and laws of Texas in the state of California, it would be the perfect state.

  26. I hope they go to San Antonio now. That way I can get more games on TV on Sundays. Right now if the Raiders are home, there is no double header if it happens to be CBS’ turn to have doubleheaders.

  27. madddogg365 says:
    Mar 29, 2017 12:26 PM
    San Antonio has been after an NFL franchise since the Saints relocated there after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. It will be a nice temporary spot.

    San Antonio has been after an NFL franchise since the days of the USFL and the San Antonio Gunslingers.

    They build the Alamodome in 1993 to get one of the NFL expansion teams that ended up in Carolina and Jacksonville. St. Louis also foolishly built a stadium to lure expansion in 1993 as well and failed, but were lucky enough to have Georgia Frontiere relocate the Rams to her hometown.

  28. I hope they go to San Antonio now. That way I can get more games on TV on Sundays. Right now if the Raiders are home, there is no double header if it happens to be CBS’ turn to have doubleheaders.

    You realize as soon as the Raiders skip town, you’ll probably be in the 49ers broadcasting area and have the same problem in reverse, right?

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