Sean Payton doesn’t slam the door on adding Johnny Manziel

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A string of tweets last week from Ian Rapoport of NFL Media created the impression that Saints coach Sean Payton has interest in free-agent quarterback Johnny Manziel. In an interview with PFT Live that will be aired on Thursday (but that loyal PFT readers get to see and hear now), Payton explained his current interest level in the former first-round pick of the Browns.

Payton didn’t slam the door on adding Manziel, but Payton also didn’t create the impression that anything will be happening soon, and that plenty of additional conversations with Manziel would be needed before an understanding would be reached as to an arrangement between Manziel and the Saints.

To see and hear everything Payton said about Manziel and various other topics (including the willingness or lack thereof to give up the No. 11 pick in round one to secure cornerback Malcolm Butler and the decision to trade receiver Brandin Cooks) check out the video.

35 responses to “Sean Payton doesn’t slam the door on adding Johnny Manziel

  1. Sign the kid. He didnt do anything none of us havent done when we were 24. Either way – at least he respects the National Anthem and the USofA!! STAND for our country. Dont sit.

  2. Johnny Football, with a history of nonstop partying and possible substance abuse, in the second-most partying city in the country (behind only Las Vegas). Yeah, nothing could possibly go wrong here.

    Instead of a pic of Johnny in a Browns uniform, you should have used a Mardi Gras pic of some tourist passed out in a pool of his own barf.

  3. I don’t see this happening. But what if? If he gets his life together, sure he could hold a clipboard. If he doesn’t, then he’s gone.

  4. Good thing Johnny didn’t try to bring awareness of police brutality and to try to help those who need it or he would not be on the short list of QB….he just beat up his GF and is a drunk and drug abuser good choice Johnny you get to keep your career even though you have done nothing on NFL level……

  5. I’ve been a die hard Saints fan since John Gilliam ran it all the way back, but if they put Johnny Manziel on the roster I’m done with them.

  6. He doesn’t deserve to play for any NFL team right now (certainly not the Saints) until he spends some serious time atoning, working toward self-improvement, and demonstrating maturity. Kid is weak. He wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation that NOLA offers. I’d joke about him going to Las Vegas but I wouldn’t wish that on the Raiders either.

  7. Don’t do it, Payton. Some reasons:

    1. Manziel really isn’t all that good. He’s an average NFL QB on his best day.
    2. Manziel’s issues have issues.
    3. There is no reason to believe that Manziel can keep his life together over time. He’s never done it before, so why should you believe he can do it now?
    4. Much like Vegas, NOLA isn’t exactly a town that would help Manziel to control his penchant for self-destruction.
    5. Manziel would be a sideshow and a distraction. Nobody needs that on their team.

    If you put Manziel on your team, it will not end well. So why go there in the first place? You can find a mediocre backup QB. Do that instead.

  8. I gotta admit it’s pretty awesome to hear teams are more interested in Manziel than Kaepernick. I’m not a Manziel fan by any means but it is damn nice to know that teams are pretty much not at all interested in Colin.

  9. Payton hasn’t slammed the door on Manziel

    Well, Sean…most of us are pretty surprised you even opened it.

  10. Drug addicts helping drug addicts. Good thing he’s not a person of color who contributes to charity and tries to bring awareness to police brutality…

  11. Bringing a known drug addict to a city such as NOLA, or any city for that matter, and giving him a lot of money (being on the active roster gurantees over 400k a year, the average American only makes 32k a year) is not a good idea. I’m sorry but drug addiction doesn’t stop overnight. And Johnny Manziel keeps on parting and giving the image that he hasn’t changed. So no, If I was the Saints or any other team, I would not sign Manziel.

  12. Sign the kid. He didnt do anything none of us havent done when we were 24. Either way – at least he respects the National Anthem and the USofA!! STAND for our country. Dont sit.

    yep.. well, except slam my gf’s head into a car window. or piss away a dream, or millions of dollars. or have my dad tell the world he was afraid id kill myself. Other than that though, we’ve all been there..

  13. donbat67 says:
    Mar 29, 2017 10:01 AM

    Well he has 2 friends who have 2 friends , so our pyramid scheme should work just fine .


    New young impressionable all-star recruit for the Advocare roster… donbat67 nailed it.

  14. Give him 4 years with a guarantee of 15 million. You can also bid on my bridge that I’m selling in Brooklyn. Yes this is a very wise decision. You are a very smart person. We all have infinite faith in your decision. Yes sign him today, or sooner.

  15. I am not sure if anyone knew this but Johnny has more than enough money to party away many lifetimes. He doesnt need the New Orleans pay check or party scene to do anything he cant do all ready off the field. I think if he sat the bench for a stable organization, and watched a HOF qb, he would actually be a good fit in the scheme and flourish with the Saints.

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