Bills owner says Whaley and McDermott are on the same page

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With increased speculation that new Bills coach Sean McDermott and General Manager Doug Whaley aren’t on the same page, owner Terry Pegula tried to quiet that talk.

Via Sal Maiorana of the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, Pegula dismissed those reports during an interview at the owners meeting.

“We just spent [Tuesday] afternoon working together, the three of us,” Pegula said. “Those guys get along great. They’ve been making some key decisions and they work well together.”

Pegula cited as evidence the way they worked through restructuring Tyrod Taylor’s contract, keeping the incumbent quarterback around and taking away what some thought might be an issue between the coach and the G.M.

“That was Doug and Sean working very diligently, digging up everything, directions we could go and what not and the decision was unanimous that we bring Tyrod back with the new contract and we’re all happy with that,” Pegula said.

Asked about reports that Whaley could be let go after the draft and that McDermott has some possible replacements in mind, Pegula replied: “I don’t know where that report came from; it’s erroneous.”

The Bills are working hard to present an appearance of competence, beefing up their efforts at image and public relations.

But the biggest thing they could do is win some games. If that’s going to happen, it’s crucial that Whaley and McDermott have a clear understanding of each other’s expectations, so Pegula better be right about their compatibility.

20 responses to “Bills owner says Whaley and McDermott are on the same page

  1. “Various sources report Tyrod Taylor is surely on his way out in Buffalo.”

    “Talk in Buffalo is Whaley is on his way out.”

    – The Media

    Whaley has made some poor choices, but he’s also found talent from every possible avenue, and he’s assembled the best roster fans have seen since ’99. If he’s forced out, it will be a mistake, but one thing is for certain: don’t believe anything you hear regarding this franchise until it actually happens.

  2. Whaley has done a good enough job to retain his role. His rosters have had enough talent to get to the playoffs but have been thwarted by a coach who punted past the 50 39x in 32 games and another who could not coach a defense hold leads in 3rd an 4th qtrs.
    OK so Whaley is not good in front of the mic….big deal. He knows talent.

  3. “The Bills are working hard to present an appearance of competence”

    Appearance is the key word. Not “working hard and doing a competent job”, just appearing to be competent.

    Lolz poor Bills fans. The playoff drought will extend another season I can see.

  4. Yeah because everyone said the dolphins would make the playoffs last year. They’re a few games a way,with better coaching that could make the difference. The bills offense was not the problem last year they were playoff caliber with no wrs it was all on Rex and the D. Anyone who blames last year on Tyrod knows nothing about football or just didn’t watch the games

  5. I agree with Buffalorealist. Anyone who has watched the games the last few years could see there were coaching issues.
    Whaley has made some great talent finds.
    The 2 areas fans are upset with him about are giving an extra 1st round pick to get Sammy Watkins. ( When healthy and the Bills throw to him, he is as good as anyone in the league) Julio Jones , who the Falcons used 2 first round picks on, just took his team to the Superbowl. The other is no franchise QB.
    Look at the last 50 QBs drafted and pick the ones who are franchise QBS. Maybe Luck & Carr.

  6. Pegula said the same thing about Whaley and Ryan and we know how that turned out. Expect Whaley to be fired right after the draft.

  7. I’m glad the 3 of them are working together, missing next years playoffs is ok with me !!!

  8. I’m not sure anyone knows what is going on. While at first happy that Pegula bought the Bills and that they would stay in WNY, the hiring of Rex and the initial contract for Tyrod were mind blowing to me.

    Ever since Pegula bought the Sabres, the description for their playoff history is “did not qualify” – in a sport where more teams qualify for the playoffs than are needed.

    I hope things are different with the Bills.

  9. I kinda want to laugh at your comment but won’t. Correct on the Sabres. Rex was signed more because Kim Pegula was blown away by his 2 interviews. Doug being GM had to sign off on the hire. Tyrod’s contract was not by OBD’s design. Tyrod had all the power during those negotiations. The Bills knew that if he didn’t get a contract and then sign it the fall out would be catastrophic. There was no other QB on the roster, in FA’cy or anywhere. To OBD’s credit they gave him a very team friendly contract, a prove it contract. Tyrod failed to earn that contract. Power went to the Bills. They renegotiated it to what it is now. OBD and Tyrod were playing Chess. Bills captured the King. Checkmate.

  10. Whaley is loved by some Bills fans, but most Bills fans can see that he has no clue what a QB looks like…
    He had found a few decent players in the scrap heap, but has blown many high draft choices, and enough is enough…
    He will be fired, and rightly so.

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