Chase Daniel will get paid plenty by the Eagles to play for the Saints

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Chase Daniel has returned to the Saints, after stints in Kansas City and Philadelphia. Thanks to his contract with the Eagles, the vast majority of his compensation for 2017 won’t come from the team that now employs him.

Per a source with knowledge of the contract, the Saints will pay Daniel a guaranteed base salary of $900,000. Since he had $5 million in fully-guaranteed salary from the Eagles in 2017, he’ll get the remaining $4.1 million from them.

Daniel also can earn up to $3 million in incentives. Because the Eagles agreed to reduce the offset to $2 million, they would get the first $1.1 million of any incentive payments, with Daniel keeping the rest. If my math is correct (and it rarely is), this means that Daniel can make up to $6.9 million in 2017.

Other teams offered better deals than the Saints did, but Daniel chose to return to New Orleans. Although Drew Brees has shown no signs of slowing down at 38, Daniel surely realizes that he possibly will be replacing Brees at some point — especially with Brees entering the last year of his current contract and having no desire to extend it.

31 responses to “Chase Daniel will get paid plenty by the Eagles to play for the Saints

  1. Oh, that’s what Jeffrey Lurie was referring to when he said the Eagles were the “Gold Standard”.

  2. Daniel will never replace Brees. Saints took him because of familiarity and the bargain he represented. If and when Brees ever retires, they will probably throw him in the trash can just like they, the Chiefs and the Eagles already have. He’s not a starter.

  3. What a great gig for this guy. I’m sure he has aspirations to be a starter, but he had made a pretty good living for himself without having to do much on the field. Well done sir.

  4. Oh, so maybe the Johnny story WAS about leverage. Hmmm…..

    Too bad that doesn’t fit the liberal narrative of a pouting anti-western civilization activist currently on the QB re-tread list.

  5. yousoldout714 says:
    Mar 30, 2017 9:45 AM

    I thought he asked for his release….


    Exactly. Why would they agree to release him without him letting them off the hook for part of that salary?

  6. yousoldout714 says:
    Mar 30, 2017 9:45 AM
    I thought he asked for his release…

    He did. He asked for free money and Philly gave it to him.
    We should all be so lucky, it’s good to be Chase. Kind of ironic he landed with the Saints, they are usually the ones paying players outrageous money to play for someone else.

  7. It’s insane how much money is wasted by NFL franchises. They seemingly are unaffected by shelling out huge amounts of money for what amounts to nothing as a result of poor decision making. What’s worse is that they pass on the bill to their customers in the form of outrageous ticket prices, crazy concession prices, and inventive new ways to extract money for nothing, aka PSL’s.

  8. Man, its awesome that Eagles season ticket holders got an almost 10% increase in ticket prices this season.

    To pay for this malarkey…

  9. The Browns are working on a deal with Philly where they pick up the debt and the rights to a 76ers player stashed in the EuroLeague….for a 3rd Round pick….won’t get that kinda news from Tony Grossi

  10. How do you know he has no desire to extend his contract? Brees will be with the Saints for the foreseeable future…

  11. Bravo to the Eagles for admitting a mistake and moving on. How many games are wasted by teams refusing to admit a mistake because of a guy’s salary? Osweiler should have been benched 5 weeks earlier last season, for example.

  12. I like that Lurie is willing to fail fast. The Eagles made a mistake signing Daniel but they quickly moved on. It appears that Lurie wants to win and is willing to eat a big contract.

  13. I’ve always liked Chase Daniel. I remember that as a rookie in 2009, he beat out that BUM Joey Harrington, to back up Drew Brees. Harrington had been in the league almost 10 years and couldn’t beat out the rookie. Maybe that said more about how terrible Harrington was than Daniel’s potential or lack thereof.

  14. If Chase Daniel “replaces” Drew Brees at some point, meaning as their starting QB when Brees is done, I’ll eat my hat. The Saints have two other backup QBs on their roster, Grayson and McCown. I suspect they only added Daniel as competition, and because he was cheaper than anyone else, thanks to the Eagles largess, related to his contract. If Daniel ever actually sees time as a starter in New Orleans, they’ll quickly realize they got what they paid for.

  15. Other teams offered better deals than the Saints did

    Why? I just don’t get it. His career stats in seven seasons:

    51 completions
    78 pass attempts
    480 passing yards
    1 passing TD
    1 INT
    81.1 passer rating

    28 rushing attempts for 95 yards.

    All that equates to making all that money this year? I realize most of it from that mind-boggling contract the Eagles gave him last year but that’s incredible. The guy is a career backup who was backed up a rookie from day one in Philly. The Eagles almost had to play Wentz because of what they gave up for him though. Still, it’s not like this guy has done anything earth shattering in his seven years.

    Good for him though. If you can make that money go ahead. He seems like a good guy.

  16. I wonder who the other teams were that offered better deals? Seems like there are many teams with more likely chances for him to play than New Orleans.

  17. Um, the salary cap is fixed. The fact that the Eagles are paying most of Daniels’ salary has little to do with raising ticket prices. They would have that cost whether he stayed with the team or not.

  18. It was a bad signing by Philly, they recognized their mistake and moved on. chase Daniels has a noodle arm and absolutely has to play in a dome to have some success.

    We should be thanking the Birds for improving the QB position, because Foles is a big upgrade over Daniels.

  19. The Eagles didn’t agree to reduce the offset. In order to secure his release, Daniel and the Eagles adjusted the offset language so it was more favorable to the Eagles.

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