Chip Kelly on Colin Kaepernick: I don’t know why he’s not signed

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Colin Kaepernick’s last coach isn’t sure why he hasn’t yet found his next coach.

Chip Kelly said that he can’t explain whether Kaepernick’s unemployment is related to his struggles on the field, his national anthem protest or anything else.

“There are 32 individual groups that make decisions on what is best. If you’re not part of those 32 teams, it’s very difficult to know what is going on,” Kelly told

But Kelly did say it would be crazy if all 32 teams decline to at least give Kaepernick a backup job.

“Do I think he is one of the top 64 quarterbacks in the world? There is no question. Does he have the ability to play quarterback on a winning team in the NFL? There is no question,” Kelly said.

The question now is whether some team listens to Kelly’s advice, and signs Kaepernick.

112 responses to “Chip Kelly on Colin Kaepernick: I don’t know why he’s not signed

  1. If Kaepernick is such a great QB then how did Blaine Gabbert beat him for the starting job on the 49ers ??

  2. While Kelly may think Kaepernick is unquestionably a TOP 64 QB he didn’t think he was a TOP 2 QB on the 49ers last year as he broke camp with Gabbert as his QB. If you can’t beat out Gabbert there are not many QBs you can beat out.

    Couple Kaepernick’s lack of ability with the political baggage he brings and there is your answer to the “I don’t know why he’s not signed” question you ask Mr. Kelly.

  3. There’s a big difference between starter money and backup money, so a lot of this is on what Kaep is willing to accept. This is what happens when you don’t appreciate what you have.

  4. Also Chip Kelly: “Furthermore, I don’t know why I’m not coaching in the NFL right now either!”

  5. EASY – Because he sat for the national anthem of the United States and disrespected his country and the majority of its people. For a cause I still am not sure what was for. Personal beliefs I assume. Even if he was any good (which he is not) he still shouldn’t be signed for such disrespectful actions to our country.

  6. If Chip Kelly was great at evaluating talent, he wouldn’t have been run out of Philly.

  7. It’s not that complicated. Players who produce on the field will always get signed as long as they are out of jail. Kap hasn’t produced for 3+ years.

  8. I’ll give it a try….how about:

    “he’s going to be a back-up and he’s asking for starting QB money.”

  9. If Chip’s opinion were worth listening to, he’d be on the inside of one of those 32 teams, not outside looking in.

    As a fan who watched Kape these last 5 years, his athleticism does NOT excuse the fact that he can’t throw an accurate pass, he has no ability to read the field and find the open man (seriously, all the time), can’t avoid delay of game penalties, and has NO sense of touch on the ball (every pass is a 100mph laserbeam. HEY KAEP, if there’s no arc on your ball, you get picked off way too easily. 1+1=2)

    And this doesn’t include the distraction he is on the side.

    Yeah, I can see why he’s not getting calls.

  10. I don’t have a problem with his protest, because it did spark a lot of positive discussion on the inequalities in our society. I may not agree with the action itself, but he has a right to express himself. However, it’s obvious that no one wants a backup who will alienate fans and bring unwanted attention to the team.

  11. Here you go Chipper:
    1- He has WAY over-valued himself

    2- He throws crushing pick’s

    3- He is a 1-read & run QB.

    4- Defenses have figured him out

    5- He is a weak vegan.

    The fact that he is a political pariah is merely the cherry on-top. If he was top 10 or even top 20 skill-set (ie, more than just an athlete), he’d be signed.

    Just like AD, when the money comes down to earth, someone may take a chance on him & try to mold him with a Harbaug-like touch.


  12. Where are all the Blaine Gabbert stories? Didn’t he start more games and put up better numbers in San Fran last year?

  13. If Kap’s one of the top 64 qb’s in the world, Blaine Gabbert is too. Where’s the daily BG update?

  14. He’s not a good QB. He had 2 average years in SF and rode the #3 defense and #4 running game into a SB.

    Besides that he’s a phony that embarrasses himself, his team, and his city.

    It’s also been reported that he doesn’t wash his hands after using the bathroom either.

  15. He’s not signed for the same reason nobody wanted you fat boy: because youre both over rated garbage who’s brief moment of success came many years ago. Goodbye and good riddance

  16. We’ve been over this. There are two reasons. (1) Nobody wants the disruption. (2) Not many teams run that read offense anymore and any team that wants him would have to change their roster a bit to fit him in.

  17. let’s see, well he is a dummy who never learned how to read a defense. He is a racist who refused to stand for the National Anthem, thus spitting on the graves of heroes who fought and died for this country. Gee, i wonder why the moron doesnt have a job

  18. I’m not even fan of Colin but rolling my eyes at some of these posts. Blaine started because he had multiple off-season surgeries and wasn’t in football shape to start the season. He threw 16TDs and 4INTs in 12 games on a garbage team with terrible receivers. He doesn’t have a job because of his protest. I mean Mike Glennon got 14.5 million per year. Let’s be honest here. If he put the same numbers last year without the protest, he’d have a job.

  19. The bottom line is this. If some team thought he could help them win they would sign him and deal with the consequences. It was the same with T.O. Everyone knew he was a pain in the backside but if they thought he could help them they’d bring him in. I think the number of teams that would be interested given the off-field stuff is smaller but still, if Greg Hardy was signed by the Cowboys after what he did then Kap would have been signed by someone if they thought he could help them.

    He shouldn’t have opted out of his guaranteed $16M contract and played another year to show he could still play football. Why he opted out of his contract is hard to figure out. It doesn’t seem like a very wise move on his part.

  20. kamthechancellor says:
    Mar 30, 2017 12:10 PM
    There’s a big difference between starter money and backup money, so a lot of this is on what Kaep is willing to accept. This is what happens when you don’t appreciate what you have.



  21. It’s very clear the NFL wants Blacks to just shut up and play football, god forbid a black man be proud of his blackness or stand up for his ppl who are suffering throughout inner cities all over America.

  22. Kelly knows why Kaepernick isn’t signed. So does everyone else. No one wants an anti-American on their roster.

  23. No coach is going to come out and say the truth. It’s just safer to say “I don’t know” or “Any day now he will be signed”. This is really getting old.

  24. Because he brings his radical leftist politics out of the tunnel on game day, turning off the majority of fans and was voted the most hated athlete in America? Perhaps?

  25. Eventually Goodell will make a team sign him and then they can cut or do whatever they want for a favor under the table later on. Probably like the Mike Sam situation.

  26. “Where are all the Blaine Gabbert stories? Didn’t he start more games and put up better numbers in San Fran last year?”

    No, Gabbert was downright horrible last year. Gabbert began as the starter but played so poorly he was benched. Since Gabbert took over two years ago his play declined over two seasons. Gabbert couldn’t accurately deliver the ball beyond 10 yards. He was worse than Kaepernick

  27. Because he’s a self-righteous SJW who is content on expressing his “freedom of speech” on company time during the national anthem.

  28. It’s easy for Chip Kelly to talk up Kaeperneck because he doesn’t have to deal with all the distractions in the locker room that come with signing him. As I’ve posted before, if I’m and NFL owner, I instruct my GM to simply take a knee when it comes to Kaeperneck.

    Hey Kaep! “Oh Canada” is calling your name!!!

  29. The man has talent but little skill.

    Why waste 10 million on a distraction who wasn’t capable of adapting his game to the read and run rule change.

  30. The man has talent but little skill.

    Why waste 10 million on a distraction who wasn’t capable of adapting his game to the read and run rule change.

  31. All this manufactured anger about Kaep is about to be negated, when the super-right-wing owner of the Houston Texans pays him millions of dollars to be their starting quarterback.

  32. I’d bring him in for a look if I ran a losing team like the Browns. Yeah, there’s media, but he says he made his point and won’t be protesting anymore, and Chip is – astonishingly, for once – correct: he is one of the top 64 guys at his position. He’d have to take backup money, with incentives if he turns out to be a good starter, and be prepared to be the backup if someone beats him out.

  33. 1.) He would be signed (with the 49er’s) if he hadn’t opted out of his contract.

    2.) He would be signed if he was willing to take 1 million dollar 1 year prove it deal

    3.) He would be signed of he hadn’t gotten progressively worse every year he has been in the league

    So the reason Colin Kaepernick hasn’t been signed is………….. Colin Kaepernick…! End of story

    I’m tired of hearing about this no talent POS everyday..!

  34. Again, its much ado about nothing. If any of the 32 teams thought that Kaepernick could help them win, they would sign him in a heart beat. Don’t pay attention to what anyone says, just watch what they do and they aren’t signing Kaep because he sucks. Why confuse the issue with all this PC bull stuff.

  35. He want 9 mil and a shot at the starting job. That leave about 5 teams open for a starting job. Now the question is he worth 9mil? Then there is the baggage. If he wanted $750 and was ok to be a backup about 20 teams would be interested.

  36. How do you know Kaepernick hasn’t been signed because it’s known he wants a chance to start? Or the high backup low starter money request? All the angst over a player not signed in March is amazing. Especially, since he controlled if he was traded to Denver last year or not. He controlled being a free agent this year by opting out of his SF contract. Why did the deal he had in the works not work out? Why didn’t things work out with the Jets or Browns last year? To blame the teams is irresponsible if you don’t have the facts. After all, it does take both sides.

  37. Krapernicks agent said the QB wants 9-10 mill a year.

    NO team is going to pay him that. he just isnt good enough and HE is the one that proved that with his game play.

    his kneel down crap is only the sprinkles on the cake of suckage that is Colin Krapernick.

  38. Thought you in the media hated Kelly? Why would you ask him anything? Ah, it serves your purpose.

  39. He’s not signed because of the slow nature of the QB market. The top tier QB talent that was available is still available. Also the draft features good depth in 2nd/3rd round at the QB position. The QB needy teams will likely solve their issues in and after the draft. Like RG3,he’s scheme limited. What his game brings to a team requires most teams to change how they play. As a result, he’s less desirable as a 1st option if you arent built for that. Players in similar tier like Glennon, McCown, Cutler, Cassel and Fitzpatrick fit the pocket systems better and can then play with a talented rookie or 2nd or 3rd yr QB.

  40. Kaepernick will get a chance with a team. People are freaking out because he isn’t signed yet. Wait until after the draft and a team will pick him up. A few QBs were signed so far, but 49ers were moving on (despite what they say), so they had to pick up a couple QBs as camp arms, with Brian Hoyer maybe being a bridge start/mentor to a QB they draft. The Jets brought McCown (IMO) as a mentor to Hackenberg or a new QB they draft. McCown’s game is more in line to what Hackenberg is capable of then Kaepernick. Kaepernick can throw, but isn’t considered your traditional drop back passer. The Bears picked up Gennon, because I have no idea, but staff may feel is a better fit for what they want to do on offense and Kaepernick maybe considered more dual threat than drop back passer. Other than the teams I mentioned, there really hasn’t been any real market/need to sign a QB until after the draft.

  41. Owners and GMs don’t like high maintenance items who can offend their fanbase. On top of that, Colin isn’t very good at reading Defenses.
    Maybe Kaep should go back to baseball like Tebow because he doesn’t have a future in the NFL.

  42. Kap is the anti-Tebow. Physical ability is there but his leadership and off field antics make him a tough sign.

    Tebow was probably one of the best dudes to have in the locker room. But the media circus coupled with not great physical play at QB was his downfall.

    One thing trumps all of this and that is winning and neither guy did enough of either.

  43. because He’s Black and expressed Himself in a way the founding fathers approve of (for a select few)

  44. If ANYONE knows why Kap’s not signed, it’s Chip Kelly…. he’s just taking the high road….

  45. So basically everyone is saying the same thing about Kaepernick. Seems like people love to hate him as much as they hate hearing about him. If anything, he helped legions of couch-sitting, beer-guzzling Americans realize how much they love the flag. I’ve never seen so many NFL fans become so patriotic, all of a sudden.

  46. Kaepernick fan4L he helped the 9ers to a super bowl one game away from another one the next year an then was asked to be a pocket passer something that he hasn’t been when JH left the organization so did Colin Kaepernick’s confidence let kap be kap and then you will see another Super Bowl run until then the rest of you people will be morons

  47. Can one of you libs tell me if Kelly is still a racist or not? I’ve lost count tracking who is and who isn’t these days.

  48. Cutler and Fitzgerald don’t have jobs either, and I’d rather have either over Kap if they’re okay being a backup and taking backup money. Plus they don’t have Kap’s baggage which a coach and teammates will have to answer questions about all the time. He’s a distraction, like Manziel, who won’t be getting a job either because the juice ain’t worth the squeeze.

  49. He opted out of $12 million per year, which means he expects to make at least $12 million per year, which means he is asking for starter money, which means he wants to be a starter.

    He should have stayed put.

  50. In other news Colin Kaepernick has just publicly stated, “I don’t know why Chip Kelly isn’t coaching.”

  51. This says it all:

    – He had a 70 something QB rating except for when the 49ers were down 2 scores or more, then it ballooned to the high 90’s

    – He was poor throwing beyond 10 yards

    So basically he was good at dumping the ball off when the 49ers were losing and the other team was trading yard for clock burnt.

  52. There comes a point where someone is more trouble than he or she is worth.

    If you’re a potential employee seeking a job with one of 32 employers, and in your last job you offended tens of millions of people to the point where they refused to support the product of those 32 employers, you might just have a hard time getting a job with one of those 32 potential employers.

    That’s not to say he won’t eventually get a job, but it won’t be for the money he’ll want and he might have to wait and be a ‘disaster relief’ hire.

    He had every right to do what he did (since his 2016 employer gave him that right), but there are consequences to actions. This appears to be his consequence.

    I personally hope he has to continue paying that consequence. Let him go play under a Maple Leaf and stand for their anthem.

  53. He is not signed yet because he probably won’t settle for league minimum. Some people think that the Browns or Seahawks can sign him for peanuts. That is not going to happen. He did not opt out of a $15 million a year contract to become a backup at Seattle or go to a funeral home for quarterbacks called Cleveland, where quarterbacks go to have their careers embalmed.

  54. Oh I don’t know… maybe because he put himself and his agenda above his team and the sport that pays him.. and he’s not near good enough to do it. You want to see who cares about your agenda then do it for b your own time and see who shows up to listen, stop forcing it on ppl that don’t share your views.

  55. About Kap.

    It seems the owners are going out of their way to make it clear they are not blackballing Kap. I wonder how much they paid Chipster to say what he said.

    Blackballing is illegal.
    Seriously, I doubt they got together and decided upon this.
    However, I do think each individual owner has decided that employing Kap is foolish for 2 reasons.
    1. Kap would hurt a teams revenue. Who wants that. Most football fans are pro America. I have read several people say they would not attend a game or watch on tv. This means less ticket sales. It also means that the sponsors of games know that less people will be watching their. Commercials. They would expect to pay less for their ads or decide not to pay for ads at all.
    Think about it this way.
    Imagine you own a restaurant. You know another guy that owns a restaurant. He has a waiter that customers have seen him spitting in their food, or telling them how much he hates the constitution and bill of rights which is what our flag stands for. (Not fallen soldiers). Or, maybe he doesn’t bath. He was fired as that restaurant was losing business.
    Would you hire this guy?

    2. His lack of talent.
    Prior to Kaps starting, the 9’ers were stacked with talent. They had a boatload of quality picks from the previous years dealings. Comp picks too. They also had a brinks truck of extra cap $ from not spending much the previous year and ridding themselves of some overpriced and aging players.
    They had a top D and running game. Anyone of our daughters could have succeeded in the QB position.

    Afterthe SB appearance. Many players left for a payday and free agents that stayed were compensated.
    As the team deteriorated, so did Kap’s apparent talent. Plus, other teams figured how to defend his style of play. He was much like the Fins with their new wildcat offense. The first year, they caught teams by surprise and did well enough to make the playoffs. The next year, not so much.
    Of course add the fact that he values himself way higher than any team does for a mediocre QB and we are seeing the result.

  56. That comment alone probably explains why Chip is unemployed right now. Nice guy, great college coach, utterly oblivious to the realities of professional football.

  57. Chip you have your head in the sand. Kaepernick disrespected the great flag and great country of which he is a citizen…And did it on a big stage. Potential landing spots are slim and none. Kaepernick likely “Ray Riced” himself out of the league.

  58. We don’t want him in Canada either. We “Stand for Thee”, not “Kneel for Me”. His actions were disrespectful, no matter which country you’re from.

  59. Chip followed up by admitting he never really talked to Kaepernick while he was the coach of the team, but he did say that saw Colin frequently in the hallway between position meetings.

  60. dcpatfan says:
    Mar 30, 2017 2:22 PM
    because He’s Black and expressed Himself in a way the founding fathers approve of (for a select few)


    Overthrowing recievers?

  61. It has nothing to do with him being black. It has to do with the fact he just fell off because teams figured out how to defend him. If he was that good teams would be lined up to sign him.

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