Donnie Henderson, Terry Shea among Spring League coaches

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The Spring League, a six-game (not six weeks, six games) experiment will be launched next week in West Virginia, with a cradle-to-grave campaign that will be done in a matter of weeks, with the last game happening the day before the draft begins. The fledgling league previously has released a list of players; some of the coaches are now known.

According to the Spring League, the coaching staffs will include Donnie Henderson, Terry Shea, Steve Fairchild, and Denny Creehan. It’s unclear whether they will be the four head coaches for the teams that will be playing in the league, or whether they will simply be members of the coaching staffs that are being compiled.

Henderson, former Jets and Lions defensive coordinator who once was on the short list of potential head coaches, spent 2013 through 2016 with the Bills, as the defensive backs coach.

Shea, a former offensive coordinator of the Bears (in 2004) and quarterbacks coach with the Chiefs, Dolphins, and Rams, has not coached at the NFL or major-college level since 2008.

Fairchild, the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach of the Rams for 2003 through 2005 and offensive coordinator of the Bills in 2006-07, was out of football in 2016 after three years at Virginia.

Training camp opens next week at The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs. The games start on April 15.

10 responses to “Donnie Henderson, Terry Shea among Spring League coaches

  1. I wish these guys well, but its so hard to do Spring football in this country. Either this will be the generic “spring football league that folds in one season” OR it will actually be a viable league.

    There is no middle ground.

  2. Honestly, I’m psyched about the idea Spring League. I always feel like I need to scratch an itch for football during the long stretch between the Super Bowl and Training camp. I know the league tries make it a full year season with free agency and the draft, but it’s a long stretch.

    There’s a reason why the USFL stayed up for as long as it did, before a certain orange businessman ran it into the ground.

  3. Bad idea…..I’d rather see a minor leagues that has games on Tuesdays or Wednesdays during the Fall so the NFL isn’t pulling players off their living room couch to fill in for injuries.

  4. This spring league is perfect for people that can’t get enough football and this is the closest thing that can come to the NFL co-signing this league. This league brings hope to the unknown players and hidden gems that fans like myself like to find out about….. if the NFL takes ownership of this league it will flourish because due to the collective bargaining agreement players just don’t have the time in the offseason to get better with there team coaches and Training camp isn’t the same anymore

  5. Terry Shea. I remember his disastrous tenure as coach of Rutgers including his 1997 team that was one of the worst major college football teams of the past 50 years.

  6. Does the Spring League have playoffs? If so, maybe the Bengals want to join.

    I don’t really mean that, I’m just in one of those moods today.

    Sorry Bengal fans.

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