Mark Tauscher may be thinking about running for Wisconsin governor

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Former Packers are popular in Wisconsin. One of them (who also is a Wisconsin native and played for the Badgers) may soon try to find out quite how popular they are.

Mary Spicuzza of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel explores whether former Packers offensive lineman Mark Tauscher is considering a run for governor. The primary (and only) evidence is a “Mark Tauscher for WI Governor” Facebook page that apparently has no connection to the player.

“We are not affiliated with Mark Tauscher, yet,” the Facebook page claims.

Tauscher did not respond immediately to a request for comment from the Journal Sentinel. Even if he’s interested, it makes sense to keep the interest quiet until momentum builds (or doesn’t) for a viable run. The first rule of politics is to keep political aspirations secret, in order to prevent creating the perception that the politician has failed to rise to the desired level of success.

Tauscher has no political experience (which obviously isn’t a disqualifying factor). He currently has a media presence, providing commentary and analysis as to both the Badgers and Packers. Tauscher also hosts a weekday radio show with Jason Wilde.