End in sight for Tony Romo saga? Key date nears

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The Cowboys will convene on April 17 for the start of their spring workout program. It’ll be then Jason Garrett holds his first team meeting of 2017. It’ll be then workouts begin with the strength and conditioning staff, signaling the start of team building that evolves the course of an NFL off-season.

By then, it’d sure make sense for Tony Romo’s future to be decided.

Romo could make a fine quarterback for a team like the Texans. Or he could make a fine broadcaster, potentially replacing Phil Simms at CBS or landing somewhere at Fox. As Joel Curry of CBS Sports notes, “a logical ending point to Romo’s days in Dallas” should be April 17 — or any time before the date on which the Cowboys get going.

Now, attendance to those workouts is voluntary.

And Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has stated the window for the team’s Romo decision doesn’t close until the start of training camp in late July.

But to Curry’s point, it would seem of interest to all involved parties if the saga’s end comes sooner rather than later. Plus, it would allow us all more time to focus on the other quarterback of interest this off-season, Colin Kaepernick, who it turns out between his human-rights fighting and donation-making has been eating a high concentration of vegetables.

What a distraction.

31 responses to “End in sight for Tony Romo saga? Key date nears

  1. I wish we could get him to replace Joe Buck. Not that I want a Romo/aikman broadcasting team, I just want anyone but Joe Buck

  2. “Plus, it would allow us all more time to focus on the other quarterback of interest this off-season, Colin Kaepernick.”

    How about Cutler instead? Now there’s a guy that actually has been blackballed… by the press. What’s he eating these days? Why aren’t any teams bringing him in?

  3. Joe Buck is announcing because of his Old Man.

    His Old Man was 100 on a 1-100 scale.

    The kid is a -50.

  4. How about all you media folks focus on anything but Tony Romo! It will happen when it happens. In the meantime there are plenty of other things to write about!

  5. idiedpretty says:
    Mar 31, 2017 3:33 PM
    Michael Irving tops my list for removal.

    Michael Irving? Is that some local sports guy in miami?
    Does he sometimes get confused with HoF’er and NFLN personality Michael Irvin by trolls down there that don’t know much about football?

  6. Anyone who doesn’t understand that Kaepernick is a distraction (whether he does some good, upstanding things or not), just doesn’t get it. Tebow did/does some pretty good deeds, too, but I suppose you’d mock his “perceived” distraction as well… Yes?

  7. Remember when Dallas was going to do the right thing and release him? As if the low rent Cowboys would ever take the high road.

  8. Holding Romo until August makes sense.. kills their salary cap but it does mean that Jones can screw the Texans by denying them access to Romo. The last thing Jones wants is to be the second best NFL team in his own state.

  9. Makes you wonder if the Texans held onto Brock a little longer, would Romo have been released. Jerry saw an opportunity to get a player or two so he stood pat! Just speculating!

  10. If anybody believed that Jerrah would do right by Tony Romo and release him like he said he would, then the joke is on them. If anybody believes Jerrah and thinks that somebody will give up a draft pick for Tony Romo, then the joke is on them, too.

  11. I hope Tony retires and gives Jerry the finger on the way out. Say what you what about him as a big game QB but the guy is a class act and Jerry is a blowhard.

  12. You should actually pay attention to your own writing: “…signaling the start of team building that evolves the course of an NFL off-season.” THAT is precisely why Dallas could easily WAIT and hold on to Romo. There is at least one team (Houston) that very, very clearly wants Romo, and so every day after voluntary workouts begin is a day lost in getting Romo acclimated to a new environment.

    As of right now, neither Dallas nor Houston loses anything waiting on Romo. There has been a TON written about what could go wrong with Dallas if the team holds on to him into the workout period of the offseason, but almost NOTHING about what OTHER TEAMS have to lose if they end up with Romo only after he misses this rather precious time.

    Dallas’s front office likely knows this. It will wait until the other team(s) start to feel the pinch of not having Romo around during “team building” and see whether or not that encourages a trade. Maybe it never will, but what does Dallas really have to lose by waiting until at least then?

  13. I’ve seen Tony do numerous interviews, he always has to not only ‘think’ alot, he also says ‘I think’ alot. Those are the first two words out of his mouth and that wouldn’t be so bad but he continues to say, ‘I think’ throughout the interviews. I’m not talking about one or two interviews either but dozens. Point is what makes them think he’d be any good? I guess anyone’s better than CW.

  14. “June 2nd is the key date with his contract.”

    No, they can release him with a post June 1 designation any time after the start of the league year. That’s not what they’re waiting for.

  15. “But to Curry’s point, it would seem of interest to all involved parties if the saga’s end comes sooner rather than later. ”


    It boggles the mind how all of these media types seem to feed from the same pig trough, and end up spilling the same crap over and over.

    Romo’s interest? His best self-interest is to be traded, unless you somehow think he’d rather be released and accept some incentive-laden contract.

    Cowboys’ interest? Their best self-interest is also a trade, but that’s assuming there’s a trade that results in a greater value than having a Pro Bowl caliber back-up QB.

    “But think of all that salary cap hit!”

    Sure. Think of it. No, ***really*** think about it.

    Cowboys will absorb a $20m hit no matter what. The only question is whether they absorb it all at once now, or spread it across two years.

    “But think of all that money they can spend in free agency if they let him go!”

    Yes. Absolutely. Think about it. ***Really*** think about it.

    Is there even one player on whom you can spend $4m (the net after $1m goes to whoever would take Romo’s place on the roster) at *any* position left in free agency who can make a bigger difference for the Cowboys Super Bowl pursuit this season?

    I’m not even sure there’s a player left who would even be an absolute starter at that amount.

    Then, yeah, they could get about $13m (net) to spend after June 1… but that’s two months from now… can’t buy even one diamond when there’s zero diamonds left on the market.

    Just in-friggin-credible how shallow seemingly ***every*** paid media source has been in their understanding/analysis of this. Just glad I’m not one cutting a paycheck to any of these guys. Damn embarrassing.

  16. why would anyone want to hear Tony Romo on TV. Tony ROMO is an injury prone has been who chocked in big moments. The only reason anyone talks about him is because he’s a cowboy.

  17. We should restructure his contract and keep him as our back-up and Moore as the 3rd just in case.

  18. One more injury during practice or in the weight room, and they may be forced to keep him for the year on IR. Be careful Jerry with your poker game…

  19. ~$20m in dead money of the total $24m cap hit.

    ~$4m net injury risk.

    Conclusion: If Jerry’s concerned about that aspect, he should bench Dez until the first game.

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